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Fireside Lodge Opening of the 2012 Season Fishing Report 5/19 to 5/26

Fireside Lodge Opening of the 2012 Season
Fishing Report 5/19 to 5/26
Trophy 44-inch Muskie Lodge Fishing in Canada

Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lodge
Opening of the 2012-fishing season was very weather friendly having good weather to get all of our work done to receive our first guests. Audrey and I were very excited to begin our 23rd year at Fireside Lodge and were very happy to see our longest consecutive year Fireside Lodge guest, and good friend, Frank Hazzard from Irving, TX who was the first to arrive to kick off our opening day. Frank stays with us for the better half of two weeks and as usual had some very special fishing. A Few highlights while fishing during his time was having a 90 Smallmouth Bass day, another catching 40, and several catching 20-30. On a few of those days Master Anglers Award Smallmouth were caught and a special BIG fish day was when Frank and a fishing buddy landed 8 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass in one day. That’s GREAT Smallmouth Bass fishing. He also had his fair share of Northern Pike and Muskie catches with the biggest Muskie being 34” and Pike at 38, and a Master Anglers Award Northern Pike a 41-inches. Frank, being the nice man he is invited Don & Greg Foley (below) to join him fishing. During that day they caught 16 Northern Pike, 27 Smallmouth Bass, and a Muskie. All had a FABULOUS day fishing together with Don & Greg being successful at a few techniques they had never tried before. Frank also enjoyed lots of good conversation and a traditions up-words tournament with Beverly and Steve, Audrey’s parents. Leaving was difficult for Frank as he is a man that is truly “BUSHED”* by the beautiful Canadian Wilderness we are situated in at Fireside Lodge.
The Meaning of BUSHED as described in the book “Crazy White Man” as a Canadian addresses a summer resident of Sioux Lookout from New York.
“And you’re going back north again?” I Asked.
“ Where else is there to go? There’s no country like it. Once the north gets into you, you won’t be satisfied anywhere else. You say this is your third winter, huh? He squinted an eye at me and slowly nodded his head. “Pretty soon now,” he said, “it’ll get to you. You’ll get to be a sourdough and get ‘bushed’ like the rest of us.”
Monster Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lodge in Canada

  Big Muskie Fishing Fireside Lodge in Canada
Tim Stewart and Bryan Neel from Rochester, MN were next to arrive right on time at their 12:00 noon check-in with all smiles, and like clockwork were on the water fishing within 90-minutes. They got started by catching Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and some Lake Trout. First two days were spent catching many Northern. and a few incidental Late Trout and Smallmouth Bass. Third day was FABULOUS as they caught a lot of Pike, Tim caught a GIANT 36” Lake Trout, and while fishing for Northern Pike Bryan landed a 38, 41, and a 44-inch Muskie within 90 minutes. WOW, what a day to remember. The week continued on with them catching many Northern Pike in the 30 to 38-inch range and some nice Lakers while fishing for Pike, along with many Smallmouth Bass. Upon leaving Bryan said this would go down as a very special fishing trip having landed three big Muskie in one day.
HUGE Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing Canada

  Post Spawn Fishing for BIG Northern Pike in Canada
Father and son Don & Greg Foley from Pasadena & Crownsville, MD returned for their 2nd consecutive year. Always on the water starting, by fishing before breakfast all the way until dark, they enjoy every minute of their stay with us at Fireside Lodge, including the dinning room experience. First two days were spent catching Northern Pike, a few Lake Trout and a Muskie. Third day was very active catching many Northern Pike, and Greg tied into and landed a HUGE Lake Trout in the 38” range. On their fourth and final day Frank (above) invited them to fish with him. They accepted and had a fabulous time. They caught 27 Smallmouth Bass, 16 Northern Pike and a Muskie. That was only part of the catch as they also learned more of Little Vermilion Lake, & some new fishing techniques they never tried before. One was using a Slug-O. After Frank landed a few using this technique Greg and Don jumped right in and had a lot of fun catching some fish and building confidence in a new method & presentation. This day was a great finish to another FABULOUS fishing trip, making another set of memories between father a son. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make some of your special family memories.
Lake Trout Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge

GIANT Spring Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time return guests of Fireside Lodge Tom Ferguson, Dennis Carstensen, Neil MacKinnon and his son Neil all from Rossford and Perrsyburg, OH were excited to be back. Hear for a short 3 days of fishing they ran into some lousy weather. First day was cold front conditions, however they did catch some nice Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Second day was cool and rainy but the Pike were agreeable along with landing a few Big Lake Trout. Third and final day had a second cold front moving through with strong Northeast winds and cold rain. To say the least they were back at the dock by 11:30AM. The fishing was actually good but the cold temperatures, rain, & windy conditions made them wave the white flag. Before their retreat they caught some bigger Northern Pike and Lake Trout. According to Neil Sr the fishing was good in the morning. All had a great trip despite the weather and hope to return.

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Three Muskie Fishing Day at Fireside Lodge Canada




Hot Lures: Twister Tails, Tube Jigs, Blue Fox Spinner, Slug-O, Spoons, Spinner Baits, Minnow Stick Baits, Red-Eye,

Catches of The Week: 44”41”Musky, 41” Northern Pike, 38”36” Lake Trout, 19” Smallmouth Bass
Fabulous Spring Fishing Smallmouth Bass in Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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