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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/16 to 6/23 2012

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/16 to 6/23 2012
44.5-inch Trophy Tiger Musky in Canada at Fireside Lodge

This week could only be described as cool and very wet, as it rained every day except Friday. All persevered and had GREAT fishing despite the weather conditions.
HUGE Trophy 42.5-inch Northern Pike in Canada on Beatle Spin

Arriving for their traditional Fathers day Fishing trip at Fireside lodge were Paul & Tony Capecchi from Inver Grove Hgts, MN. DOA they caught 40 Northern Pike & 1 Smallmouth. First day was FANTASTIC as they caught over 100 Northern Pike, Tony with two 33”ers and 2 Muskie 5 minutes apart, including a 40” Tiger Musky. Paul caught the fish of his life to date landing a HUGE 43” Tiger Muskie. 
GIANT 43-inch Tiger Muskie Fishing Canada Lodge

Next day was another fabulous day for Pike numbers, 50+, and they also caught 4 Muskie at 26, 32”, 38”, and 41”. WOW!!! A 4 Musky day is a terrific day Musky Fishing. Day 3 all they could say is the fishing was GREAT, as they caught 90+ Northern Pike. 4th day had them Muskie fishing again landing 3-30 to 38”, plus Tony caught a MONSTER Tiger Musky measuring in at 44.5”. They also caught 8 nice Smallmouth Bass. 5th day each caught another Muskie along with 45 Northern Pike. Last day they fished five different lakes in one day catching 25 Smallmouth Bass & 20 Northern Pike. During their stay they saw 6-7 Moose and got lots of video of these great creatures. Also, got film of a bear swimming across the lake. Both made loads of father & son memories, & before leaving made their reservations for the same date sin 2013.
Kids Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada

Father & Sons Phil Spahr, Tim, Brad with son Steven, and best friend Todd McGehee with son Jeremy returned to Fireside Lodge for their annual trip, coming from Fairborn, OH, Marborough. MA & Helotes, TX for the 14th consecutive year. Between the group they landed 135 Northern Pike in the 1st day, with Jeremy catching 20 & a 33” heavy Pike & Steven, at 10, caught a 29” Pike. 
First Time Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

That evening while fishing with Uncle Tim, Steven caught an 18.5” Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth, just after Tim lost a Musky boat-side. Very exciting moments for an Uncle & Nephew. Grandpa Phil had the large fish of the day catching a 19” Trophy Smallmouth on a beetle spin. Pretty darn good fathers day all around. Next day had the group musky hunting and catching a few as Tim, Brad, Steven & Jeremy all caught Musky, all having plenty of strikes, misses, & follows. Jeremy & Steven caught their first at 30”, & 35”. 
First Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Father and Son Muskie Fishing in Canada

The big fish story of the day was Phil landing a Trophy Master Anglers Award 42” Northern Pike, but the best fish story was of Steven, at age 11, landing his first ever Muskie, a fat 35”er, a great first Musky catch. 4th day the group caught 157 Pike & 12 Smallmouth Bass with Jeremy catching a total of 36, & his largest ever, measuring 36”.
BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge are Common

Next day had father & son Brad & Steven each catching another Musky at 35 & 29”, and that’s two Musky for 11 year old Steven. Final day they finished strong catching 38 Northern Pike & 4 Smallmouth Bass. All left with a sadness that their trip was over but very happy they came making many family memories, and they are already looking forward to their return.
Humongous Trophy 46-inch Northern Pike caught at Fireside Lodge Canada

Rob Delamatre & best friend Al Fishhaber from Sandusky and Northwood, OH returned for their 9th trip with us. 1st half day was spent chasing Musky with not much results so the went to a few old haunts to catch some nice Pike. 2nd day had them fishing for Bigger fish and they did catch some mid 30 to 40” toothy critters, and Rob landed a very big 44” Musky. As said directly from Rob “FABULOUS”. What a great day the 3rd was, as they caught 132 Northern Pike & Al caught the BIG fish landing a terrific 40” Tiger Muskie. Rob also landed an unbelievable Smallmouth Bass measuring 20-inches. WOW! What another “FABULOUS” day. 4th day they decided to hunt BIG fish and were successful catching big Pike, Rob taking the leading role at 37” and Al captured the Musky category for the day with a 38” Musky. 5th day was exploring all over Little Vermilion Lake finding some nice Northern Pike in the process. 6th day was a very strong finish as they caught well over 100 Northern Pike, and the last fish of the day AL hooked the fish of his and most fisher’s lives. After a terrific fight Al was fortunate to land a humongous 46” Northern Pike. Al is 6’2” but the fish still looks big in his hands. All went well in the release, and it’s back so someone else catch their record fish. They left saying that every year just gets better, and plan on returning in 2013.
44-inch Trophy Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

First time guests, father & son Ron & Will Erken from Wichita, KS & Lake Orion, MI were here to make some fishing memories. 1st few days were spent getting to know the waters & catching some nice fish in the Canadian Wilderness. Third day was their best as they went out and caught 39 Northern Pike and a Smallmouth Bass. Fabulous day!!!
Their last day was spent fighting high winds and catching few fish, despite the tough conditions, and they also pent their last day soaking up the GREAT CANADIAN WILDERNESS we have. In all it was a wonderful time spent making memories between father and son.
Superb Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Brothers Jim & Richard Pim, Robert Dorsey returned for their 2nd trip while bringing along friends Mark Sappington, Rick Powers, & Jerry Lindsey from Shell Knob, Coathayes, Sarcoxie, Diamond, Joplin, & Neosho, MO. DOA Jim & Rick caught 18 Smallmouth & 4 Pike before supper & all the others caught a bunch of fish with Rich & Mark landing Trophy Smallmouth at 18.5 & 19”. First full day had these guys catching about 30 Northern Pike per boat with Richard catching an 18” Smallmouth Bass, and Mark caught an 18.5”er. Mark & Jerry also caught about 30 total. Second day was fabulous as they caught about 150 Northern Pike and some dandy Smallies, and it was Robert’s turn catching a trophy Smallmouth over 18”. 3rd day had Richard & Robert tearing up the Smallmouth Bass catching over 50 between them, and the other four caught about 60 Northern Pike & a bunch of Smallmouth in the 14 to 18” range. Jim had the trophy catch of the day landing a HUGE 19” Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass. 4th & final day met them with a cold front a high winds. Because of this it was not their best day, but all still caught plenty fish and enjoyed right up to the final minutes of the afternoon.
First Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

Father & son Bill & Blair Gillam from Elwood, IN & Herndon, VA were here for their first time. First day was full of action as they caught Smallmouth bass soon after leaving the dock, & had action catching 6 Smallmouth on consecutive casts, up to 17.5”. Next day they had a great day enjoying the wilderness while catching some nice Smallmouth Bass. While catching many 13-15 inch Bass, Blair took a photo of a Beaver at work on its lodge had a Loon scare the daylights out of them when it flew off its nest, which they did not see. They were only about 10 ft away so when the Loon took off it almost had them jumping out of the boat. Blair also caught his first Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18”. 3rd day was more Smallmouth Bass, but was a little slower that the first two days. 4th & 5th days they had very good Smallmouth Bass fishing catching again a lot 15-17” Smallies and took some great wildlife photos of Loons doing what they do, including one on the nest. Both had a great time enjoying making memories & catching up as father & son, and said it was the best fishing they ever had. Hope to see them back again soon.
Terrific Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada

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Best  Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada

Hot Lures: Depth Raider, Beetle Spin, Sinking Worm, Mepps Spinner, Twitch Baits

Catches of The Week: Muskie: 44”,41”38”, Tiger Muskie 44.5”, 43”,41”,40” Northern Pike 46”,42”
Smallmouth Bass 20”, 4-19”, 26-18to18.5”
Fireside Lodge is Tops for Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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