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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/24 to 8/31 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/24 to 8/31 2013

Monster 46.5-inch Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Bob
This week was very warm having temperatures at times 20 degrees above normal but ended abruptly with a severe cold front after some very vocal thunderstorms.
Double Trophy Smallmouth Bass Catch at Fireside Lodge Canada

Terrific Pike Fishing by Dave Minson Fishing
 at Fireside Lodge Canada
Dave Minson & his two sons Jonathan & Steven from Burlington, Ontario returned to Fireside Lodge for their 3rd time.  1st day they did fabulous catching 46 Northern Pike at a portage lake. This was only 7 shy of their last years total. 2nd day was up a creek to break up a beaver dam so they could get to another lake. After breaking up 2 beaver dams they made it to the lake and had a fabulous day as they caught many Northern Pike and 6 Smallmouth Bass with Steven & Jonathan both catching an 18” Trophy Smallmouth Bass at the same time. Yes, a double trophy Smallmouth Bass catch by these two brothers. Know that’s a family fishing memory. Steven also caught his 2nd Trophy Smallmouth of the day when he landed an 18.5” Smallmouth Bass. Third & final day they spent until supper fishing for Musky having 14 follows from large fish but no takers. After supper they spent their final hours fishing by having good action on Northern Pike and catching a few more Smallmouth Bass. For this father & his sons it was Great Fishing, & even Greater Memories once again at Fireside Lodge. Thanks for choosing us to spend you special family time together.

Trophy 19-inch Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada by Steven Johnson
Terrific Smallmouth Fishing at 
Fireside Lodge Canada by Debra Johnson
Steve & Debra Johnson from Halltown, MO returned to catch what Fireside Lodge is well known for, BIG Smallmouth Bass. 1st day they got right into catching many Smallmouth Bass, 16 were 14 to 19” with Steve landing the Trophy 19” Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day they did great, & without counting the smaller fish they caught 21 Smallmouth Bass all between 14 to 17.5”.  3rd day continued the heat wave & Steve said they struggled only catching 5 by lunch. So during lunch they took a 2-hour rest lying on Mike’s Island. Their expectations were not high when they started fishing at 2:00 however to their surprise they ended up catching a bunch of nice size Smallmouth up to about 4:30, & Debra caught a HUGE Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18.5”. 4th & final day was again way above normal temps with a high of 86 F, with no wind but they did great catching 27 Smallmouth Bass with most 14-17.5”, & each landed a Trophy Smallmouth Bass Debra’s being 18.5” & Steve’s was 18.25”. This was a great finish to a wonderful trip & both were talking about their return in 2014.

BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Mary Lenau
1st Northern Pike by Don Lenau 
Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Catch Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada by Don Lenau
Don & Mary Lenau from Union, MO were fishing at Fireside Lodge for there 1
st time. 1st day these two took a methodical approach to learning Little Vermilion Lake and were rewarded catching some nice Smallmouth Bass  & a 32.5” Northern Pike. If fact Don caught an 18” Trophy Award Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day the temps heated up to the mid 80’s which seemed to affect the fishing, or at least the fishers, but they still caught some Smallmouth throughout the day. 3rd day these two had a ball catching both Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass. They also were missing some nice Smallies & determined the problem was the type of hook they were using. 4th day they solved the problem as they had a terrific day catching a whole bunch of Smallmouth Bass. Don showed me his worn thumb from handling all the Smallies & Mary said they caught a lot over 15”. They also caught 3 Trophy size Smallmouth Bass, Don caught an 18.25”, & Mary had two, 1 at 18” & a 2 nd measuring 18.5”. 5th day was very rainy but Mary & Don caught some nice Smallmouth before the heavy rain, coupled with leaving their rain ware in the cabin, drove them back. Intentions were to get dry & return to the water, but instead they did a little virtual fishing, better known as a nap. 6th day Mary & Don did well catching Smallmouth Bass with Don landing his 3rd Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth at 18.5”.  Both left having had a wonderful fishing, experiencing the wilderness, & had great conversation with other guests in the dinning room.
HUGE 40" Tiger Musky by Kenny Klimes Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Kids Fishing Northern Pike at 
Fireside Lodge Canada by Tyler Klimes
BIG Body Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Kenny Klimes
Long time guests Bob Babcock & Jane Waldron from Midland, MI were back to chase BIG toothy critters. 1st & 2nd days they had a good number of big follows including a few monster fish, while also catching some mid-size, 28 to 32” Northern Pike. They were really enjoying getting hits on some of there specialty surface / sub-surface lures.  3rd day was 88F and very still so they mixed it up a bit & decided to troll in deeper weed-lines and was it ever productive. They caught a lot of Northern Pike 27 to 33”, Bob calling these cookie cutters for Little Vermilion Lake. They also stopped & casted some of these areas having 4 Muskie follows 37-40” and a Huge Northern Pike that was in the mid 40” range. 4th day had them again catching some nice Pike & Bob had a few big Musky & Northern Pike hitting a new glide bait, but could not hook up on one of these trophies. 5th day they again saw some huge fish getting a lot of surface action & caught a good number of Pike including a double. The action kept them out in the soaking pouring rain until their rain suits gave out. Final day was the Big event as they were down to their last casts when Bob had a Huge fish come completely out of the water after what is now his favorite surface lure, he calls “The Baby Loon”.  After a long hard fight the fish was landed & it was a 46.5” Monster 32lb+ Muskie. This concluded a fabulous fishing trip for Jane & Bob who were all smiles at the supper table that evening.

Awesome Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Zack Klimes
Gary Johnson & son Joshua from Midlothion, IL returned for their 3rd trip with us at Fireside
Father & Son Northern Pike Fishing at 
Fireside Lodge Canada by Brian Klimes
Lodge. Not being able to get there large group together they made a last minute reservation 2 days before arriving, as Gary was trying to fit in a fishing trip with his son working around his daughters birthday & labor day. Within the 72-hours they packed in as much fishing as possible fishing for BIG toothy critters. They had plenty of action catching many Northern Pike 26-35” and a few Muskie. They had some follows from some very large Muskie & Pike but could not hook up on one. The trip was a very fun & before leaving Gary said they would be back in 2014 with the regular group.

BIG 1st Tiger Muskie by Tyler Klimes Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Fun Fishing BIG Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada by Jordon Klimes
Tyler Klimes with BIG Smallmouth Bass 
Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
BIG Smallmouth Smile By Robert Spencer Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
HUGE Smallmouth Bass by Zack Klimes 
Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Brian Klimes from Willowbrook, IL returned for his 2nd year in a row with sons Zack, Tyler, & Jordon, brother Kenny, and Mike Spencer & his son Robert from Burr Ridge, IL. DOA was very successful as all caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass on tubes & sinking worms before the heavy rain chased them off the water. Kenny & Eric landed a 17,17.5, & 18” Smallie. 1st day was terrific as Brian & his two sons Jordan & Tyler, 14, caught Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike with the two highlights being Jordan catching a 32 Northern Pike & Tyler caught his first Muskie which was a heavy 33” Tiger Musky. Their smiles tell the whole story. The others did very well with Smallmouth Bass with Robert catching an 18” trophy his dad Mike caught a 36.5” Pike & the Kenny / Zack combo caught well over 40 BIG Smallmouth Bass Kenny describing the sizes to be mostly over 16” with more than 20 being17-18”, Kenny catching a Trophy 18” and lost what he thought to be a monster 20”er. 2 nd day they caught a combo of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike & the catch of the day came from Mike with him landing a thick 42.5” Muskie caught on a whopper plop per. Mike said it hit the lure full speed coming completely out of the water, making it a very exciting catch. 3rd & final day they were faced with a severe cold front as the temps dropped from the 80’s the day before to a high of 50F with stiff North winds. Despite these conditions they still did well catching Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass with Zack & Uncle Kenny doing the best catching a bunch of Northern Pike 28-30” & Kenny had the catch of the day landing a 40” heavy Tiger Musky. Something not to be overlooked is the special family time and memories made by this group, among fathers, sons, & uncles which is a catch that will be kept (not released) close in their minds & hearts for years to come. Thanks for making Fireside Lodge that special place to make your special family memories. Before their departure Brian reserved the groups dates for 2014.
HUGE Muskie catch by Mike Spencer Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

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Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada By Steven Johnson
Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Mepps Musky Killer, Blue Fox Spinner, Whopper Plop per, Surface Baby Loon,
Great Smallmouth Catch by Jordon Klimes Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Catches of The Week: 46.5” 32lb+ Muskie, 42.5” Musky, 40” Tiger Musky, Double 18” Smallmouth Bass catch, 19” Smallmouth Bass, Many 18-19” Smallmouth

Trophy Smallmouth Bass by 
Kenny Klimes Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

Father & Sons Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by the Klimes Family

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