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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/21 to 6/28 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/21 to 6/28 2014
43.5-inch Trophy Muskie by Dan Mosier
This was an amazing week fishing at Fireside Lodge especially for #’s of Pike caught & Trophy Smallmouth Bass.
Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Dan Skolza
Long time return guests Dan Skolza & Don Landbo from Sugar Grove
Monster Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Don Landbo
& S Elgin, IL were back for the 11th time. 1st day they caught 36 Northern Pike. 2nd day they caught 83 Northern Pike. 3rd day brought 83 Pike & 11 Smallmouth with 4-18.5 to 19”, 3rd day was 60 Pike & 13 Smallmouth 1-18.5”. 4th day was all about Smallmouth catching 61 & Dan landed 3 Trophies between 18 to 19”. 5th day as they were catching 95 Northern Pike on Buzz Baits Don decided to cast away from shore & had a HUGE 40” Musky explode on his lure landing it after a great fight. 6th & final day had them finishing with 73 Pike & 16 Smallmouth Bass & Dan catching the biggest Bass of the trip at 19.5”. Great Fishing, Great Fun, & Great Memories.
40-inch Musky on Buzz Bait by Don Landbo
Dan Mosier from Lincoln Nebraska returned for his 17th consecutive year with son Nathan for his 8th. 1st day they did great catching 16
18-inch Smallmouth Bass by Nathan Mosier
Pike & 12 Smallmouth Bass with Nathan landing an 18” Trophy. 2nd day was terrific as they caught 113 Northern Pike and Dan caught a HUGE 43” barred Muskie & Nathan got the assist & took a great photo. 3rd day was all about catching Smallmouth Bass & they caught a bunch. 4th day they had a ball catching Smallmouth Bass all day long. Both have so much fun as they are always experimenting with lures & the best thing about today was the surface bite. 5th & final day they faced a cold front with high winds & only fished for 4 hours having fun catching a mix of Pike & Bass. Both left logging their 9th year of making father & son fishing memories with us at Fireside Lodge.
42.5-inch Trophy Northern Pike by Larry Beard
GIANT Trophy Smallmouth Bass by JD
Long time guests Larry Beard, Jerry Miller, & Pete Petterson from
Trophy Smallmouth BAss Fishing by John Davidson
Erwin & Unicoi, TN returned with 2 time guests John, Wendel, & Wesley Davidson & Fred Beard from Dungannon, Castlewood, & Lebanon, VA, & Kingsport, TN and 1st
Many BIG Smallmouth Bass by Wesley
timer JD McCurry from Erwin, TN. 1st day All had a good Smallmouth Bass day with John & Jerry doing the best catching 50. John landed 5 Trophy Smallmouth over 18” & Jerry had 2. 2nd day was all about Northern Pike & here are the #’s. Wendel & Wesley 112, Jerry & John over 150, Larry & JD 96 & JD had 37 himself having never caught a pike before this trip, & Fred & Pete caught 50+. 3rd day was a Smallmouth day & as a group they caught 106 landing many trophy
Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada by Wendel Davidson
Smallmouth & Larry was tops in that category catching 6, one measuring 20”. 4th day Jerry & JD caught 25 Smallmouth Bass with 2 trophies, Larry & John caught a 30” Musky & 20 Smallmouth including an 18.5 & 19.5”er & Wesley & Wendel did the best catching 67 Smallmouth Bass having 3 doubles, a lot were 17-18”. 5th day because of a severe cold front half the crew stayed back but Larry, John, Wendel, & Wesley persevered the weather with good results as they caught 125 Northern Pike. 6th & final day was just gangbusters as they caught 375 Northern Pike with many being 27-29” up o 32” & Larry caught a Trophy 42” Giant Pike. All left just as excited as they came & Larry made their reservations for 2015 before departing.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by 6 year old Isaac
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Dustin
Paul Capecchi from Inver Grove Hgts, MN returned for his 12th consecutive year & 13th trip bringing for the 1st time son-in law Dustin Ver Ploeg & 6-year old grandson Issac from Sully, IA. DOA this trio caught many Pike & Isaac caught a huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18” & received his 1st ever citation award. 1st full day was a great Northern Pike day catching 44 & 3 Smallmouth Bass & Isaac had his first battle with a Muskie that jumped & got off. 2nd day they caught 75 Pike with 3 Bass & had a wonderful shore lunch. The 3rd & final day was
Father & Son Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
memorable as Dustin & Isaac teamed up to catch their 1st ever Musky together. It was very fun to hear Isaac explain in his words that “my dad hooked the Musky and I wound in the Muskie.” When I saw the photos of Issac it reminded me of what fishing should be about, Fun, family, & memories. All made unforgettable memories & were already planning for a future family event.
Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Dave Moon
Fantastic Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Long time return guests from MO, since 1993, Dave Moon & John
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Tom Wolf
Setzer from St Peters, Tom Wolf from High Ridge, MO & Bob Hanewinkel from Hillsboro were back to hunt BIG Smallmouth Bass. DOA John set the pace with the 1st 18.5” Trophy. 1st full day they caught a minimum of 50 Smallmouth Bass in each boat, & as a group 22 Master Anglers Trophy Bass
Super Fishing From Trophy Smallmouth Bass
18-19.5”. 2nd day both boats did well catching 35+ Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day Dave & John had a special day catching 90-100 fish with over half being Smallmouth Bass including 17 Trophy Bass 18-20”. They had three doubles, 2 in a row where 3 of the 4 fish were over 18”. John caught a 20”er & both caught 19.5” Smallies. 4th day Dave & Bob were tops catching close to 60 Smallmouth Bass 11 being Trophy Fish over 18” & each landed a 19.5”er. Tom & John caught about 25 Smallies. 5th & 6th days were also great fishing for this group & after the final tally they ended up catching 83 trophy Smallmouth Bass 18’ or greater, biggest were 20.5 & 20” along with 100’s of Smallies 15-18”.
GREAT Pike Fishing in Canada At Fireside Lodge
John Murphy from Bloomfield, MI returned for his 2nd trip with his son & Grandsons Bryan, Quinn, & Jake from Darien, CT. First day these four caught so many Pike they lost count. The three generations had a ball catching fish all day long. 2nd day was another Big Northern Pike day as the four of them caught over 100 Northern Pike & Quinn caught his biggest ever, a 27” pike. In fact John, before dinner asked me where some smallmouth were as he did not want to see another Pike that evening. 3rd & final day brought them cold front conditions but fantastic action as this three generations foursome caught over 150 Northern Pike and John had the wounds to prove it. All went home having a fabulous fun family fishing vacation & brought back priceless memories.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Preston Hale

Terrific Fun Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Wayne Farabough from Bixby, OK returned for his 2nd trip with a group of guys from his home area Wayne Choisnet, Preston & Gary Hale, Darrell Creamer, Glenn Zellner, Chuck Watson, & Bill Towner from Bixby, Jenks, & Tulsa, OK. 1st day out they had a lot of fun, & no doubt what was catching Smallmouth Bass for this group as they bought 6 tiny torpedo lures from me at suppertime. 2nd day all did well catching many Smallmouth Bass & a few Northern Pike. 3 day all did well some on Smallmouth Bass & others on Pike. 4th day was even better as 1 boat caught over 50 Pike & the other boats caught 35 each. 
My 1st Musky Fishing by Darrell Creame
5th & final day all had a ball catching Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass while at lunchtime having an open fire shore lunch at Twin Falls. All had loads of fun and made many memories amongst friends & family.
22-inch Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Les Scheurich

Jim Pim returned with his group for the 3rd time of Rich Pim, Robert Dorsey, Mark Sappington, Steve Barton, Dale Wilson, Less Scheurich, & Doug Fitchtner from Shell Knob, Joplin, Carthage, Sarcoxie, & Diamond, MO & Galena, KS. DOA was fabulous as they caught 107 Smallmouth Bass in 4 hours before dinner, & many were 17-19”. 1st full day was terrific as Mark & Doug caught 60+ Pike & 20 Smallmouth with 7 being 18-19.5”, Les & Dale caught 80+ Northern & 18 Smallmouth 4 over 18”, Jim & Steve caught well over 100 fish and so did Robert & Rich. 2nd day the group caught 150 Smallmouth lot 17”+ & 2-19.5” & 3-18”. 3rd day they caught 165 Smallmouth Bass 6 at 18” 1-19.5” with most at 15-17”. 4th & final day just when you think it can’t get any better they caught 150 Smallmouth Bass with 21 > 18”, 1 Monster at 22” by Les & the majority of the other bass were 16-18”, plus they caught over 60 Northern Pike. WOW, what a fabulous ending to their trip.
Many Giant Trophy Smallmouth BAss Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
The Kengor brothers returned for the 2nd time this time with their dad Bill. DOA they caught 25 fish a mix of Pike & Bass. 2nd day was gangbusters as they caught at least 50 Northern Pike. 2nd day they were after Musky and they did well. Jeff hooked a nice Tiger Muskie which jumped & got off, Mike landed a 27” & 25” Muskie, and after getting a snag off a log Bill had a 40”+ Musky take his lure only to shake his lure off in seconds. 3rd day was spent Muskie fishing hooking 2, landing 1, & had about 15 follows. That’s Musky fishing!! 4th & final day was full of fun catching a lot of Northern Pike. They left really enjoying their time and making wonderful memories.
Many BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge
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Trip Advisor
Friends Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Hot Lures: Tiny Torpedo, Blue Fox Spinner, Live Leeches, Dardevle Spoon, Sinking Worms, Twister Tails

Catches of The Week: Muskie 43” 40”, Northern Pike 42.5”, Smallmouth Bass 22”, 20.5”, 2-20” & this was a record trophy Smallmouth Bass week having 171 between 18-22”
Family & Friends Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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