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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/2 to 8/9 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/2 to 8/9 2014
Fabulous Tiger Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Dane
This week was a “GORGEOUS” Summer week and the fishing was absolutely fantastic.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Wanda at Fireside Lodge Canada
Super Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Jerry & Wanda Miller, consecutive year guests since 1995 from Erwin, TN returned to enjoy fishing & relaxation in the Canadian Wilderness. 1st day they caught 27 Smallmouth Bass, 9 Northern Pike & a Muskie plus Jerry missed another BIG Musky. 2nd day was 20 nice Smallmouth Bass including 4 trophies, Wanda landing the biggest at 19”. + over 20 Pike 28 to 34”. 3rd day Jerry said they found BIG Smallmouth Bass catching 20-25 with 2 more trophy bass. 4th day Wanda took a rest day giving Jerry the opportunity to fish for the big tooth critters & he had a great day landing 23 mostly in the 30-35” range catching 2 at 35”. 5th day was a wonderful day fishing & enjoying the beautiful summer weather while catching about 40 nice Smallmouth Bass including 2 trophies & 9 nice Northern Pike 2 in the 35” range. 6th & final day they fished only til noon & caught 20+ BIG Smallmouth in a new place they never fished before. Goes to show there are still new fishing holes to be found by an 18-year veteran. Both left already looking forward to next years trip.
Great Fishing for BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Back again were Long time guests Greg Benton, John McDonough,
GREAT BIG Northern Pike by Randy Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
with Randy Genord & his sons Dane & Ryan all from Grand Blanc, MI. Mission for this group is BIG Musky & Pike with the Genord family getting off to a quick start in the 1st 24 hours with Ryan landing a 36” Musky, Randy a 37” Pike, & Dane had a HUGE
Big Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Ryan

38.5” Tiger Musky. 2nd day goals were accomplished as they caught Big Pike & Musky & Dane topped the Muskie category with a 38”er & John caught a HUGE 37” Pike. 3rd day John & Randy claimed the position of deck hands & net men as Dane & Ryan caught a bunch of Pike & Smallmouth Bass up to 17.5” & Greg caught the BIG fish of the day landing a 39” Northern Pike with HUGE girth.
Tiger Musky are Great by Greg Fishing at Fireside Lodge
 4th day was one of those days when the big fish were just following. Randy said that they made contact with plenty of BIG Musky & Pike however they were just following lures in a 
Muskie Fishing by Dane Genord at Fireside Lodge Canada
non-aggressive way. 5th & final day the giant toothy critters were still in their follow mode however they caught a bunch of Pike 28-33” ending on a high note. Upon departure all were already talking about next years trip.
BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jeff Hill at Fireside Lodge

Jeff Hill with son Jacob from River Forest, IL returned for their 2nd consecutive year, Jeff’s 4th time, bringing good friend John Langley from Bloomingdale, IN. 1st day the fishing was lights out as they caught 75-80 Northern Pike, & 3 Smallmouth Bass with Jacob catching a trophy at 18” and John landed the biggest Smallmouth Bass of his life being a 19” Monster Trophy. 
Trophy Smallmouth Bass of my Life by John Langley
2nd day was a venture for Musky being very successful as they hand a bunch of follows and Jacob caught a 35” Muskie with and exciting hit on a figure 8. 3rd day was super catching 60+ Northern Pike along with some nice Smallmouth Bass. 4th & final day was spent searching for that one BIG Muskie or Pike. They did do well with follows and catching some average size toothy critters but that big fish eluded them. Jeff did have a big fish on his fly rod but lost it in the weeds. All left having a fabulous trip and are already looking forward to next year.
Great BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Jacob Hill
Returning were long time family guests of Wayne & Todd Busdiecker with Chris, Mike, Jon, & Josh Diatte from Centerville & West Chester, OH. 1st day had Wayne & Todd catching 25 Pike, 10 from a canoe, with Chris, Jon, Mike, & Josh catching over 100 Northern Pike at portage lake. 2nd day had Chris & his boys catching a bunch of Smallmouth Bass & enjoying Twin Falls area while Wayne & Todd were in search for the BIG fish which eluded them while catching some nice Pike. 3rd & final day was another portage lake for Chris and his sons catching about 25 northern pike. Wayne & Todd again were out for a trophy. The fish really turned on for them at the end of the day as they caught about 30-Pike up to 34”. All left having a fabulous time making wonderful family memoires.
Terrific Northern Pike Fishing by Norman at Fireside Lodge
1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Norman Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Norman & Sandy Alexander from KS returned for their 4th visit. After a slow start to their 1st day things picked up as the sun came out & Norman had the catch of the day landing a big 38” Northern Pike. 2nd day they did terrific catching 50+ Northern Pike & some Big smallmouth Bass, with Sandi landing a 17.5”er & Norman caught his 1st trophy measuring 18.5”. 3rd day was almost a repeat as they caught 40-50 Northern Pike & some nice Smallies. 4th day they had another good day fishing, & there highlight catch was Normans 36” Muskie. That evening they set out for just 1.5 hours to cast for some pike & they got into 15 Smallmouth Bass between 16.5 & 17.5”. 5th & final day had them having a strong finish catching 40-50 Pike & Sandi caught a Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Both left saying we will see you again.
1st Tiger Musky by Ralph Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Steve Dentinger Elgin, IL & Ralph Fruehauf from Tomball, TX were
My 1st Tiger Muskie Fishing by Steve
fishing with us for their 1st time. 1st day these two started fast with Smallmouth Bass catching 49. 2nd day was another great day as they again caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass & Steve hit a milestone in fishing by landing his 1st ever Musky. 3rd day they enjoyed the Creek accessible lake, Cedarbough, & had some Musky follows & caught some BIG Smallmouth Bass. 4th day was terrific as they caught 45-50 Northern Pike, actually wearing them out. 5th day was a mix of Pike & Smallmouth, but they finished their last day on fire catching well over 50 Northern Pike. When leaving they checked dates for a larger group in 2015.
JoAnn with a Big Northern Pike Fishing with a Worm

Worm Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Ed & JoAnn Piotrowski from Hampshire, IL returned for their 3rd visit. 1st day they enjoyed catching some pike & Smallmouth Bass with Joann losing her favorite lure for Smallmouth to one of 3 Pike bit offs. 2nd day they caught Pike and a lot of Smallmouth Bass on JoAnn’s special worm rig. 3rd and final day was similar to the 2nd however JoAnn was so successful with her plastic worm rig catching both Smallmouth Bass & Pike that Ed joined in and they had a ball catching fish with this presentation. Both enjoyed their stay & hope to return.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass are Common Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Dan Nadler from with son David from Pittsburgh & Sewickley, PA were at Fireside Lodge for there 1st time. 1st day they spent getting to know the waters & catching some Northern Pike. 2nd day they explored more area catching both Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike & they saw a HUGE Muskie. 3rd & final day they caught a lot of fish, mostly Smallmouth Bass and went back to search for the BIG Muskie they spotted the day before, however they could not coax it to come out and play. Both had an excellent stay making father & son memories & said they would like to return.
Muskie Fishing at its Best in Canada at Fireside Lodge
20-inch Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by David
A Group returning for their 7th time in 8 years headed by David Jewell, Wendell Hill, Bob Nutter, & Todd Plumley from Pineville, Foster, Clarksburg, & Hamlin, WV. 1st day they got right into the swing of things by catching 40-50 Smallmouth Bass per boat. 2nd day had Todd & Wendell catching 30+ Smallmouth Bass & Wendell caught a Muskie, while Bob & David caught about 40+ Smallmouth 
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Stick Fishing by Todd at Fireside Lodge
Bass & Bob landed a 32” Pike. 3rd day was a 45 Smallmouth day for Wendell & Todd, & Wendell caught a mid 30” Pike plus they saw a huge Muskie follow Todd’s lure. David & Bob caught nearly as many Smallmouth Bass but David came up with the fish of the day by landing a 20” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. 4th day was terrific & as a group they caught 90+ Northern Pike also catching some big Smallmouth Bass at 18.5”, 19” & 19.5”. 5th & final day they spent doing what they do best, catching Smallmouth Bass & David caught another trophy at 19.5”.
1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jonathan
Long time guest since 1992 Tony Majcher from Hawthorne Woods, IL returned for his 2nd trip this year, this time with grandson Jonathan. DOA Jon benefitted from Tony’s experience catching Smallmouth Bass before supper. 1st day they had fabulous top-water action and Jon caught his first Bass with a surface popper. 2nd day they had a great time catching Smallmouth Bass & Jon has his best day ever landing a 17,17.5, & 18” Trophy. 3rd day they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass, 25+, enjoying some great top-water action. 4th & final day Tony had another great day fishing Smallmouth Bass with his grandson and likewise for Jonny. Both left having a wonderful experience & making some very special memories together.
Tony Fishing BIG Smallmouth Bass with His Grandson in Canada
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Hot Lures: Shad Rap, Twister Tail, Soft Swim Bait, Sinking Worm, Pop-R, Buzz Bait, Mepps, Blue Fox Spinner

Catches of The Week: Tiger Musky 38.5”, Muskie 38”, Northern Pike 38”, Smallmouth Bass, 20”,  4-19.5”, 6-19”, 7-18.5, 9-18” countless at 17-17.5”
Great BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge by Ryan
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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