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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/23 to 8/30 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/23 to 8/30 2014
Jane with HUGE Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
August in Northwest Ontario is a beautiful month to fish and this week it lived up to it’s reputation and so did the “TERRIFIC” Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge.
19.5-inch Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Rick Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Long time guests, father & son, Richard & Brian Jicha from Avon
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Lake, OH & Middleton, WI were back ready to fish. DOA these two caught 24 Northern Pike before supper in just 3 hours. 1st day they had a super day fishing catching over 70 Northern Pike & Rick landed a huge 19.5” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day was a Muskie hunt in Cedarbough Lake
getting some nice follows but no takers, so they changed to Pike fishing catching 14. 3rd day was very windy but they still managed to catch 11 nice size pike with Rick catching
1 of 100's of Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
the bigger fish. 4th day was off to Closs Lake to temp those Musky having 14 follows from some Big Musky, with Rick landing one & Brian caught a Trophy 18.5” Smallmouth Bass. 5th day was an excellent day catching over 45 Northern Pike plus they missed a bunch. 6th & final day they caught less but most were around 30” or more & both left have had a blast making many father & son memories.
Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Rick Jicha
Terrific Fishing Experience at Fireside Lodge
New timers brothers Larry & Tim Romanowski & Tim’s son Mark from Bloomfield Hills & Houghton Lake, MI were here inspired by the TV show we filmed with the Wilderness Journal Fishing Show in 2013. DOA in just 2.5 hours they had lots of action catching Pike & Smallmouth Bass. 1st day they caught 18 fish, mostly Pike plus a few big Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day had them catching a lot of nice Northern Pike 26-31”. 3rd day they did well despite the wind catching over 20 Northern Pike & 6 Smallmouth Bass up to 18”. 4th & final day was lights out as they did terrific catching 37 Northern Pike and today’s formula was fishing in 8-10ft of water using a rattletrap. All left having a wonderful time making family fishing memories & hope to return in the near future.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jennie Heinl at Fireside Lodge
Back were 10-year return guest Bill Rasbach with son Kyle, 2nd year
20"Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge
guests Wayne Paskey, & Joe Demis. Joining them were Long tome guest of 10-years Bill Aulenbach from Barberton, OH & son Mike from Ft Meyers, FL. 1st day they discovered Smallmouth Bass off of rock points adjacent to a weed beds and did fine catching about 15 per boat. Bill A prefers searching for big toothy critters and they
39"Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
caught some Pike in the 30-32” range plus Bill caught a HUGE 39” Northern Pike. 2nd day was very windy & when I asked Bill A how they did he responded, just OK. Then I found out from the others that as a group they caught over 60 Northern Pike along with some Smallmouth plus Bill R landed a huge trophy at 20” Smallie. So I told Bill A that in my fishing report I would use his quote that “an average day” at Fireside Lodge means catching over 60-70 fish! I thanked Bill for giving us such a great marketing tool. Next day this group caught mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike ending up with 30+ & Wayne missed a fish of a lifetime near the boat. 4th day was a portage lake for all, doing very well as a group catching 64 Northern Pike. 5th day had the group again having an active day catching over 50 Pike. 6th day was rainy but all had fun fishing & soaking up the wilderness they would soon be departing.

BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Mike
Jennie Fishing for BIG Pike at Fireside Lodge
Mike & Jennie Heinl from Pittsburgh, PA returned for their 2nd consecutive year. DOA they went right out & caught 14 fish, a mix of Bass & Pike. 1st day they did great catching 22 fish, most being Northern Pike in the 28-33” range and they also caught two Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18-18.5”. 2nd day was very windy but after some searching they found fish catching 32 Northern Pike up to 35”. Best day they ever had fishing for Northern Pike. 3rd day was almost a repeat as they caught 29 with

1st-ever Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Jennie having the hot hand catching 20 herself, plus they caught few Smallmouth Bass 17-18”. 4th day was super as they had a fabulous time landing 34 Northern Pike 26-32”. 5th day brought them 11 Pike & Mike caught his first ever Muskie. 6th & final day they had a blast again catching a lot of Northern Pike, each landing big 37”ers, and they also had 5 other large fish on that they lost in the fight. Both left have a terrific
Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge is fun By Jennie
experience, making wonderful memories, & already were discussing their dates for 2015.

Jim & Kathy Cron from Roanoke, IN returned for their 2nd consecutive year. 1st & 2nd days despite the high winds they caught fish, both Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass & had loads of fun doing so. 3rd day the
Terrific Smallmouth Fishing at Fireside Lodge 
weather finally clamed down enabling them to use presentations more accommodating for Smallmouth Bass and it showed as they did well catching some larger Smallies along with a mix of average size fish. The big event of the day however was Kathy fishing in her float tube. While fishing in our bay she hooked a 30” plus Pike and the thought “now what do I do”. For a while it was hard to tell who was winning this struggle. She managed to maneuver herself to the front of our dock with her flippers & then handed the rod off to Eric, working in the dock, where the fish was successfully landed, unhooked & released by Jim. On their last two days they simply had a blast catching a mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike on our wonderful wilderness lake system.
Jane Fishing for BIG Pike & Musky at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Long time guests of 16 years Bob & Jane Babcock were here to hunt for trophy Northern Pike & Muskie. 1st & 2nd days they faced high winds with cold front conditions catching some nice Pike while searching for the elusive Trophy Muskie or Northern Pike. 3rd day they had a lot of action with Bob raising the same fish on three consecutive casts with three different Big toothy critter lures. 1st it was the Wood Chopper, 2nd was the Whopper Plopper, & finally the big Pike hit a Baby Loon, which caught Bob his 47.5” Musky the year before. Jane also caught a HUGE Northern Pike on a Bucktail she purchased from my tackle shop. The big seller for her was the Purple Tail with a red inner tail. The next two days were spent chasing big Northern Pike & Muskie. They had some follows, caught some Pike, and a terrific time doing so. They also met some new friends, Jim & Kathy mentioned above, enjoying conversation before, during & after supper. Both left enjoying there stay wishing they had just one more day.
37-inch Northern Pike by Jennie Heinl Fishing in Canada

Steve Tarrence returned for his 2nd visit with friend Rich Roe for his
Super Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
1st, from Columbia & Fulton, MO. 1st day they found some fish while exploring & getting familiar with the lake. 2nd day they did better & the 3rd day they had a great Northern Pike catching day landing 28, having many follows and missing a bunch. 4th & final day was another great Northern Pike day as they caught 24, missing a few along with catching a few Smallmouth Bass. Both left having a great time & hope to return in the near future.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge are Common
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Trophy Smallmouth Bass are Plentiful Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Hot Lures: Rattle Trap, Blue Fox Spinner, Musky Killer, X-Rap
Catches of The Week: 20”, Smallmouth Bass, 39” Northern Pike, 2 people catching 76 Northern Pike in 1 day

Family & Friends Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

Couples Having a Blast Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

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