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Fireside Lodge Opening Week Fishing Report 5/23 to 5/30 2015

Fireside Lodge Opening Week Fishing Report 5/23 to 5/30 2015
Trophy Lake Trout Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Opening week is always exciting at Fireside Lodge and 2015 opening day was no exception. Weather was very cooperative having temperatures in the 70’s for the first 5 days with a rainy cold front at weeks end.
Great Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Frank Hazzard from Arlington, TX blessed us at Fireside Lodge with his 25th consecutive year & over 30th visit. Frank over the years has assisted many Fireside Lodge guests and has become known by many through our weekly fishing reports. Frank is a wonderful person & quite a fisherman. 1st day 93 Smallmouth Bass were
Master Anglers Smallmouth Bass caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge
caught & the 2nd day had 2 people catching over 100 with most of these bass being 16.5 to 17.5” along with several over 18”. There were also days of 46 Smallies and 56, with one day landing 8 Master Anglers award fish. Also, with Frank doing his thing, helping others, him along with father & son Don & Greg Foley caught 37 Northern Pike & another day 27 Pike, with 10 Smallmouth Bass & 2 Muskie. Most of the pike were 30 to 33” landing some up to 35”. Frank also had days of 36 & 56 Smallmouth Bass & 17 Northern Pike. Frank, as usual left with tears in his eyes already looking forward to his hopeful return.
Giant Lake Trout by Tim Stewart Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Bryan Neel lll and best fishing buddy Tim Stewart from Rochester, MN returned for their 13th consecutive year. These two are after the long toothy critters and their spring trip is all about Northern Pike.
Big Whitefish by Bryan Neel Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
They have become avid trolling anglers & did very well catching many Pike between 28 to 36 inches and because the water was so cold bumped into the occasional Lake Trout, which were near the surface landing a few over 35”, with Bryan catch a GIANT 38” trophy. Both are a joy to have around as they are great conversationalists & you can always hear them laughing & having fun in the dinning room. They left catching 133 quality size toothy critters & as always, wishing to fish another day which they will as they are returning for our last open week in September.
Tiger Muskie Caught by Michael Chytka Fishing at Fireside Lodge
3rd time return guests brothers Michael & Matt Chytka from Washington State & Raleigh, NC Resit Unal from Yorktown, VA and Nick Christner from Baramsville, VA were back to make another set of fishing memories amongst family & friends. That’s just what they
Lake Trout caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge
did with Matt & Resit having great success with different approaches. Matt is big on soft plastics proving that you can catch anything with this technique as he had three trifecta days landing Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, & several Lake Trout on tubes & crayfish. For Resit it was all Blue Fox spinners catching all his fish in all species on this simple but productive lure. Michael & Nick took a portage adventure one day catching countless Northern Pike. They enjoyed the walk through the wilderness to fish a lake all by themselves. All enjoyed their stay and hope to return.
Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge is Fabulous
Mike Uebelherr from Stow, OH returned for his 12th trip. Mike, had a fabulous trip as always catching Northern Pike and a Musky. His ticket was Yo-Zuri sinking slash baits & X-Rap suspending lures. Every day he mixed up his location and technique to adapt to the ever-changing early spring conditions, which are typical at this time. Mike did very well over his stay enjoying every minute and hopes to return later this season for our last week.
Nice Muskie caught by Greg Foley at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Greg & Don Foley from Pasadena & Crownsville, MD returned for their 4th consecutive year. As usual their boat was gone before most got up in the morning to enjoy the peaceful early morning lake conditions they so enjoy, always catching some fish before breakfast. They had good fishing one day seeing more fish than ever in their lives. Greg caught several Muskie, one at 36” and the other a 38” beauty. They also fished with Frank on two days catching over 64 Northern Pike between 30-35”, 10 Smallmouth Bass, along with several Muskie & Lake Trout. 
Big Northern Pike are Common Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Being that they have been at Fireside at the same time over 4 years fishing together for a few days has become a tradition for these three. Both left having another great fishing trip, making another set of father & son memories & Greg was already talking about next year on their last evening.
Huge Trophy Muskie Fishing by Joe Boyd at Fireside Lodge
1st time visitors Brian & Joe Boyd from Harrisburg, PA were here to recognize Joe’s graduation from 4 years of university. DOA they caught some Pike on the surface. The next day before fishing Joe asked me to demonstrate how I fish a Yo-Zuri slash bait I sold him.
1st Muskie by Brian Boyd
Well Joe caught on quick as they caught many Pike that day using that fishing technique, including Joe’s personal best Northern Pike. Joe also caught his very first Muskie measuring 38”. Wow, that will be hard to beat. They continued to do very well on Pike plus Joe caught his first Lake Trout ever, a 32”er. Brian & Joe had a 4 Muskie day with Joe catching the biggest and already beating his previous days Musky. Joe’ second Muskie was 42” and Brian & Joe also caught a 34”, 31”, and 29” Muskie. They had a fabulous fishing trip and made father & son memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to do so.
1st ever Muskie at 38" by Joe Boyd Fishing at Fireside Lodge

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Hot Lures: Yo-Zuri, X-Rap, Blue Fox Spinner, Tubes, Twister Tail, Rad Dog, Doctor Spoon

Catches of The Week: 42” Muskie, Many 18”+ Smallmouth Bass, 38” Lake Trout, 35” Northern Pike

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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