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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/20 to 6/27 2015

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/20 to 6/27 2015
42.5-inch Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Kris Gamble
This week brought about an equal amount of rain & sunshine along with fishing that was remarkable.
HUGE Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Linda at Fireside Lodge
Returning guests since 1994, Mike & Linda Lapresi from Tucker, GAwere thrilled to be back. 1st morning before breakfast Mike caught 10 Smallmouth & lost 3. Rest of the day they both caught a lot of Smallmouth with their predictable methods, Linda a Torpedo & Mike Fly-Fishing a popper. 2nd day was fabulous catching over 40
Fly-Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge by Mike
Smallmouth Bass plus missing others on the surface. 3rd day they had terrific fun catching countless Northern Pike. Linda was on fire catching most of the fish on buzz baits & it was said her excitable reaction could be felt & heard far away. 4th day was another over 40 Smallmouth Bass day while missing many others, only having about a 50% hook up rate. That’s a lot of action. 5th day was just ½ day of fishing ending the way they started catching nice Smallies on the surface. They had a fabulous stay & hope to return.
Don with a BIG Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Dan
Best Friends Don Landbo & Dan Szkola from S Elgin & Sugar Grove, IL returned for their 12th consecutive year. DOA they broke their streak of slow starts as they did very well catching 16 Smallmouth Bass before & after supper Dan landing 2 trophy bass at 19 & 18.5”. 1st full day they portaged to George Lake catching19 Northern Pike. 2nd day they caught 187 Northern Pike & 13 Smallmouth Bass, Don catching an 18.25”er. 3rd day was another Great Northern Pike day as they caught 128 plus 4 Smallmouth Bass. 4th day they targeted Smallmouth Bass catching 36, Don with another Trophy 18” fish, plus 5 Northern Pike. 
Many HUGE Smallies Fishing at Fireside Lodge
5th day was remarkable as they caught 120 Northern Pike. Don was on fire catching 2/3rds of the fish on buzz baits. 6th & final day was very similar as they caught 114 Pike & 4 Smallmouth Bass. Both left having a great time & reserved their dates for 2016.
HUGE Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by John J
Bob & Dean Miles, John Fields, Freedman, Cleveland, & Lee Summit, MO Jim Bartling, John Johnson, James Hover, & Kris Gamble Overland Pk, Olathe, KS & Ted Hollo Aurora, OH were hear from their 1st visit. 
1st Musky ever Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Dean
DOA day was spent learning new waters & catching some fish. 1st full day they had a remarkable day catching 372 Northern Pike, which as a group was their best day ever. Next day was a day that all caught fish with Jim B seeming to do the best including a 35” Pike, however at the end of the day Kris came up with the Big fish prize landing a 39” Northern Pike. 
Great Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jim
After some discussion on the next morning about fishing location & techniques for using a suspending stick bait John J & Ted became believers quickly as Ted caught 5 Pike one after another up to 32” & John landed two Muskie in the mid 30” range along with Pike up to 33”. Also, Jim H & Dean both landed Muskie and for Dean it was his 1st ever. 
Large Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Kris
4th day all caught more Northern Pike using the same techniques & had a fabulous group shore lunch. Kris caught the two Big fish of the day landing a 38” Northern Pike. 5th & final day was a great finish as some Big Pike were caught. John F had one at 35”, John J a large 38.5”, but Kris took top billing landing a Trophy 42” Northern Pike. Before departing group leader Bob reserved their dates for 2016.
BIG Musky on 1st Cast of the day Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Paul
For the 13th consecutive year Paul Capecchi returned with son Tony from Inver Grove Hgts & Woodbury, MN. When they walked in the door they expressed that they were back home.  DOA they caught 2 Muskie, 2 SB, & 15 Northern Pike. 1st full day was their personal
1 of a 7 Muskie Day Fishing at Fireside Lodge
best Muskie day ever catching 7, Paul caught the 1st of the day on his very 1st cast, & Tony caught 5 including a 40.5” very large Musky. 2nd day they caught 165 Northern Pike & 1 Trophy 18”SB. Day 3 had them catching 110 Pike & 2 Smallmouth 1 being an 18”er. 4th day was a 92 Northern Pike day along with 4 Smallmouth Bass. 5th day it was 111 Northern Pike & 1 Bass and the 6th & final day Tony caught a fay 33” Tiger Muskie & together caught 93 Northern Pike and ended their day & trip with their 63rd Northern Pike double of the week. 
Beauty Tiger Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Tony
Tony & Paul made another set of wonderful father & son memories conversing, meeting other guests, & seeing wildlife including 5 Moose. Before leaving Paul secured their reservation for 2016.
39.5-inch Northern Pike by Adam Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Returning for the 2nd time was the Spartz family Jack, Dan, Adam, & Ryan from Sycamore, IL & Columbus / Greenwood, IN. 1st day this
Over 60 Smallmouth Bass Day Fishing at Fireside Lodge
group caught 76 Northern Pike and 2nd day they had fabulous Smallmouth Fishing catching well over 60 Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day had them searching for large fish having Muskie follows, Ryan had 1 on that got off, Adam landed a 35” Musky. They also caught some Northern Pike with Adam cashing in again catching a 39.5” BIG Northern Pike. 4th and final day Adam & Ryan accounted for 99 Northern Pike & 1 Smallmouth Bass while Jack & Dan caught well over 50 Northern Pike. All left having a very enjoyable three generations family fishing trip & hope to return.
HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Roland

Jim Pim returned with his group for the 4th time of Rich Pim, Steve Howlett, Less Scheurich, Robert Dorsey, & Dale Wilson from Shell Knob, Joplin, Sarcoxie, & Carthage, MO. DOA this group got right to with Jim & Steve catching 25 SB & 10 NP, Les & Dale had 30+ SB with Rich & Robert catching close to 60 SB. 1st full day was GREAT as a group they caught close to 275 NP & 25 SB. Robert caught 3
GREAT Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Steve
trophy SB 18-19” & Jim had 1 over 18”. 2nd day was all about Smallmouth Bass catching the majority being 15-18”. Rich got an 18.5”er. 3rd day Les & Dale caught 72 Smallmouth Bass which was tops for the group in a day, & the other 2 boats caught well over 100 fish in each boat mostly being Pike. 4th & final day our discussions worked as Dale caught 2 trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.25 & 19.5”. All caught plenty more Smallmouth Bass to finish another great fishing trip. Les & Dale kept close records of their catches in 4 days they caught 287 Smallmouth Bass & over 100 Northern Pike. All left saying see ya next year.

1st Timers Paul Spearman, Pete Obrien, & Roland Van Veldhaisem
BIG Walleye Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Pete
arrived full of anticipation. 1st two days this group got a feel for the waters each day catching a mix of 10-20 Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was the best Northern Pike fishing these 3 ever had as the landed well over 100 Pike had many misses & follows. 4th day was another great Pike fishing day catching over 50. 5th day was a portage lake for
Trophy Size Walleye Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Paul
Smallmouth & Musky. They were amazed at the number of BIG Muskie they saw but unfortunately were not able to hook up on one. That’s Musky fishing however they did get into some Smallmouth with Roland catching two trophy Smallies at 18” & 19”. 6th & final day was off to another portage & they did great catching Many Pike and 11 Walleye between 20 to 24”. They had a great fishing trip & said they hope to return.

Brothers Mike & Jim McDonough from Pinetop, AZ & Rescue, CA returned for their 3rd time. 1st day these two went out & caught a lot of nice Northern Pike up to 32” both having double digit catches. 2nd day was a portage for Muskie & this brother team did well landing 3 Muskie up to the Mid-30” range. Mike caught all 3 but Jim got the assist. 3rd day was another great Pike fishing day with each landing more ten 10 nice Northern Pike. 4th & 5th days were both good days catching Northern Pike along with a few Smallmouth Bass. Both enjoyed their stay enabling them to spend some valued brotherly time together.
Great Average Pike Size Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Roland

Back for their 2nd year in a row were Phil Martin & Rock Snow from Findlay, OH. 1st day they caught about 14 Northern Pike each. 2nd day they were searching for Muskie in Cedarbough Lake & the Musky won as they saw some big fish but could not get them to cooperate. 3rd and final full day they did the best landing over 40 Northern Pike & had a lot follows & lost some fish. Both left having a short but enjoyable stay.

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Friends Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Buzz Bait, Mepps Spinner & Musky Maribou, Torpedo, X-Rap, Sinking Yo-Zuri

Hot Flies: Yellow Popper

Catches of The Week: 40.5” Muskie, 42” Northern Pike, 19” Smallmouth Bass

Father and Son Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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