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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/10 to 7/17 2010

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/10 to 7/17 2010

Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada. This was a good weather week except for two days, which brought storms on one day and very high winds on another day, which affected most people, more than the storms. The winds were so high on that day that guest estimated them to be 4 foot or better. All but a few gave it up for the day and relaxed or rested in their cabin.Dennis and Mark Lowney from Aurora, IL returned to Fireside Lodge. First day on the water they managed to catch their fair share of Smallmouth Bass & some Northern Pike, but said they had more follows, including several BIG BOYS and were wondering how to convert these into hook ups. After discussion of technique, presentation, & location they were back at it and over the next few days they landed more Pike than had follows. One day was exceptional catching many Pike, and not bothering to count but saying the action was very fast. During the middle of the week they caught over 100!!!! Winks that is, as they had a day of rest. On several other days they did well catching Smallmouth Bass as Mark discovered the gold color Blue Fox Spinner. Dennis & Mark have been taking a fishing trip for over 30 Years making many memories along the way, and this was no exception. They had such a great time they reserved for 2011 before leaving.

Good friends Steven Jensen from Springfield, MO and Jon Harrison from Georgtown, TX were back for their 7th consecutive year to test their excellent fly-fishing skills. First day in one word was “FABULOUS” FLY-FISHING as these two combined for conservatively 50 Northern Pike and Steve caught a GIANT 19-inch Smallie, all fly-fishing. WOW, That’s great fishing in any fishing log. Second day was another great day fly-fishing catching over 25 Northern Pike. Third and fourth day were comparatively slower still catching some Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike & having perfect weather for fly-fishing. Last day they finished strong landing well over 50 Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Terrific fly-fishing?? Yes, as the 24 to 32 inch Pike that Steve & John were catching gave a great fight on their fly rods. So good that they reserved for the same dates in 2011 to continue another chapter in their Fireside Lodge fly-fishing adventures at Fireside Lodge.Mark McDermott from Chicago, IL was returning for his 4th consecutive year and this year it was with daughter Caitlin back for her second time. Fist day on the water this father & daughter duo caught over 50 Northern Pike in about 5.5 hours of fishing. WOW, what a great start. Second day was super as the caught over 80 Northern Pike, and Mark landed an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Third day was another 50-plus Pike day ending at 2:00 in the afternoon. Fourth day was a dedicated Musky fishing day as Mark loves to fish for these unpredictable toothy critters. After fishing all day and having some Musky follows they caught a few Pike, but were not able to hook a Muskie. That evening Mark went fishing with another guest, Ernie, Mark catching a nice 35-inch Pike and Ernie landed a HUGE 38-inch Northern Pike. Last day had Mark & Cailin landing 51 Pike in a half day, and after dropping Cailin off Mark fished for a few more hours. Mark hooked a GIANT, estimated at over 42-inches, Pike and as he was bending over to get the big net he felt he gave the fish slack, and while shaking it’s head, threw Marks lure. That’s Fishing!!! Both had a great time and Mark already reserved his dates for 2011.

Newcomers to fishing at Fireside Lodge were the father and son duo of Joe & Jim Gallina from Palos Hills, Il & Chatfield, MN, and Richard & Robert Benstein from Glen Ellyn, IL & St Petersburg, FL. joined us at Fireside Lodge for the first time. During their stay these four were constantly smiling and having fun. Every day they caught Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. A few highlights of their trip were Bob hooking and landing a BIG 39-inch Muskie saying it had a very stout body. Also, when Joe and Jim were fishing together catching Smallmouth Bass, as Jim was fighting a Smallmouth a Musky came up four different times trying to eat his Smallmouth Bass and on the fourth attempt the Musky grabbed Jim’s Bass. Well, Jim does not give in that easy so he fought the Muskie for a while until expert netter Joe was able to slip the cradle underneath the Musky enabling Jim to catch a 35-inch Muskie without ever even hooking the fish. WOW, what a great story and memory for this father and son. Many father and son memories were made on this trip and that is without a doubt the biggest catch of all. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend special time between fathers and sons.

The Dobson Family of Dave, Terri, and Kaitlin from Milwaukee, WI returned to have family fishing and fun at Fireside Lodge for the 4th consecutive year. These three had an absolute blast having family fun and fishing together. First three days were terrific fishing as they caught 48 Northern pike and a 17.5-inch Smallmouth on the first day. Second day was crazy, as the caught 100 Northern Pike & at suppertime they were still amazed at the fast action and fun they had. Kaitlin had a special experience after catching a Pike. Having her lure dangling about 6 inches above the water a big Smallmouth came out of the water and attacked her lure. They were all surprised at this happening and will be talking about it for years to come. Their third day was another amazing day as they caught 85 Pike and 6 BIG Smallmouth Bass, four being Master Anglers Award Trophy Bass. Dave caught a 19 & 18.5”, Terry an 18.5” and Kaitlin an 18.25-incher. The great family fishing feat here was they all caught trophy Smallmouth Bass in the same day. Their fourth day was very stormy so they took a day of rest sitting on the cabin deck just talking and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. The fifth and final day we had high winds, which made it very difficult to fish. After going out twice they gave it up, like most did, as we had almost 4 ft waves. Dave, Terri, and Kaitlin had a great family fishing vacation making many memories and before leaving decided to reserve their dates for 2011 to continue their log of Fireside Lodge memories.Father and Son Jack & Steve Starnes from Wise, and Duffield, VA returned to Fireside Lodge for their 6th consecutive year. These two had terrific fishing the first day catching 49 Northern Pike, 30 Smallmouth, and Steven landed a 41-inch Tiger Muskie. Great Start!!! Second day had them catching 60 Northern Pike and 40 Smallmouth Bass, and the third day was 38 Pike and 45 Smallmouth Bass. WOW, these two are fishing machines. Fourth day they caught about 20-25 Northern Pike & 30 Smallmouth Bass. There last two days they spent chasing Musky and on the first one ending up catching 6 and one very large 39.75-inch fat Northern Pike. Next Muskie fishing day, and last day of their trip, the Muskie won as they did not catch one but had a lot of follows. In all it was another fabulous fishing trip for this father and son, and they already reserved their same dates for 2011 before leaving.
Fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time were Joe and Marilyn Foos from Alpharetta, GA. These two had an absolute ball while staying with us. The did very well catching fish and just about every day they caught a good number of Smallmouth Bass and sizable fish. For the first time ever being on Little Vermilion Lake they adapted quickly, and each day did better becoming familiar with fish structure and finding Smallmouth, which was their main target. One day they ended up having a fabulous day Northern Pike fishing catching somewhere around 100, as the action was so fast and furious they could not keep an exact count. Marilyn commented to me at the dinning room table that she almost felt it was unfair, and had the feeling like she was cheating. Obviously a very memorable day fishing, but the thing we noticed about Joe and Marilyn is how they appreciated and made every moment of their trip special, starting with an early breakfast, getting & right on the water, and coming in every evening and having a wonderful dinning experience enjoying constant conversation between each other. They truly enjoyed the total surroundings around them, and commented that after years of coming to Canada they wish they had found Fireside Lodge sooner. That being said they did make reservations for the same dates in 2011, and we look forward to seeing them at that time.
Returning for their second consecutive year were Steven Wentz from Flowery Branch, GA, Jim Stark from Mission Viejo, CA, David Powell from Springfield, IL and James Krohn from Sun Lakes, AZ For the three days these guys were here they had an absolute blast. It does not matter if this group catches fish, you will always find them smiling and having fun at suppertime, which is how it should be. First two days they fished, had fun, and caught a few fish each. Not discouraged Jim Stark each evening at suppertime said they needed help and were just learning. Well, they sure caught on by the third day as Jim Stark and David alone caught well over 70 Northern Pike and had about 14 doubles, while Steven and Jim Krohn caught about 30. That’s over 100 fish in one day for the group. WOW!! Unfortunately they had to cut their trip short by one day because of a personal situation, however they could not have scripted a better last day, and ending to their fishing trip. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge and hope to see these fellows back.Referred to Fireside Lodge and visiting us for the first time were Ernie Ursitti and Pete Jamie from Chicago, IL. Here for a short three days on the DOA they got their lines wet and in a big way for Ernie as he caught a BIG FAT 38-inch Northern Pike. First full day of fishing they caught well over 50 Northern Pike. Second day was a day of rest because of thunderstorms. Third and final day “(ALREADY)” they were hampered by the high winds but still managed a half day of fishing and caught over 20 Pike. Both said they had fun and a great stay with us and hope to return.

At Fireside Lodge for their first time were Mike & Janet Estes from Livonia, MI. These two mentioned on arrival that they loved to just be in the wilderness, and that fishing is as an excellent way to do just that. Being a first trip to Canada they were very excited and on the DOA they caught Pike and Mike saw a huge monster commenting it was the one he was after. Second day they had their best day ever landing 41 Northern Pike up to a fat 33” caught by Janet. WOW, that’s a great day fishing in anyone’s book let alone first timers. Second day they headed for Twin Falls area to lunch at this beautiful spot nature carved away, got fabulous pictures, and as for fishing they caught a bunch of Smallmouth and about 10 Pike. Third day was another best, catching well over 40 Northern Pike, as they stopped counting after 40 and landed many more after. Fourth day was a great day on the water enjoying the wilderness and wildlife catching 7 Pike & 1 Smallmouth. That’s what I loved about these two is that they enjoyed every day for what it was, and as we know we can’t always be catching 40 to 50 fish a day. However on the next day they ended up catching over 60 Northern Pike having 7 doubles, and that makes three of their best ever fishing days within 5 days of fishing. The sixth and final day was spent searching for some bigger fish finding them, catching 12 Smallmouth and close to 20 Pike all 30 plus inches, with Mike catching his personal best measuring 36-inches. Well, these two not only caught lots of fish but took many photos of Eagles, Twin Falls, their nature creek ride, and Janet had the fabulous opportunity to see a Lynx at about 5:00 AM just parading around the lodge grounds. No picture was taken, but a special memory made, along with many others that Janet and Mike will carry with them throughout life. These two had such a great time they decided to reserve dates for the 2011 season to make another set of memories together at Fireside Lodge.Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2010 PhotosFor Fabulous Video, Wildlife Events, and Current Happenings go to our Social Sites Below.




Hot Lures: Lucky Strike Pointer Minnow, Heddon Pop-R, Blue Fox Spinner, Mepps Spinner, Tube Jigs,

Catches of The Week: 19-inch Smallmouth Bass, 42-inch Muskie, 38-inch Northern Pike

Flies of the week: EP Fiber Perch Pattern, Streamers, Smaller Streamer Pattern with a slight amount of red flash-a-bou on top and silver on the bottom.

Fly Fishing Catches of the Week: Well over 50 Northern Pike on a Fly rod, 18.5” Master Anglers Award Smallmouth on the Fly, Many 30” Plus Pike caught fly-fishing.

Biggest Catch of all are the Memories made between people. In this case made between Father & Daughter Mark and Cailin McDermotte "Priceless".
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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