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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/17 to 7/31 2010

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/17 to 7/31 2010

Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada.
Weather this week was variable never settling down. We would have quick hit storms move in and out bringing at first cool air then it would switch to sunny and warm. Anything but consistent, however it did not discourage Fireside Lodge Fishers. Everyone was doing the rain dance in the boat. What’s the rain dance?? That’s when you try to put on or take off your rain pants in the boat without taking your shoes off first. Oh ya, now you remember how to do this dance don’t you?
Brent and Angie Bostic from Hurricane, WV were back to Fireside Lodge for their 4th fishing trip. DOA these two caught some Smallmouth and Brent just missed a Master Anglers Smallmouth catching a 17.75-incher. First full day of fishing they caught 19 Smallmouth Bass. Second day we had extreme winds that affected everyone’s ability to just stay on the water, and to Brent and Angie’s credit they were only one of two boats to stay out until supper and caught 6 Pike & 3 Bass. Third day was fantastic as the caught 104 Northern Pike. Fourth day was suppose to be a Smallmouth Bass day in Closs however the bass were not cooperating so they started to fish for Muskie, had six nice follows and Brent landed a nice 36-inch Musky. Fifth day still had the Smallmouth stumping them catching 6, but did catch 24 Northern Pike. After asking for some direction we discussed the Smallmouth Bass being in the weeds as opposed to the rocks, and that was the strategy they were going to employ the next day. Well, things improved as they caught 19 very nice size bass from 15 to 17.5-inches and Brent caught a 36-inch Muskie on his popper with 8lb test. He also had a Muskie in the mid 40-inch range take a swipe at his surface bait. Seventh day these two found some BIG Smallmouth Bass in the weeds, and had fun catching their favorite freshwater fish. A special happening occurred with Brent & Angie when they seemingly both hooked a big Smallie at the same time and as each were fighting their fish there lines crossed and soon to be found out they both had the same Smallmouth hooked. After the joint landing the fish measured out to be an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. WOW, that has never happened before and since there was no precedent set with who’s fish it really was it was decided by a unanimous vote that each should get a Master Anglers Award for landing the fish however Angie will be listed first for two reasons. One being that ladies go first and second her alphabetic initials put her first. Great story and memory for their fishing log. Eighth day was a much slower day catching 7 Smallmouth Bass and 4 Pike. Ninth day was fabulous having fun catching 81 Northern Pike and the tenth and final day was a slower day but after totaling their catches they caught 326 total fish which is averaging almost 33 fish per day. I will take that over a 10 day run anytime. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge and hope to see Brent & Angie in 2012.
Jim Tate and Bob Soloman from Oshkosh & Sarona, WI were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time referred to us by good friend and Fireside Lodge guest Al Wortz. These two fellows literally had a rough first day as the winds were high and waves were about 4 foot in the open water. Not good for the first time ever on a lake. For the short day they managed to catch a few fish and learn some of the lake. Second day these two made up for lost time having their best fishing day ever as they caught over 70 Northern Pike having many doubles and Bob caught an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Third day was another fabulous day catching a lot of Pike & Smallmouth Bass some being 16 to 17-inches and Bob came up with the biggest Pike of the day measuring a fat 36-inches. The fish were pretty hard on their lures so the had to replenish at suppertime. Their fourth and final day was a knock out as they caught over 80 Northern Pike and Bob landed his first ever Muskie. Great finish to a fabulous fishing trip for these two friends.

Long time return guests Tim Bergen, sons, Joey, Adam, and nephew Tim Komenda from Orland Park and Hickory Hills, IL were back fishing at Fireside Lodge. DOA Tim B had a huge Muskie explode on his surface lure right at boat side. After fighting it for several minutes and getting it half in the net the fish did a typical Muskie roll flipping off the hook and waved goodbye with its tail. Also, Joey had a BIG Musky hooked and after a brief fight it got off, but he did catch a nice 33-inch Pike. First full day was a great day fishing and catching as they caught a bunch of nice Pike in the 26 to 32-inch range plus Adam caught a 29” Musky and his first Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass measuring 18.25-inches, and Joey caught a huge 38-inch Muskie. Second day they mixed it up a bit catching lots of numbers early in the day, 60 Pike between the two boats. Later in the day while fishing for larger fish they caught a good number of over 30-inch Pike, and Joey had another big Muskie on, but flipped out of the net and got away. Third day in Adams words was “GREAT” as they caught bigger Pike 30 to 34–inches and Tim Bergen cashed in on a fathers day gift given to him from his kids as he caught a BIG 37-inch Northern Pike on a Polish Pike. This was purchased for him from our tackle shop by Joe & Adam when they wee 10 or 11 years old, as their tradition was to buy their dad his fathers day gift from our tackle shop. Fourth and final day was a slower day than the other three in that they would only catch a fish or two at each spot, however after dinner Adam and Tim K went for a final go at a trophy fish and while using top water baits Adam had a GIANT mid 40 inch Pike come up after his bait, but did not make a hook up. Both were very pumped when returning to tell us their story at the lodge. They left talking of returning next year after college plans for Adam and Joe were settled, and all left making some GREAT family fishing memories together.
Grandpa George Cavanuagh From Palm City, FL Father and son Mike & Danny Houston from Jensen Beach, FL Brady Marcum and Luke Lopiccolo from Ukiah, CA were all fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day ever on our lake system this family had a great fishing and catching day. They caught Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike, some bass being 17.5-inches and pike up to 29-inches. They mixed it up on presentation and lure type using spinners, plastic, and surface baits. George loves to see those Bass jump so he was using surface and trying to make them jump. Second day was even better as they caught a lot of Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass and the most exciting moment was hearing Brady & Danny express their top water experience with Danny catching 17 Smallmouth up to 17-inches and Brady landing 11 with one just missing a Master Anglers Award measuring 17.75-inches. These were all on poppers and torpedo lures.
Third an final day had them catching a lot more Smallmouth 12 to 17-inches and a few Pike, but the biggest catch of all for this family was the memories mad between three generations and I applaud Grandpa George for making all this happen. Go to our YoueTube channel to see George catch a BIG Smallie.

Father and son Mike and Andy Pritzl from Caledonia and Racine WI. Were back for their sixth time. DOA was a windy day and got started by catching 6 Pike and a Smallmouth. First full day was fabulous catching 96 Northern Pike and 6 Smallmouth Bass 16 to 17.5-inches. Second day was a good fishing day catching both Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike with Mike catching his personal best Pike measuring a fat 33-inches. Third and final day (boy a 3 day package goes fast) was similar to the second catching a mix of nice Smallmouth and Pike and Mike had a huge fish on he just could not get to the boat as it kept giving him very strong & violent head shakes until it finally threw Mike’s lure. Disappointed? Yes! Was Mike glad he had the opportunity to catch this fish? Double Yes!! Both Mike and Andy did go home with the biggest catch any father and son could ever want, which the memories made by spending this important time together that is very hard to duplicate during our every day life. Congrats to both for their efforts to spend quality time together.Jerry and Wanda Miller from Erwin, TN who have been long time guests since 1995 returned for the second time this year. First day Jerry’s guiding abilities on Little Vermilion Lake shinned through as Wanda and him had a great day catching fish landing 15+ Northern Pike and over 30 Smallmouth Bass with a lot being 15t o 17.5-inches. Jerry also lost an over 40-inch Musky. Second day was BIG Smallmouth day as they caught over 30 with only two under 15-inches, and Jerry caught the biggest Smallmouth of his life landing a HUGE 20.25” Master Anglers Award Trophy. WOW, what a fish!!!! Third day was another very good Smallmouth Bass day catching less than 20 but all quality, landing 4 Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth, Wanda with one at 18-inches and Jerry with three, two being 19-inches and a third at 19.25”. When Wanda was catching her 18-inch Trophy Smallmouth they had a double catch with Jerry landing a BIG 17.5” Smallmouth at the same time. Fourth day was about 9 Pike and 15 Smallmouth with most Smallies between 14 and 17-inches. Fifth day was a FABULOUS top-water day as 15-20 Smallmouth were caught and many more entertained Jerry & Wanda as the Bass would slap at and hit their surface baits so hard the lure would come completely out of the water. Sixth day had Jerry and Wanda in before noon after catching a few fish. They decided to just slowly pack and enjoy the rest of their last day sitting in their cabin, watching the Hummingbirds and soaking up their last moments in our Boreal Forest Wilderness Setting. Both made wonderful memories and decided to return in 2011 during the same dates.
Rob Delamatre and Al Fishhaber from Sandusky & Northwood, OH returned for their 7th time. After the first day fishing I asked Rob how they did and at first he said it was a slower day and continued to tell me they caught 25-30 Northern Pike. Well, if that’s a slow day at Fireside Lodge that just shows what Al & Rob are use to catching. Second day was everything but slow as they caught over 100 Northern Pike, and Rob tied into a BIG BOY landing a 45-inch Muskie on a plastic tube. Fourth day was a very good day catching Northern Pike everywhere they went, not having the numbers of the previous day, but all were nice size fish and Rob did it again catching a big 38-inch Musky. I think Al’s guiding fees just went up? Fifth day was a great day Muskie fishing having over 20 follows and Al landed a 39.5-inch thick fish. They also caught some big Smallmouth Rob landing a 20” Trophy estimated at 6lbs. Last day was a mix of fast action and fun catching about 40 Pike by 1:00 PM, and then they fished for bigger toothy critters, having success everywhere they fished. Many fish over 30” were caught along with some nice 16-17.5” Smallmouth Bass. They left as fast as they came, and before departing said they would call us in November to make arrangements for 2011.
Three generations of father/son George & Josh Carney and Grandpa Tom Miller all from Madison, WI returned to Fireside Lodge for their 7th consecutive year. Just getting started on their DOA they caught some nice Pike before supper, two biggest being 32 and 33-inches. First day these three caught enough fish to be excited to tell their stories at suppertime. Second day was fabulous catching well over 50 Pike and they caught a lot of over 30-inchers up to 36-inches. Third day was interesting as we had waves of storms coming in and out of the area and they would get some great action just before and as these waves of weather came through. They caught some very good size Smallies of 16 to 17.5-inches, and Josh & George both caught Master Anglers Award Smallmouth being 18-inches. Fourth day they caught a good number of fish always having some action. Fifth day they caught a bunch of nice Pike. Sixth and final day was a Musky / Smallmouth day and did they ever finish strong. First they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass some topping the 17 to 17.5-inch mark, and both George and Josh caught Musky George’s being a Tiger Muskie at 28-inches and Josh landed a BIG 38-inch Muskie. Great finish to another GREAT three generations fishing trip.
Nick Thomas from Salem, VA headed a group of brother Bill from Indianapolis, IN Ron Henley, Melvin Carter, David Plunkett, & Greg Hudson from New Castle, Radford, & Pembroke, VA who were returning for their third consecutive year except for Bill as it was his first. First day fishing all caught fish and had a good day. The highlight of this day was watching the excitement of Nick telling his story of an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth hitting his lure on the surface in an explosion. He said it was the most exciting Smallmouth fight he ever had. Second day was gangbusters for all with Greg and Marvin having the best day catching 127 fish with 123 being Northern Pike of all sizes and 4 Smallmouth Bass. Marvin Landed his largest ever and first Master Anglers Award Smallie measuring a HUGE 19.5-inches. This was fitting as it was Greg’s birthday and Marvin said that Greg kept repeating that it was his best birthday ever. Third day had all six catching lots and lots of fish mostly being Northern Pike but Ron and David did catch a lot of Smallmouth and both landed Master Anglers Award Smallies measuring over 18-inches. You could tell these guys caught a lot of Pike as they were at my tackle shop buying a lot of replacement lures that got torn up from catching fish. Fourth day was another good catching day for a lot of Northern Pike, Smallmouth and a few Muskie. Nick and Bill also caught some Z-Fish as they came in at 1:30 to refresh themselves with a good old fashion afternoon nap. This group at the end of their fourth day caught so many fish that injury reports started to filter in with Ron being on the probable list for their last day with two fish thumbs. I’m sure Ron will just wrap them in electrical tape and show up for their last day of fishing. The final day was a very strong fishing for Greg & David as they caught between 40-50 Smallmouth each using every last Fluke they had. This last day was cut a little short as we received torrential rains around suppertime that continued through the evening. There was still one last die-hard that went out in this down pour and I am sure you could guess that it was Ron. As he handed his wet money to me to pay his balance Ron said he was going out fishing despite the heavy rain because he was soaked to the bone anyway. He even waved the white flag but not until he was totally soaked. All had a great trip and were talking about returning in 2011.
Fran and Colleen Stack from Lorain, OH returned for their 7th consecutive year and for their first of two trips for 2010. First day on the water they caught 59 total fish, 57 Northern Pike and Fran caught a 34.5-inch Muskie and Colleen landed a 35.5-inch Tiger Musky. Great first day. Second day had them catching some Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Third day was a portage for Muskie and Smallmouth each landing a smaller Muskie and they caught some nice big Smallies, Fran coming up with two Mater Anglers Award Smallmouth just over 18-inches. Fourth day was super fast action day as the caught 44 Northern Pike. Fifth and final day had them catching 14 Northern Pike and 11 Smallmouth Bass, and after supper while just trying to have fun catching some smaller Pike Fran tied into what was estimated at a close to 40-inch Northern Pike. Colleen on her second attempt to cradle this giant had the fish take of in a burst, tail walking up the cradle and while shaking it’s head, mouth wide open, it shook the hook and ran into Colleen’s forearm biting down and causing wounds on both sides of her arm. Boy it’s getting rough out there! After some first aid they both were on their way having a great fishing war story to tell everyone at home. We will see Fran and Colleen again in September when they will be returning for a second fishing adventure at Fireside Lodge in 2010.
Jim McCollum Sr, sons Jim and Ryan and Jim Havlin all from Orland Hills, IL were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for their fourth time. First day was unbelievable as they caught 96 Northern Pike. WOW!!!! Second day was a slower day but the third day picked up catching about 20 Pike per boat. Fourth and final day had these guys catching Northern Pike and some Smallmouth Bass all day long. Can’t beat consistent action all day long, however Ryan was after the BIG BOY and was hoping to accomplish this on their last evening fish. His words exactly were “Go Big or Go Home”. Ryan said he had a great fishing trip even though the Big Fish eluded him and guess what?? He went home, but not before making great memories together as a group. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge and hope to see these guys back in the future.
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Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Surface Popper, Surface Pop Bait, Pop-R, Chug Bug, Storm Swim Baits, Tubes, Live Leeches, Mepps Spinner

Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 20.25”, 20”, 19.5”, 19.25”, two 19”, five 18.5”, two 18.25”, six 18”
Northern Pike many 33-36” & 40” plus biting pike got away
Muskie 45”, 39.5”, two 38”, 36”

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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