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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/18 to 8/25 2012

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/18 to 8/25 2012
40.5" Trophy Northern Pike Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge
This weeks weather was again “FABULOUS” in the low to high 70’s with a few thunderstorms at the weeks end. The T-Storms knocked out the power just in time for all to have their dinner the old fashion way, by candlelight. The weeks fishing was very active for most.
42-inch Trophy Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
2-42" Northern Pike Trophies in 2 days Fishing Fireside Lodge
Doire catching 1 of her 2-42" Trophy Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge
Jack & Dorie Hires from Valparaiso, IN returned to visit us at Fireside Lodge, which they have done for the last 15 years.  1st day on the water Jack managed to catch a Muskie in the 30” range. That’s what some experience on a lake can do. Next couple of days involved fishing for Northern Pike and viewing some very entertaining Loons & Eagles. Dorie enjoys fishing with Jack because she gets to be in our beautiful wilderness surroundings always having the opportunity to see wildlife. In their first few days while catching some Northern Pike they had numerous sightings of Eagles getting an unusual photo of two perched next to each other in a tree, and in their many Loon sightings they had one doing a dance right in from of their boat, saw a group of 10-12 adults together, and was able to witness and adult diving & coming up with a small silvery looking fish and then proceed to feed it’s young. 4th day brought an active Northern Pike day with Jack catching a good number of nice size Pike. 5th day was a “GREAT” day catching 8 Northern Pike, Jack catching 7 of which 6 were over 30”, but Dorie was the fishing story of the day coming up with the biggest catch. Doire landed a 42” 21LB Trophy Northern Pike. This was the first trophy fish of any kind for Dorie, and we all celebrated with her in the dinning room at suppertime. 6th and final day was absolute tops catching 18 Northern Pike, with Jack catching all but one. Guess who caught that one. Dorie and it was another Trophy 42” Northern Pike. This is 2 consecutive days that Dorie caught a Master Anglers Award Trophy Northern Pike. Everyone in the dinning room wanted to invite Dorie to fish with them. What a FABULOUS ending to a wonderful stay. Hope to see these two again in 2013.
41-inch Tiger Musky Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Bob & Rick Holzer from Phoenix, AZ were at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First two days these two did a lot of exploring on the lower arm of Little Vermilion Lake catching some Northern Pike, the fish of choice, & Rich caught a beauty of a Smallmouth 17”+. 3rd day they did GREAT catching 19 nice Northern Pike. Before the start of day we discussed location & how important it was to be in the correct depth. After adjusting is when they started catching fish consistently. A little conversation can go a long way in achieving success in fishing. On their 4th & final day they did even better catching a total of 24 Northern Pike & 1 Smallmouth Bass. Rich said they hooked and lost at least 10 more Pike so their day was very active. The smiles on their faces at suppertime told the whole story as this father & san made wonderful memories together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to do so.
My First Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
HUGE Northern Pike while fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
11- Year Old Fishing for BIG Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Kids at Fireside Lodge Canada
Walt LaCasse from Minnetonka, MN returned for his second trip this year, this time with his Grandson Keegan for his 3rd trip. Getting started on their DOA they caught 6 fish, mostly Pike. 1st full day of fishing this Grandfather/Grandson combination caught 16 nice fish, most being Northern Pike with a lot 26-30”. The Biggest fish was a big 36”er caught by both Walt & Keegan, with all being captured on video from Walt’s special sunglasses, making a very special memory. 2nd day was “FABULOUS” as before suppertime they caught 15 fish, a mix of Pike & Smallmouth Bass catching a 17.5” Smallmouth and Walt caught a 40.5” Master Anglers Award Trophy Northern Pike. Also, Keegan at 11 years old did a GREAT job of handling the cradle helping his Grandpa land this huge Pike. That evening they went out & caught 6 more Pike landing another 36”er. 3rd & final day they had a GREAT day catching over 25 total fish, catching all three species including several 17”+ Smallmouth Bass, a number of Northern Pike over 30” to 36”, Walt caught a 29” Musky and Keegan caught his first ever Musky landing a BIG 37”er. That’s a great catch for anyone, and a huge accomplishment for 11-year-old Keegan. By the way there is a great video on our YouTube & FaceBook pages of Walt & Keegan catching a big Northern Pike. Both left having made many memories as Grandpa & Grandson, which was the biggest catch of all. Walt reserved for the same dates next year so they could make more fishing memories together in 2013.
Giant 20" Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Women Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Art & Elizabeth Girard from N Chesterfield, VA were visiting us at Fireside Lodge for their fist time. Before leaving Fireside Lodge bay while testing out his brand new Orvis Fly Rod, Art caught 2 Northern Pike one at 30” and a 16.5” Smallmouth Bass. I guess Art’s new rod works!!! First day they did a lot of exploring catching some fish, and Lissy came up with a beauty of a Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day they did even better catching 19 Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike & Art landed the Smallmouth of his lifetime which was a 20” Trophy Master Anglers Award Smallie. He also caught it the most exciting way possible, which was on the surface with a Pop-R. Art & Lissy also had a “FABULOUS” wildlife sighting as they came Upon a HUGE Bull Moose with a Giant Paddles for a rack. Lissy got some good photos to be seen on our Facebook page. That’s the special moments you experience while fishing in the wonderful wilderness that surrounds us at Fireside Lodge. 3rd day was a little slower catching 8 fish. Fourth day was very good catching both Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike on the surface using Pop-R’s. How exciting is that??? 5th day was up to the upper arm to explore new waters and see Twin Falls. They had a great time catching some Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike and thoroughly enjoyed their visit at the falls. 6th and final day was a rough send off as it was extremely windy. They still managed to catch a few fish & Art even caught a nice 17” Smallmouth Bass on while fly-fishing. Both had a wonderful 1st trip with us at Fireside Lodge as they enjoyed our accommodations, food, service, & meeting & enjoying some great conversation with others. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend some special time together.
Trophy Tiger Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Catch Many BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada

Trophy Smallmouth are Common at Fireside Lodge Canada
Trophy Smallmouth Fishing is a Blast at Fireside Lodge
Muskie  are Plentiful Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
The Kleinwachter clan of Gerry & son Joe, Heb & son Matt, & Jim with son David all from Warrenville & Yorkville, IL returned to Fireside Lodge. Matt & Herb started off the first day catching a lot of Northern Pike in the Smaller & medium size but also caught several 31” or better with Herb catching the biggest at 36”. Matt caught a very big 41” Tiger Musky. 2nd day all had a great day, Joe & Jerry catching well over 40 Smallmouth Bass and 25 Northern Pike, Jerry landed a Trophy Smallmouth measuring 18.5” and they also caught many 16-17.5” & Joe caught a 32” Musky. Jim & David had a very fun day catching a mixed bag of fish, Jim catching a 29” Musky and David got a HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass landing a 19”er with a huge girth. Herb & Matt had another fabulous day catching toothy critters landing some big fish having a Northern Pike at 35”, two at 37” Matt caught a 35, 38 and 40” Tiger Musky & Herb also caught a 40” Tiger Musky. Remarkable action on BIG fish for this group. 3rd day had Jerry & Joe portaging catching 10 Smallmouth and 6 Musky. The Musky were smaller, 25 to 32”, but very fun with Jerry landing 5. Herb & Matt caught 40+ Northern Pike & Matt again came up with a nice 35” Tiger Musky. 4th day had Jim & David catching over 50 Northern Pike along with 10 very large Smallmouth Bass 15-18.5”. Each caught a trophy bass at 18 & 18.5”. This day found Jerry & Joe on fire catching 42 Smallmouth Bass, with a lot over 16”, including 3-17.5”ers, along with 22 Northern Pike. 5th & final day Joe  & Jerry caught 23 Smallmouth Bass & 19 Northern Pike, Joe landing a 35”er. Jim & David caught Smallmouth while Musky fishing & David did have a 40”+ Musky up to the boats twice that got off. The Herb Matt team landed 6 Musky, Herb catching 5, including a nice 38”er. All left having had a great time & making many family memories.
38.5" Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Fun Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada for Kids
Rob Little returned for his 7th time along with his son Aaron for his 3rd consecutive year, along with another father & son combo Rob’s Uncle Mel & Josh Little all from Toronto, Ontario. Day of Arrival Mel & Josh did well catching a number of good size Northern Pike including a very Big Pike by Mel measuring 37”. Mel & Josh, having never been on this side of the province, were in awe of the wilderness and huge number of lakes in Northwest Ontario. Also, the expansive Boreal Forest, which has terrific opportunities for viewing wildlife and enjoying raw nature at it’s best. 1st full day of fishing was, very good for this group as Josh said he caught fish all day long while Rob & Aaron caught a bunch of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass & Rob caught a 32” & a 34” Pike that tested his drag & line. 2nd & final day, 2 day trips go by fast, had a day with mixed weather. Started calm & warm, then showers came in driving this group in to nap then it turned sunny & windy cooling down in the evening. They caught both Northern Pike & some Smallmouth Bass, and Mel finished his evening landing a nice Muskie. All left having a great family trip enjoying every minute they were here, and wishing they had just one more day. Thanks for choosing us at Fireside Lodge to make some of your family fishing memories.
38" Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
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  Father & Son Fishing at Fireside Lodge for Musky



Many 36" Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Clacker Minnow, Mepps Black Fury, Black Bucktail, Mepps Musky Killer, Pop-R, Spinner Bait, Bandit, Rizz Whiz
BIG Musky are Ultimate Fishing in Canada
Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 20”,19”,18.5” Tiger Muskie 41”, 2-40”, Northern Pike 42.5”, 42”, many 35-38” Muskie 38” and one group of 6 caught 19 Muskie
GREAT Family Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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