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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/25 to 9/1 2012

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/25 to 9/1 2012
Trophy 19-inch Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge
Weather was “FABULOUS” this week with temps above normal but almost perfect staying in the 70’s with no rain.
  1st Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge from England
  Pike Anglers Cub of Great Britain Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
1st Time Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada from England
  Fishing Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada from Great Britain
Fireside Lodge goes International as first time guests of Stuart Adams, Stephen Thompson, & Norman Dearlove all from Oxfordshire, Great Britain were here to test their Northern Pike skills at Fireside Lodge. Being experienced Pike anglers in Great Britain & Ireland they were anxious to see our wilderness & catch a few of our BIG Northern Pike. First day they had a TERRIFIC day for never fishing on a Canadian Lake in their lives. They caught 27 Northern Pike & had an absolute ball doing so. Now that they developed a sense of confidence in the fish population their 2nd day they wanted to target larger toothy critters. After some discussion about location & depth ranges to concentrate on they were off. At the end of the day they caught 9 Bigger Northern Pike all but one over 30” to 35”, & Norman had the big one on but at the last minute, after adjusting his drag, it dove under the boat & got off. The little details in angling do make a difference if you land a big fish. After supper Stephen had a huge follow that shocked & impressed him. 3rd day they caught several nice 31-32” Pike along with a dozen others while searching for that monster fish. Stuart accomplished a fishing feat by landing his first ever Muskie, a Tiger Musky 29”. 4th day was tough windy conditions but they managed to catch about 10 nice Pike 26-30”. Stephen & Norman also caught a couple of Smallmouth Bass, which was a first, as they have none in England or Ireland. 5th day had them catching 12 Pike & some nice Smallmouth Bass Their largest were 16.5” for Norman, 17” for Stuart” & an 18” Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallie for Stephen. Also, Stephen caught his first ever Muskie. 6th & final day was fabulous catching 30+ Northern Pike, with Stuart having a crack at 2 large Pike, but both somehow eluded his expert angling skills. They also caught more Smallmouth throughout the day. All three left having had great fishing & a wonderful Canadian Wilderness Experience. All plan on returning in the near future.
  1st Tiger Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada from Great Britain

Bob & Jane Babcock from Midland, MI returned for their 14th consecutive year. DOA they went right out & caught some Northern Pike but not before an unusual happening. Trying out her new $18 Sebile Spoon Jane cast it out and heard “BINK” as she saw her beautiful new spoon splash into the water headed for the bottom. Lucky her line floated & she was able to retrieve it. Close Call!!! 1st day was met with high winds all day long but despite the tough conditions they caught and good number of Pike, Jane caught a Smallmouth & Bob had a big toothy critter come up & roll on a surface lure. For the 2nd day in a row Jane saw her special spoon break off in the middle of her cast. But for the 2nd time she was able to save her lure. After closer inspection she found that her new fishing rod has a break in the tip causing it to cut her line. Day 2 had them catching Northern Pike, having a few nice follows & Bob again had some blow-ups by a few cross-eyed fish. Also, after fixing a line mishap, as he was reeling in a lure fast to start all over, & 12-14 BIG Smallmouth were chasing it seemingly swarming around it. Hence they found a new Smallmouth Bass spot. 3rd day was a very good day catching a lot of Northern Pike in the 28 to 32” range & had some exciting surface action. 4th day brought high winds, which gave everyone, trouble with location & presentation. 5th day was good catching Northern Pike in the 28-30” range & Jane lost a few big fish. Last day was “GREAT” as they caught numerous Pike, with a lot of surface action, in the 26 to 35” Range, Bob had 2 HUGE follows in the 42” & over category & while catching a big 33” Pike, a BIG Musky followed the Pike during the whole fight a few feet just below the pike, acting like it wanted to attack it. Both left having a great stay and plan on returning in 2013.
  Smallmouth Bass are fun Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

  1st Muskie is a GREAT feeling Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
David Powell from Springfield, IL & Jim Stark from Misson Viejo, Ca returned for their 4th consecutive year. First day out they caught Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass, having a good day & what made it even better was Jim hooking and landing his very first Musky, a 30”er.  Jim was smiles ear to ear. 2nd day was a portage for Musky & it was a clear high sky day. Well, they made contact with plenty of musky getting a lot of follows, sometimes two at time, & they saw a few very large Musky. 3rd day was very good as they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass up to 16.5” & Northern Pike in the 28-32” range. 4th day had them doing well on Pike but less on Smallmouth Bass. 5th & final day they gave it their all having a strong finish, catching many Northern Pike along with a few Smallmouth Bass. Both had a blast enjoying our great fishing & fabulous wilderness, and hope to return again to do it all over again.
Large Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
  Aggressive Fish Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Kent Williams & Bill Black from Atlanta, GA returned for their 9th consecutive year. 1st day they caught 18 nice Smallmouth Bass. Kent was applying his fishing skills using the drop shot technique, first finding the Smallmouth with a live leech, & then switching to a black grub tail that continued to work. Bill used other methods catching fewer fish but he still caught them his way. Kent did catch a Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18”. 2nd day they were busy catching a bunch of fish but they could not find the bigger fish. In fact we believe Kent has now established the world record for catching the Smallest fish possible on a “Pikie Minnow” lure. Let us know what you think?? 3rd day was a better day for sizable Smallmouth Bass, but it was one of those days that every spot they stopped at they would catch one or two fish right away & then nothing. Lucky Kent & Bill know a lot of spots so their fish count added up. 4th & final day was excellent as they caught 25-30 Smallmouth Bass; all very good size 13-17”, with Bill landing the biggest of the day at 17.5”. Great trip for 2 Great Guys!
  Master Angler Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Long time guest since 1991 Tony Majcher from Hawthorne Woods, IL was beck with good friend David Anderson from Grays Lake, IL. 1st few days they caught a mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. The Pike were definitely more active the 1st day & on the 2nd day, by using slower presentations, produced more Smallmouth Bass. The key was again the sinking worm. 3rd day Tony did well catching Smallmouth Bass using the same technique, and David caught a few on a jig head, but the sinking worm was much more productive. 4th day was very windy playing havoc with boat control, but they still managed to catch a few nice Northern Pike. 5th day had them having a very good day catching 8-10 Smallmouth Bass & 10 Northern Pike, having plenty of action. 6th & final day after searching they found a hole that produced a lot of Smallmouth Bass with Tony doing very well on his sinking worm presentation. Both left having a great time while meeting some wonderful people.
  Father & Son Fishing BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
  GREAT Memories Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
  Many Large Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Ken Coleman from Traverse City, MI returned for his 2nd consecutive year, this time with his previous neighbors Tom Buckley & son Ryan from West Chazy, NY. Ken fished with Ryan the first time when he was 8–years old giving him some of his 1st fishing lessons. DOA they started off great as they caught some nice Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass with Ryan catching a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass weighing 4lbs. Great start for these three. 1st full day they did great catching over 20 Northern Pike, all good size, and several Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day was very similar, but more Smallmouth were caught & Tom just missed catching a BIG Pike. 3rd & final day was as fabulous as the 1st two catching many good size Pike & Smallies, & Thomas had a very angry Trophy Muskie after his lure & seemingly after him. After following Tom’s lure the Muskie came back with vengeance with it’s mouth wallowing out of the water trying to find the bait, or was it mad a Tom & wishing it could take a bite out of him? The fish left hem wondering as all said they never saw a fish look so angry after missing a lure. All had a wonderful time making great memories.

  Memories are the BIGGEST catch Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
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  Trophy Smallmouth Bass 1st Time Fishing Smallmouth Bass in Canada from England



  Wonderful Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

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Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 19”,18.5”,18” Northern Pike 37”
  Father & Son Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada Lakes
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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