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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/1 to 6/8 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/1 to 6/8 2013

Trophy 44" Muskie Fly-Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
This was a beautiful week as the temperatures were around 70F for daytime highs as about 50F for lows everyday only having rain once in the form of a heavy thunderstorm. Except for the T-Storm’s you can’t ask for much better weather.
Great BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Trophy 46" Muskie caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Guests since 1995, Father & Son Alan & Jon Wohlman were back to apply there fishing skills. For seven days these two re-unite to spend many hours in the boat together having great conversation reminiscing about the past, analyzing the future, while fishing in our great wilderness setting. They had a “FABULOUS” trip catching many Smallmouth Bass, their primary target, Northern Pike and ran into a few Muskie. They landed numerous Smallmouth Bass in the 14-17.5” range, & several 18-19”. They caught a lot of Northern Pike up to 38” with the majority being between 28 to 35-inches. They also caught several Muskie with Alan taking top billing in this category landing a beautiful 40” Tiger Musky, and a 46” Master Anglers Award Trophy Muskie. WOW!! What great catches while Bass fishing. They had a fantastic trip and before leaving made their reservations to return in 2014.

Fireside Lodge Trophy Northern Pike Fishing in Ontario
First timers fishing at Fireside Lodge were father, son, & Grandson/son Bill, Eric, & Nathan Thielking from Lake Pleasant, NY, and Ostamder, OH. Here for a short three days they did great for their 1st time fishing Little Vermilion Lake, catching many Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and both Nathan & Eric caught a big Lake Trout. Boy they catch on quick. Next two days they caught many more Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike while enjoying our wonderful wilderness, visiting Twin Falls and viewing wildlife while making wonderful memories together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make family memories among three generations.

First Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada
Long time guests of Fireside Lodge Father & Son Larry & LJ Psyk from   Jim Nelson, Jim IL, & Bobby from Oak Brook, IL were back to enjoy their traditional Canadian Fishing trip which originated back in the 1960’s. First day out Bobby landed the first fish & it was a dandy 17.5” Smallmouth Bass.  Bobby also caught an 18” Trophy, Ken & Larry both caught trophy Smallmouth over 18”, and Larry & LJ caught the most including a 37.5” Northern Pike & a 37” Muskie. During their next four days they caught plenty of fish even though the water was colder than normal. Larry seemed to have the Big Smallmouth number as he   The final day Ken finished the trip right landing another Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 19” and a BIG Muskie measuring 39”. All left having a fabulous time and hope to return in 2014.
caught 2 more Monster Smallmouth Trophies measuring 20.25” & 20.75”, and LJ also caught one at 18.5”. They also caught some big Lake Trout, which never happened before. The water being so cold from the late ice out kept the Lakers up shallow in the same locations as Smallmouth and Pike.
Onalaska & LaCrosse, WI., Ken Beta from Fox Lake, IL. And Father & son plus Grandson/ Son,

Trophy 40-inch Northern Pike Fishing in Canada Lakes
First time fishing at Fireside Lodge were father & son Erik & David Staub from Greeley & Denver, CO. These two never fished from a motorboat despite them having a lot of experience th cast he hooked into a Big Muskie landing a 44” Master Anglers Award Trophy.  WOW, that’s efficiency catching a Musky in 20 casts on a fly rod. For all who fly fish this is a remarkable fishing feat. The fly was a red & white Clouser. These two also caught a good number of big Smallmouth with David catching an 18.25” Trophy. Both went home making terrific father & son memories, which was the biggest catch of all.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass are common at Fireside Lodge
fishing from a canoe & streams. The first few days they had some concerns about the boat & motor, but by the end of their 6 days David felt very comfortable with boat handling. These two also had fantastic fishing catching many Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike throughout their stay. Both Erik & David landed several 37 to 38” Pike each, David catching a Master Anglers Award Trophy Northern Pike measuring 40” along with many in the 30 to 36” class. Erik caught a lot fly-fishing, and David most of his using a spinning rod. However, on their last day after not fly-fishing all week, David decided to fly fish. They were into a bunch of Pike at the time & on around his 20

Huge Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Fly fisher Art Girad from Chesterfield, VA returned with friends & co-members of his fly-fishing club. Larry Barron & Robert Thomas from Richmond, VA, & Dick Chapman from Midlothian, VA. 
All are strictly fly-fishers and were here to test their st 2 days they each caught 8-10 fish   Art also had a 50” plus Muskie follow his fly and hang around the boat for a while. Both Art & Robert said it was the biggest fresh water fish they ever saw. The last day was remarkable fishing as Robert and Dick had a banner day. They caught well over   They stated that if they caught every fish they hooked up on
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
including big Smallies. Robert, Art & Larry each caught an 18” Trophy and Dick caught a big 37” Pike. Robert also caught a BIG fish landing a HUGE 40” Muskie on a red & white Barr Bouface Fly. GREAT catch in any fly-fishers record book. Another day both boats caught over 30 fish each, a combo of Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass and both Larry & Art caught another Trophy at 18.5” and Robert landed three, 1 at 19” and 2 at 18”.
Trophy Muskie Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
they would have landed over 100 Smallmouth Bass. They were very impressed as this will go down as their best day Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth Bass ever. All left having a GREAT trip & hope to return with more members of
their fly-fishing club.
75 Smallmouth Bass between 14 to18” all on surface poppers.
skills on Smallmouth Bass, & Northern Pike. 1

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GIANT Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Hot Lures: Rapala Stick Baits, Blue Fox Spinner, Spinner Bait
Hot Flies: Barr Bouface, Clouser, Surface Poppers
Fly Fishing in Ontario Canada for Smallmouth Bass
Catches of The Week: 46” Muskie, 44” & 40” Muskie Fly Fishing, Northern Pike 40”, 2-38”, numerous 36-38”, and two 37-37.5” caught Fly Fishing. Smallmouth Bass 20.75”, 20.25”, 3 at 19”, 4 at 18.5”, 1-18.25”, 3 at 18”.

Tiger Musky Lakes in Canada Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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