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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/8 to 6/15 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/8 to 6/15 2013

Trophy 22-inch Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada

Except for having one heavy Thunderstorm the weather most of the week was very nice having cool nights and mornings with very pleasant days. Water temperatures are still staying cool for this time of year and weed growth is very slight. Water levels are really good and in fact high to the point we need to be careful of some floating logs when travelling down the lake.

Fishing Fireside Lodge for Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada
Returning for their 7th consecutive year was the family of Don & Audrey Holesinger from Fulton,
Giant Northern Pike Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge

Terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada
IL & son Matt from Roscoe, IL. They were here to target Smallmouth Bass and boy did they ever. First day before supper they caught well over 40, and then caught 20 more after supper. They caught a lot of Smallies 15 to 17.5” and Don caught two trophies both measuring 19, and they even managed to play cards after fishing. Second day was more about quality than quantity, catching 24 Smallmouth Bass with all being 17”plus Audrey catching three 18” trophies, and Matt caught a MONSTER trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 22-inches. Third day they went out and caught over 60 Smallmouth Bass between 14 to 17.5”. The Smallies kept them so busy they did not even get to their nightly card game. Fifth and final day had them almost toping their record day from past years as they caught 111 Smallmouth Bass before supper with most being 15 to 17.5”, and Don caught another 18” trophy. They were so worn out they did not even think of fishing after supper, as they always do, and could not even get up enough energy to paly cards. All had a FABULOUS time, and made another set of wonderful family memories. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge for spending your special family time together.

First Musky Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge
Big Smallmouth Bass in Canada Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Long time guests since 1993 Jack & Dorie Hires from Valparasio, IN were here for their first of two trips with us in 2013. This couple seems to make new friends every time they visit Fireside Lodge as they are very good conversationalists along with being engaging with others. Dorie became famous for her fishing feat last August as she caught two trophy Northern Pike 42 & 42.5-inches on consecutive days with help from her husband & guide Jack. This visit they caught some nice Pike & Smallmouth Bass, and to Jack’s surprise he caught 5 very sizable Lake Trout while fishing in less than 15ft of water.  That along with the Smallmouth Bass still in their pre-spawn stage tells us everything about the water temps. Jack & Dorie left in tears saying goodbye to the special people they met and are looking very forward to their return visit this August.  

Monster Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

After reading my fishing reports for many years Steve Person & Bill Birkby from Columbia, MO were here to test our waters at Fireside Lodge. DOA brought Steve 2 nice Smallmouth Bass. 1 st full day
Lake Trout Fishing for Smallmouth in Canada
they learned the waters while catching a few Pike, and by days end got unto a good number of Smallmouth Bass several Northern Pike plus a surprise large 27” Lake Trout.. Next day was special as Steve caught his first ever Musky and then his second Musky both measuring 35-inches. They continued to catch fish consistently throughout the week really getting onto Smallmouth Bass on the top-water bite several times. Their last day ended that way with them having GREAT top-water Smallmouth Bass action in the morning and after supper with a lull in mid-afternoon. These two not only enjoyed the fishing but, met and enjoyed conversation with other guests, Steve being a birder and having great interest in Butterflies enjoyed identifying different species and actually found three types of butterflies he had never seen before. For those of you interested in seeing one of the Butterflies we have a picture posted on our Facebook page. Both had a very enjoyable time on their annual fishing trip, and we are glad they choose Fireside Lodge.

Fishing Fireside Lodge in Canada for Trophy Class Smallmouth Bass

Long time guests Walt LaCasse & John Hietala from Minnetonka & Northfield, MN Dick Oksnanen & Jim Jones from Mabank & McKinney, TX & Ron Ditillo from Pittsburgh, PA returned
Big Spring Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada

for their traditional fishing trip with us at Fireside Lodge.
Experience does count as there first day fishing Walt, Dick, & Jim caught over 40 Northern Pike with Ron & John catching a lot of Smallmouth long with some Northern Pike. 2nd day they had a lot of action on Northern Pike and Walt came up with a surprise Big 30” Lake Trout. Their 3rd day was more of the same except Dick caught another 30” Lake Trout. 4th & final day Dick and John went searching for Trophy Northern Pike & Muskie while Walt & Jim intent was just to catch fish and did they ever. These two landed over 100 Northern Pike and caught some Smallmouth Bass including Jim catching a GIANT 19.5’ Trophy Smallmouth. All left having a Great time and hope to return in next year.

Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada is Great

Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Guest Since 1999 Dan Mosier & Son Nathan from Lincoln, NE arrived ready to make another set of memories fishing at Fireside Lodge. 1st day these two got right to it catching a bunch of Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass & Nathan landed an 18.5” Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. 2nd and 3rd days they caught well over 20 Smallmouth Bass along with some Northern Pike and a lot of the Smallmouth fell in the 16 to 17.5” range. It was exciting fishing as most were caught on top-water poppers. When this happens you miss as many as you catch but the missed fish are just as exciting as the ones you catch.  4th day was hard for anyone to comprehend as these two caught 195 fish total, 193 Northern Pike and 2 Big Smallmouth Bass with Dan catching a Master Anglers Award Trophy measuring 18”. WOW, what a GREAT day fishing and catching. Both were so exhausted at days end they went right to bed with Dan saying the next day he had Pike elbow from handling so many Northern Pike. Their final day was another terrific day fishing and in just 5.5 hours of fishing these two caught 11 Smallmouth Bass all 17 to 18”, with Dan catching another Trophy over 18”, and 51 Northern Pike. Both left having made another set of father and son memoires at Fireside Lodge and reserved their dates for 2014.
Father & Son Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada

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100-Northern Pike Fishing Day at Fireside Lodge Canada

Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Pop-R, Chug Bug, Baby Torpedo, Spinner Bait, Live Leeches, Gulp Alive, Floating Rapala, X-Rap, Various Plastic Baits
HUGE Spring Lake Trout Fishing for Northern Pike in Canada
Catches of The Week: 22” Smallmouth Bass plus 2-19.5”, 3-19”, 2-18.5”, 4-18”, Lake Trout 2 at 30” several 27-30”,  Steve above catching his 1st Muskie & 1st Tiger Musky ever in the same day both 35”

American Plan Fishing Lodge in Ontario Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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