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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/3 to 6/10 2017

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/3 to 6/10 2017
Trophy 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass by Augi Agostini Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Weather this week was beautiful with temperatures in the 70’s and low or little wind. Most of our guests this week were targeting Smallmouth Bass and the fishing was fantastic catching numbers and many Big Trophy Smallmouth Bass.
Over 100 BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Gerald Adams at Fireside Lodge
Long time, 25 year guests, Gerald & Zack Adams from Shawnee and
Best Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 19.75" by Zack
Moore, OK arrived thrilled to be back fishing for Smallmouth Bass. 1st day fishing they got right to it catching 32 Smallmouth Bass all being big except 2, with Zack catching 3 Master Anglers Trophy Bass 18-18.5-inches and Gerald landing one at 18.5-inches. 2nd day had them catching 26
Double FatherSon Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing
big Smallmouth Bass including Zack catching his biggest Trophy Smallmouth ever measuring at 19.75-inches. 3rd day had them catching 22 nice Smallmouth Bass learning a few new areas. 4th and final day these two were on fire catching 38 BIG Smallmouth Bass, most being over 17-inches and 10 over 18-inches. What a finish to another terrific father & son fishing trip full of another set of wonderful memories. They not only were successful at catching fish but they gave valuable tips and instruction to father and son Al & Allan and Ken, Sandy, Scott, Nancy below to help them be just as successful. For Gerald & Zach it’s not just about the fishing, but always all about the other guests they meet and befriend, which have been numerous over the last 25 years.
Massive Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Al Erwin at Fireside Lodge
1st time guests Al & Allan Erwin from Tomahawk, WI and Cody, WY
54 BIG Smallmouth Bass in 1 day By Allan Erwin
had a great first day catching both Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass while learning Little Vermilion Lake. 2nd day after talking to old Fireside Lodge veterans Gerald and Zack, showing them their Wacky Worm technique, Al & Allan went out an did an excellent job executing, catching a total of 55 Smallmouth Bass, most over 17-inches and they had 5 Trophy Smallmouth Bass over 18-Inches. 
Amazing Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Al
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Al
3rd day had them searching for Northern Pike having no problem finding them as they got follows all day long and caught about 15. Fourth day they caught 21 Northern Pike up to 31-inches, Allan (son) catching the largest and they lost at least 20. Allan was very impressed with how hard they fight, this being his first experience catching Pike. 5th day was a slower day, which tends to humble all us fishers. 6th and final day they finished very strong catching 58 Smallmouth Bass with only 2 being under 16-inches. For their entire stay they caught 20+ Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18-20-inches with Al Sr catching the 20-incher and son Al caught a 19.75-incher. Both went home having the fishing trip of their life and making wonderful father and son memories.
Northern Pike Fishing is Great at Fireside Lodge
Max & Jeb Terrien from Littleton, NC and Penn Laird, VA were back to hunt big toothy critters. 1st day was a good start as Jeb had the hot hand landing a 34 and 38.5-inch Northern Pike and they had a lot of follows.  2nd day they caught Northern Pike all day long, one after another, until they tired of catching them, most in the 25 to 30-icnh class. Next day was another great Northern Pike day catching just as many as the day before but bigger fish, Jeb landing a 34 and 35-inch Pike and Max catching a Giant 43-inch Trophy Northern Pike. Great catch but lost picture as Jeb forgot his phone in their cabin, but they will have a father and son memory to last forever. Already catching so many Northern Pike they decided to fish for Smallmouth Bass catching many bigger fish over 17-inches and had several 18-19-inches. 5th day was one of those tougher days we all have, but 4 great days out of 5 ain’t bad. Last day was another good day Northern Pike fishing and Max had a Huge either Northern Pike or Muskie hooked, saying it was bigger than any he has ever seen, stating several times that is was a Giant, but the fish came off. Both Max & Jeb had a great father & son trip spending very valuable time together doing what they enjoy, Fishing.
First time Fishing for Northern Pike by Allan from Cody WY
Long time guest Ken & Sandra Beta from Fox Lake, IL returned with good friends Scott Dubois and Nancy Beguhn for their 3rd consecutive year. 1st day they warmed up catching some Pike & Smalmouth Bass but the second day they broke loose catching 53 Smallmouth Bass almost all over 17-inches and between the four of them landed 15 Smallmouth Bass over 18-inches including 3 at 19.5-inches and 4 measuring 19-inches. Ken who has been fishing in Canada every year since 1972 said it was his best Smallmouth Bass fishing day ever and for Sandra, Nancy and Scott it was their personal best day ever. 3rd and 4th days were super fishing catching many more Smallmouth Bass and had Nancy catching 4 more Trophy bass including her best ever measuring 19.5”, Scott also had 4 more Trophy Smallmouth between 18 to 19-inches. Ken & Sandy tore it up with Ken catching for more Smallmouth at 19.5-inches, 1 at 19 and two more measuring 18.5-inches while Sandy had 1 at 18.5-inches, four between 19 to 19.5-inches and the biggest Smallmouth of the trip a monster measuring 20-inches. On top of that while fishing for Bass she hooked & landed a very large 40-inch Muskie. 5th and final day they decided to chase toothy critters, had success but Sandra still came out the leader in both the Smallmouth Bass and Toothy Critter category with her 40-inch Muskie. Also this group ended up catching 36 Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18 and 20-inches. All left having a fabulous stay and hope to return next year.

Nice BIG Northern Pike Fishing by Wayne Agostini

Father & son Augi & Wayne Agostini from from Northvale, NJ & Mooresville, NC returned for their 5th trip with Greg Rubino from Hasbrouck Hgts, NJ for his 2nd trip. 1st day these three caught 27 Northern Pike with many 28 to 32-inches and Wayne had the biggest of the day landing a nice fat 36-inch Pike. 2nd day had them catching 22 Northern Pike and having twice as many follows, and Augi caught a nice Smallmouth Bass and a 32-inch Muskie. 3rd day was a super Northern Pike day as they portaged to Terry lake catching over 140 and they also caught 6 nice walleye up to 24-inches, with Augi catching everyone. 
Northern Pike Fishing is Great by Augi

4th and final day they switched to Smallmouth Bass catching 16 Smallmouth Bass all over 16-inches Wayne landing 2 Trophy fish at 18-inches but Augui came up with the largest Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring a HUGE 19.5-inches. They also caught some Pike with Greg catching the largest of the day at 31-inches. All left having a fantastic stay with us at Fireside Lodge and Augui only had one complaint. He told me the only problem he has with Fireside Lodge is that it is so darn addicting. Upon departing they all said they look very forward to their return.
Super BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Allan
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Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Blue Fox Spinner, Spoons

Catches of The Week: 43.5-inch Northern Pike, 40-inch Muskie, 56 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass 18 to 20-inches
Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing of my Life at Fireside Lodge by Al Erwin
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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