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Fireside Lodge Opening Fishing Report 5/20 to 6/3 2017

Fireside Lodge Opening Fishing Report 5/20 to 6/3 2017
Huge 47.25-Inch Trophy Muskie by Greg Foley
Our Opening started out with a North East Cold front with rain that lasted 2.5 days finally clearing to beautiful spring type weather. Despite the weather challenge our guests did very well fishing catching some really BIG fish.
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Frank Hazzard
Frank Hazzard from Irving, TX made his 27th consecutive yearly visit
Big Lake Trout by Greg Fishing with Frank
to Fireside Lodge. 1st day while fishing with a friend they caught 79 Smallmouth Bass 1-19-inches 1-18, 17 at 17-inches and 23-16-inches or larger. Day 2 brought 75 Smallmouth Bass with 4 at 18-inches 14 at 17-inches or better and 17 over 16-inches, 5 Trout and a half dozen Pike. The 3rd day had Frank fishing with two other guests Don & Greg Foley from MD. 
One of Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Frank
Monster Lake Trout Fishing at Fireside Lodge
They had a fabulous day catching 45 Smallmouth Bass with 7 at 17-inches, 10 over 16-inches with Don landing a trophy at 18 inches and Greg caught a Trophy Northern Pike at 41.5 inches plus they caught several BIG Lake Trout. 4th day was a 20 Smallmouth day and 5 was another fishing with Don & Greg Foley catching 6 Smallmouth Bass 11 Northern Pike and both Don & Greg caught
Musky with Greg landing a Monster Trophy Muskie measuring 47.25-inches on light tackle while fishing for Smallmouth. Day 6 was 63
Super Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Frank
Smallmouth Bass with 3 trophies 19, 18, and 18-inches 12 over 17-inches and a dozen over 16-inches. 7th day was 56 Smallmouth Bass with 3-18-inch trophies, 12 at 17-inches or better and 11-16-inch plus. Last day was met with a cold front but Frank alone still managed 26 nice Smallmouth bass with 5 over 17-inches and 12 at 16-inches or over. Frank left having had another wonderful Canadian Fishing Adventure packed full of memories and struggling at the fact that it will be another 350 days until he will be back.
Many Big Northern Pike by Don Foley

41.5-inch Trophy Northern Pike Fishing by Greg Foley

Father son Don & Greg Foley from Pasadena & Crownsville, MD back
Nice Lake Trout Fishing by Don
for their 7th consecutive year, started out with a bang on day one catching 32 Northern Pike up to 37-inches and a couple of Lake Trout, biggest being 32-inches. 2nd day they fished with another guest Frank Hazzard, having a fabulous fishing day noted above that Greg caught a Trophy 41.5 inch Northern Pike and Don an 18.5” Trophy Smallmouth. 3rd day was a great Northern Pike day catching 26 in the 28-33-inch range and two nice Lake Trout, 32 and 33-inches. 
Common Lake Trout Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Greg

4th day found these two fishing with Frank Hazzard again (above) catching a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, several Lake Trout and each Greg & Don caught a Muskie with Greg landing a monster Trophy Muskie measuring 47.5-inches. 
Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Greg
5th and final day was all about Smallmouth Bass, in an attempt for Greg to capture the tri-fecta trophy fishing feat of landing a Master Angers Award Trophy for Muskie, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth during the same trip. They caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass but saw many more just swimming around as the trophy eluded Greg on this day. Both left having another terrific father and son trip.
Huge Lake Trout Fishing by Tim Stewart
Nice Muskie catch by Tim
Returning for their 15th consecutive year and 25th trip to Fireside
Muskie caught by Bryan Neel 
Lodge from Rochester, MN were Bryan Neel III and Tim Stewart. These two are all about catching Northern Pike and DOA they got right to it catching many Pike and two Big Lakers. They mix it up using trolling and casting techniques and many different presentations, which attributes to their success. 
Terrific Big Lake Trout Fishing by Bryan Neel
They caught many fish, well over one hundred, mostly good size Northern Pike with many Lake Trout getting in the way. Because the water temperatures are so cold at this time of year the Lake Trout roam the same waters as all the other fish species so catching them is inevitable. 
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Bryan Neel

Bryan & Tim, though spending very little time fishing for Smallmouth Bass caught several dozen with Bryan catching two Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallies at 18.5-icnhes and a Monster at 20-inches. Both left having another fabulous fishing trip, hoping to return a second time in August.
One of Tonys Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Long time returning Guest since 1993, Tony Majcher from Hawthorne Woods, IL was here once again to enjoy our fabulous Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge. DOA Tony caught 7 nice Smallmouth Bass, 6 Northern Pike & a Lake Trout. 1st day it was big or go home as Tony landed 3 Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18 to 18.5-inches. 
Early Spring Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Tony
2nd day was an off day but the 3rd day Tony did very well including another 18-inch Trophy Smallmouth and landed a 34-inch Muskie solo. 4th day Tony caught 10 Northern Pike up to 37-inches losing huge pike that bit him off plus caught a half dozen smallmouth. 5th and final day was met with a cold front and high winds but Tony managed to catch some Smallmouth and Pike. Tony left having a great time wishing he had more time.
Big Beautiful Smallmouth Bass by Sandor
Back for his second trip was Sandor Epstein from Manalapan, NJ with very good friend Bob Hilland from Stafford, VA for his first trip. With
First Experience Fishing in Canada by Bob Hilland
only 3-days of fishing      ahead of them they left the dock at 5:00AM their 1st morning despite cold front conditions. The weather turned around on their second day and they did well catching Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike with Bob catching the largest Pike in the
Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Sandor
upper 30-inch range, and Sandor said he caught a Smallmouth well over 4lbs maybe 5lbs. They also saw a lot of Smallmouth Bass getting ready to spawn. Sandor had a few HUGE Muskie follows with one attacking his lure right at the boat but breaking off on its initial run. Bob said he never saw such a big fish hit a lure so close to the boat and both had another look at this big Muskie as seconds after taking Sandor’s lure it came flying out of the water and shook it’s head violently trying to throw the lure. Sandor also caught a few big Pike on the figure 8, of which Bob was very impressed. These two knew each other since Bob was 15, now 49, and it was fabulous for them to spend time together enjoying a sport they enjoy. Before leaving there was talk about a return trip with their son’s to make another sent of memories.

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Super Early Spring Fishing for Northern Pike by Greg Foley
Hot Lures: Spinner Bait, Tube, Twister Tail, X-Rap, Rad Dog, Doctor Spoon with Pork Rind Trailer, Blue Fox Spinner

Catches of The Week: Muskie 47.25-inches, Northern Pike 41.5-inches, Smallmouth Bass 20-inches, Lake Trout 39-inches
Muskie Catch Muskie Smile Fishing by Don Foley
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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