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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/14 to 7/21 2012

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/14 to 7/21 2012
Ladies BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Talk about stable weather patterns, except for one night of very heavy rain which started at 10:45PM until about 5:00AM which made bailing our boats a challenge, the weather for the last three weeks has been picture perfect with sun and mostly calm, with a few windy afternoons mixed in. Some were a little on the warm side but 15-20 degrees cooler than anywhere were our guests were traveling from.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Surface Fishing in Canada

Fantastic Fishing Lodge for BIG Northern Pike in Canada
Ron & Lisa Vincent from Sherrills Ford, NC were back for their 14th    consecutive year. DOA they caught 22 fish, 12 Smallmouth & 10 Pike. First day Ron caught an 18”& 18.25” Smallmouth, catching a total of 15 Smallies & 50 Northern Pike getting off to a great start. 2nd day was their slowest catching 18 Smallmouth & Pike, which is pretty good for a slow day. Next day they managed to catch 35 Northern Pike, with some being in the mid-30” area, and 18 Smallmouth Bass, Ron coning up with another Master Anglers Award Smallie at 18.25”. 4th day while Musky Hunting Lisa caught one, having a number of follows and caught 15 Smallmouth Bass between 15-17.75” and Ron landed his 4th Trophy Smallmouth this one measuring 18.75”. 5th day had them seeing 4 BIG Musky & catching 21 Pike & 11 Smallies up to 17”.
5th day was another good day catching 27 Northern Pike with two at 34” and many over 30”, & several Smallmouth bass with Lisa landing a Trophy at 18.75”. Last day had them finishing strong catching 17 Smallies 17” plus with one trophy at almost 19” and three big Pike at 33,34, and 35-inches. Lisa & Ron really enjoyed their stay with us as we did with them having lots of laughs and great conversation throughout their weeks stay.

Nothing Like BIG Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
George Carney & father-in-law Tom Miller from Madison, WI returned for their 9th consecutive year. DOA they got right back into their grove catching many Northern Pike, 21 to be exact. 1st day was more Northern Pike with a lot of Smallmouth Bass. George said most of the Smallmouth were big, catching them on a white spinner bait in the weeds when fishing for Pike. 2nd day heavy rain & T-storms lasted all night long up to 10 AM. The day however ended up being very good fishing for Northern Pike catching between 26 up to 30”, with Tom having the hot hand after Supper. Third day was spent chasing Musky day and that’s just what they did, getting some follows but no takers. 4th day was just the opposite having endless action catching 75-80 fish, most being Northern Pike mixing in about 10 nice size Smallmouth Bass. 5th day was a slower day, which we all have from time to time, but on their 6th day they finished strong catching many big Northern Pike. Before departing they took their traditional picture with our staff in the dinning room, and left making another set of family memories.
My First Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing At Fireside Lodge Canada

20" Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Resort Canada
Mike & Janet Estes from Livonia, MI returned for their second trip with us bringing their daughter, Emily for her first experience. DOA they did well before supper catching Pike up to 28”(Mike) & Emily landed her 1st Big Smallmouth Bass at 17.5”. GREAT START! 1st day they did great catching well over 20 Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass with both Mike & Emily catching Mater Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Emily’s was 18” & Mike caught a MONSTER 20” Smallie. 2nd day started out with heavy rain & T-Storms so there was a rain delay. This day ended up being very active for Northern Pike catching many, & Janet seemed to have the magic touch today. Next day was good catching 15+ fish & enjoying the day. The Big catch on their 4th day was the opportunity to not only see a baby Moose but be able to view it for 15-20 minutes. They got some pictures that almost made it look like the calf moose was posing. Definitely one memory this family will carry with them forever. 5th day was a terrific day fishing and catching as they landed 41 Northern Pike. WOW!! What great action. 6th and final was another good day on the water catching mostly Pike with some Smallmouth, and Janet again seemed to have the magic touch catching some of the bigger Pike. Mike also got some fabulous pictures of an Eagle that just hung around their boat.  All had a wonderful time making family memories together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge for your family vacation.
Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Nice Tiger Musky by Fran Stack Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Fran & Colleen Stack from Lorain, OH returned for their 9th consecutive year. DOA and 1st day these two visited some of their old haunts which treated them well catching many nice Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike up to 29”. 2nd day had these two doing very well catching many Northern Pike & Some Smallmouth Bass, Fran caught a 32” Tiger Muskie and Colleen caught several Big Smallies at 17” and an 18” Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. 3rd day they caught some Smallmouth Bass using Gulp Alive leeches with Fran getting a technique down pretty well, so he caught Bass consistently even though they were not aggressively feeding. 4th day was a very good Northern Pike day catching 40+ with Colleen having a very good day. 5th and final day unfortunately was a tough day catching fish as everyone loves to finish a fishing trip on a high note. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Both enjoyed their Canadian Wilderness Fishing trip making memories together. Fran & Colleen are very fortunate to live right in a beautiful setting on a lake however they really enjoy what the Canadian Wilderness offers. Thanks for choosing us for your special fishing trip all these years.
Caught 4 Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

100's of BIG Smallmouth Bass caught at Fireside Lodge Canada
David Jewell, Wendell Hill, & Bob Nutter from Pineville, Foster, & Clarksburg, WV returned for their 4th time. DOA they visited some of their old spots as a few fish said hello to them. 1st day they were Musky hunting and had some follows with Wendell making contact and landing a nice 32”er. All had fun seeing the follows in anticipation of catching “the big one” and all were plenty tired at the end of the day. Bob said he felt like he just pitched 5 complete games. 2nd day started early before breakfast catching a few Smallies on the surface. That was just the beginning of an action packed day catching lots of Northern Pike. Just David & Bob alone caught over 80 along with a few Smallmouth saying that most of the fish were heavier, 28 to 32 inches. Wendell also caught about 30 & many of these fish were caught on buzz baits. 3rd day started with some Smallmouth before breakfast, David catching a trophy 19”er. That’s the way to start a day!!! The rest of the day was not as active as the day before but almost all the fish they caught were bigger & David came up with another trophy 18” Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. 4th day all they could do when I asked them how their fishing was is to smile and say it was so good it was impossible to count. Saying they caught countless Northern Pike with some Smallmouth mixed in. 5th & final day was a fabulous Smallmouth Bass day with the group catching 74, having a lot in the 15-17 Range, & David caught his 4th Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. They also caught 14 Northern Pike. All left having had a “FABULOUS” time and hope the can return in 2013.

First Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 11-years old Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Earl Morris from Roswell, NM returned for his 3rd trip to Fireside Lodge bringing with him for the first time his son-in-law Michael New and son /grandson Derek (DJ). Very excited to be here they hit the water before supper and DJ was all smiles at the supper table as he caught his biggest fish ever & first ever Smallmouth Bass, a 16.5”er. 1st full day they caught many Smallmouth bass with DJ breaking his record from the day before by a half inch landing a beauty of a Smallmouth measuring 17”. Earl also caught a 17.75” Smallie just missing a Master Anglers Award which qualifies at 18”. Next day Mike & DJ portaged to another lake and had fun walking through the bush and a blast catching 27 fish, all Pike and 1 BIG Walleye. 3rd and final day was a very fun day going through a long creek to fish another lake, and DJ really thought that was cool. They had fun catching Pike all day and enjoyed their final moments in the wilderness. Earl while checking out said that he thought they started a tradition, which will last for years to come.
Great Fishing in Canada for my First Time at Fireside Lodge

Caught Smallmouth Bass 20" Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Ewell, Adam, & Nicole Scott and Fred Howes all from Morehead, KY returned to Fireside Lodge for another visit. First day they had a bang up day as Scott & Nicole caught 10 big Smallmouth Bass and 43 Northern Pike, with Adam catching an 18.25-inch Master Anglers Award Trophy. Fred and Ewell also did great catching 9 Smallmouth Bass & 19 Northern Pike. Next day Adam purchased an old time lure, a simple Dardevle spoon, & him and Nicole were off to a portage lake for Muskie. Well, they had a blast having 10-12 follows and Adam hooked up with a HUGE over 40” Muskie that ended up breaking him off right at the boat. Guess what lure he was using. That Dardevle spoon he bought. They also caught some Smallmouth Bass and Adam lost a huge one as it also dove under the boat. Fred & Ewell did well catching 18 Smallmouth Bass all on the bigger side from 15 to 17.5”. 3rd & final day Fred & Ewell caught 18 Smallmouth Bass and a few Pike & their bass were mostly large fish. Adam & Nicole went out with a BANG catching 41 Northern Pike & Smallmouth, Nicole catching 20 with a very big 17.5” Smallie. Adam had the BIG prize catch of the trip landing a monster 20” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. All left having a wonderful time and were talking about returning next year.

GIANT Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Art & Judy Altick from Springfield, OH, joined us at Fireside Lodge for their first time. 1st day was spent feeling out the lake system catching a few. Second day they did really well catching Smallmouth Bass with the Original Floating Rapala. Doesn’t get anymore traditional than that. Both had a fun day and before supper had some music time. Art decided to buy a few larger, #18 Floating Rapala lures and try them trolling for Northern Pike in slightly deeper water. Well, Art was right on with his choice and presentation as they caught plenty of bigger Pike with this method. They also took some time to fish for Smallmouth Bass catching a few larger fish with Judy catching a Trophy size Smallmouth bass over 18-inches. They also made some friends during their 4-day stay. This seems to just happen naturally at Fireside Lodge as people meet and talk in the lodge and dinning room during mealtime. Both left having a wonderful time and discussed the possibility of a family trip next year.
Fabulous Fishing for Big Muskie at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Master Anglers 18" Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge
Family of Mike, Sue, & Andy Pritzl from Caledonia & Racine, WI returned for Mike & Andy’s 7th time and Sue’s 1st. DOA before supper Mike & Andy caught 11 fish including 4 species, a Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Mike caught a Musky. Great start catching a Musky so soon!! 1st full day they fished for Musky most of the day having follows and Andy had a nice fish on, but in the end the fish won the battle and got off. 2nd day was a terrific day of fishing catching 45 Northern Pike and 5 Smallmouth Bass with Mike landing a trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring just over 18-inches. Third & final day found them searching for Muskie and catching some Smallmouth and Northern Pike along the way. They did contact that Musky during their search and Mike ended up finishing the trip as he started it by landing a 34” very heavy bodied Musky, his personal best. Sue not being a fisher really enjoyed her stay being with her family in our wonderful wilderness setting. She spent time reading with a fabulous view of the lake, enjoyed mealtime with Mike & Andy, and shared in the memories of what has become a traditional fishing trip between Mike & Andy. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge, and upon departing Mike said to me “we’ll see you next year”.
41 Northern Pike in a day with my Dad & Brother Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Great Experience Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada with my Dad & Brother
David Minson and his son’s Jonathan & Stephen from Burlington, Ontario returned for their second time. DOA they caught Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike before supper. First day on the water was slower as they searched and fished some new and unknown areas. 2nd day they decided to take and adventure portaging to a lake they never tried before. Well, at suppertime the excitement was so obvious that I knew they had an exciting day even before I asked. First before they even started fishing, only walking about 20 yards down the portage trail, they came across a big pile of fresh Bear scat right in the middle of the trail. We did have a discussion about Bears and how not to worry as they usually hear you & run off, however talk in the dinning room is just that, talk. They all got over it and proceeded on & all three were accounted for at suppertime. They had a fantastic day fishing, catching 41 Northern Pike, and having seemingly continuous action, & also had several doubles & one triple. That evening after supper they also did good catching some Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass getting a lot of surface hits. Banner day of fishing for this family as their smiles told the whole story. 3rd and final day had them searching another new lake floating through a small creek to do so. They caught some Smallmouth Bass and saw many HUGE Smallies that just would not bite. They also had some Musky follows and two in particular, one a large Tiger Musky and another a GIANT Musky, which kept following there lures and just hung around the boat. Very exciting to see these fish up close. That last evening they finished in great style catching more Pike and Smallmouth Bass & having some great action. All left having made father & sons memories, which will last all their lives, and thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make some of your special family memories.
Terrific Fishing Adventure at Fireside Lodge in Canada with my Sons

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Large Northern Pike are Fun to catch Fishing in Canada




Hot Lures: White Spinner Bait, Blue Fox Spinner, Deep Diving Crank Bait, White Hair Jig with Plastic Tail, Mepps Spinner, Original Floating Rapala, Night-crawlers, Torpeo, Pop-R

Catches of The Week: 3-20”, 2-19.5”. 1-19”, and 11-18.5 to 18”Smallmouth, 34” Muskie, 74 Smallmouth Bass Mostly big between 3 people, and 75-80 Northern Pike between 2 people in just 1 days effort.
Family Fishing Vacation at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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