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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/21 to 8/4 2012

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/21 to 8/4 2012
BIG 40" Musky Fishing by Myself at Fireside Lodge Canada
The weather could not be anymore stable, as we have had most days in the low to mid 80’s & mostly sunny. We did have threats of T-storms with a few near misses, which came close enough to chase the fishers off the lake.
Women Fishing for Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Bill & Rosanna Goodwin, from Wilmington, DE returned to Fireside Lodge for their 9th time. DOA & the first day Bill & Rosanna found some nice Smallmouth Bass, 17 of them, in some of there favorite spots. You could tell they both enjoyed being back in the wilderness fishing for Smallmouth Bass. After having a slower afternoon fishing Bill dropped Rosanna off for some personal time, and Bill went right back out fishing. One of Bill’s favorite lures for Smallmouth Bass is a #5 Shad Rap fishing with a lightweight rod and 6lb test line. First cast after dropping Rosanna off, a BIG 40” Tiger Musky, not knowing this was Bill’s Smallmouth Bass lure, hit it hard & the fight was on. After 25 minutes of Bill struggling to bring this feisty fish to the boat with no leader, he was able to land it. Thinking he would never have a chance to land this big Tiger Musky he got some great pictures of it in the water while fighting it near the boat. Bill said his heart was pumping full of excitement. Great catch and Terrific story. 
Many BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Third day was a great day catching 18 nice Smallmouth Bass & the fourth day was almost a carbon copy but all were bigger fish with Rosanna landing the biggest of the day at 17.5”. 5th day was a 13 fish day with a mix of 8 Smallmouth Bass and 5 Northern Pike. Rosanna had the biggest Pike at 29” & both said they had a “GREAT” Day on the water fishing. 6th day was a wonderful day as they enjoyed their last day in the Canadian Wilderness catching a few fish & just soaking up the natural beauty surrounding them. Both had a great stay and made a few new Fireside friends.
Lot of Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Father and son Alan & Jon Wohlman from Northbrook & Glenview, IL returned for their 10th time. First day had these two catching 21 fish before supper, mostly Smallmouth Bass & a few Pike. Second day was almost a carbon copy of he first except they caught bigger Smallmouth. Third day was even better than the first two catching well over 30 Smallmouth Bass with some Pike mixed in & the bass were all 14 to 18-inches. They found themselves having to go slightly deeper to get the bigger Smallies. Fourth day had them catching fewer Smallmouth Bass but a few more Pike & Jon caught a nice Tiger Muskie. Their last two days were terrific fishing, as they caught many bigger Smallmouth Bass. Even though we had pouring rain on their last day the fishing seemed to turn on right after the heavy rain. One day while eating supper in the dinning room Audrey asked how Alan & Jon’s day was and I thought Alan gave the best reply saying “Audrey it was a fabulous day because I was able to fish all day today with my son”. Great answer Alan as it puts everything in perspective. Both had a wonderful stay, & we discussed possible dates for 2013 before their departure.
Many Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada
Ed Burns & Todd Smith from College Station & Mckinney, TX returned for their annual fishing trip at Fireside Lodge since 1998. First day they caught about 50 Northern Pike and 10 BIG Smallmouth with Ed coming up with the catch of the day, a HUGE 19.5” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. That evening Todd caught more fish & losing a huge Northern Pike while Ed enjoyed the company of the lodge. 2nd day had them catching many Smallmouth Bass but Todd said it involved a lot of moving around catching only a few fish in each spot. That’s the advantage of having experience on the lake system & being able to fish a lot of spots. 3rd day was very similar catching a lot of fish but having no numbers in any one spot until late in the day where they nailed 15 fish within 30-40 minutes. In all they had good numbers day with some nice size fish but no monsters. 4th and final day was very similar to the 2nd & 3rd as the fish just kept adding up all day, catching just a few in each location, but by the end of the day they caught a lot of fish, both Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass. Both had another good trip & hope to return in 2013.
1st Tiger Musky Fishing for Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Tyler Tennant from League City, TX with Father–In-Law Peter Higman from Libertyville, IL returned for their annual trip with us at Fireside Lodge for their 8th time. First day they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass & some nice Northern Pike, with each landing the fish they always come for, Musky. Pete caught the largest at 32”. 2nd day was a terrific Muskie day having plenty of Follows and landing 4 up to 34”. WOW, that’s 6 Musky in two days!! During their next 4 days they had one challenging day, but the other three were very good catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike plus another two Musky. WOW!!! 8 Muskie landed in 6 days of fishing. Side Story: While Tyler was catching a big 16.5” Smallmouth a huge Musky came out of nowhere and grabbed the bass. This only lasted for less than a minute but was very exciting for Tyler & Peter to see. There last day they ended on a high note catching numerous BIG Smallmouth Bass while fishing for & catching toothy critters in the weeds. They had another great stay & hope to return next year.
Great 1st Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip at Fireside Lodge Canada
Father & son Samuel & Michael Clay from Catersville & Euhorlea, GA were at Fireside Lodge & fishing Canada for their first time. DOA for a few hours before supper they caught 6 Smallmouth & a Pike, with Mike catching a very large 17.5” Smallie. Great start! They started their first day with catching some Smallmouth Bass before breakfast and Mike lost a big fish. Thinking he was snagged, the snag started to move, and after both had a good look at the fish it ran and shook loose. They ended up with a GREAT first day by catching well over 40 Smallmouth. 2nd day it was 7 nice Smallies before breakfast, and by noon they had landed close to 20. 3rd day was about 20 Smallmouth but the real show was watching Mike land a 36” Northern Pike on an ultra light pole, 6lb test & no leader. Now that’s skill?? Last 4 days they kept up catching many Smallmouth Bass and Mike lost 4 Huge Smallmouth right at the boat. Both had a “GREAT” father & son fishing trip & left wanting to return in the near future.
Terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Ontario Canada
Good friends Frank Poehlman & Michael Coble from Schwenksville & Phoenixville, PA returned for their second year in a row. 1st day was a very good Smallmouth Bass day as they caught many along with a few Northern Pike. Smallmouth Bass fishing was good for their second day in a row finding a very productive new area. 3rd day had them portaging for Muskie & Smallmouth Bass. Well, the Musky showed but would not commit to any of the presentations Frank & Mike used. Smallmouth Bass were a different story as Mike had the hot hand catching a mix of sizes along with a beauty 17.5”, over 3lb’er. Both had a wonderful day fishing the wilderness lake, & their best story was while boating back to the lodge they came across a wolf swimming. No pictures were taken as they just sat back and enjoyed the moment. 4th day had Frank hot with Bass on the surface, and later that day Mike picked up his pace catching & landing some nice Smalllmouth 17-17.5”. 5th & 6th days were very similar catching some nice Smallmouth bass 15-17” along with a few Pike. Also, Mike ended up landing a nice Tiger Muskie. Both had a great stay & hope to return in 2014.
Ladies Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time guests Bill & Jill Westbrook from New Philadelphia, OH returned for their 10th consecutive trip to Fireside Lodge. 1st day they caught 15+ Smallmouth Bass 12-15”. 2nd day was fabulous catching over 35 Smallmouth Bass a lot 15-17.5”. Third day was even better catching many Smallmouth again up to 17”. They caught 3 Master Anglers Award trophy Smallmouth with Jill landing an 18”er & Bill had an 18” & GIANT 19.5” Smallie. Both were all smiles in the dinning room at suppertime. Fourth day was tough weather wise, as soon after getting on the water they were dumped on by heavy rain & it drove them off the water. Bill did return later to catch some nice Pike. Fifth & final day had them only fishing from 9am – 2 pm doing very well catching 22 Smallmouth 15-17”. Both had a wonderful stay and hope to return with more family members in 2013.

Barred Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
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Hot Lures: Shad Rap, Twister Tail, Mepps, Blue Fox Spinner, Plastic Crayfish, Minnows, Nightcrawlers, X-Rap, Torpedo,

Catches of The Week: 40” Tiger Musky, 34” Muskie, 19.5” Smallmouth Bass
Couples Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
 Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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