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 Fireside Fishing Flash 2


Stephen Thomas with son Gage returned for their 2nd time and brought for the 1st time Dave . DOA and in just 6 hours of fishing these three caught well over 100 Smallmouth Bass having 5 triples and over 10 doubles, and all the Smallmouth were 17 to 20 inches. Amazing fishing like Thomas and Gage had in 2019 but for Dave it was his best ever fishing for Smallmouth Bass. First full day they caught 71 before supper and were off the water for over two hours in the afternoon because of T-Storms. This Magnificent Smallmouth fishing just continued having a day they did not think possible catching 200 Smallmouth Bass before having supper in the Dinning Room. They knew the count was accurate as Dave was using a clicker counter. They all enjoyed a great meal of minestrone Soup, barbecue ribs, mashed potatoes, carrots with chocolate cake and ice cream, had good conversations in the lodge and retired to their cabin for the evening after a very satisfying day. This three generations trio continued to have fabulous Smallmouth fishing catching a total of 827 in the 6 days of fishing, not even counting the countless Northern Pike catches and bite offs and several Muskie they caught while focused on Smallmouth fishing. Upon departing Stephen secured his reservation for the same dates in 2023.



Jerry Amer, Bill Calhoon from Columbus, OH returning for their 19th year along with good friends Glenn Babka and Rob  from
As in the past they had another unreal fishing trip actually wearing themselves out catching fish they were a little slow in getting on the water their last day which is not normal. They caught countless Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and some great Muskie catches. As for Smallmouth they caught      trophy fish between 18-20-inches and Northern Pike up in the upper 30-inch range. As for Muskie Bill caught a very large 42.5-inch Tiger Muskie and in one day Jerry and Glenn caught 9 Muskie Glenn catching his largest ever measuring 43.5 inches while Bill and Rob caught 3 Muskie and Rob caught his largest ever at 42 inches. What a great Muskie Fishing day. The rest of their trip just got better and better catching countless Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and Jerry sent me a summary (below) of only their Trophy Smallmouth Bass each person caught, only the largest Northern Pike of each, and the total number of Muskie each landed and the approximate total of fish caught in 5 days. Before departure Jerry & Bill, as always, left their tackle for next years trip.


Fish Size Quote From Jerry Amer
What a great trip!  So nice seeing you and Audrey again.  We all had a blast!!
Here is a list of our fish totals. The smallmouth numbers are all over 18”.  The pike are just our biggest ones.
16 smallmouth
42” musky!!
38” northern!
8 Smallmouth
5 musky, 1 was 43”!!
22 smallmouth
42” northern!!
3 musky, 1 was 38”!
38 smallmouth!!!
5 musky, 1 was 34”
Approximately 540 total fish!!
We have attached a few of our best photos. 

Jim Pim, brother Richard with son Doug and grandson Tyler, and good friends Steve and Nick from Shell Knob and Carthage, Mo and Frisco, TX. This is a group of good fishermen and as always caught large numbers of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike during their 4 days, with all catching 20 to 40 fish per day each along with many Trophy award Smallmouth Bass between 18-20 inches. They also caught some Muskie and Steve had a special experience doing so. As Steve was attempting to catch a Smallmouth he had sighted a Northern Pike came in a chase it off and in a blink of an eye a Muskie chased off the Pike before it hit Steve bait however he did end up hooking and catching the Muskie. 3rd day all did great with numbers and size on Smallmouth with Richard and Nick knocking it out of the park, Richard catching over 90 and Nick with at least 50 and all 90% were 17 to 19-inches. Last day they took their traditional group picture on the dock and all went home having another fabulous experience at their special fishing destination in Canada.

The Apt Brothers Doug and Chris from Crete, IL returned for their 3rd time. First day they did great catching Many large Smallmouth Bass each landing several trophy fish between 18-19.5 inches. Second day they had a good day fishing for Muskie making contact with fish and landing a few nice Muskie. 3rd day they also caught some great Smallmouth on day two but also contacted a good number of Muskie. They ended their four days of fishing with a terrific Smallmouth Bass day catching many BIG fish and lots of Pike. In a follow up email quoted from Chris when sending us a few pictures he said, “Thank you for a wonderful time last week Doug and I had a great time. I have attached the pictures that Alan wanted of the fish.”

Best of Friends Dan Skolza, Sugar Grove, IL and Don Landbo, S Elgin, IL returned for their 19th year and it was a phenomenal one not only in their record breaking fishing / catching but in them being able to socialize with long time Fireside Lodge friends they developed over the last 19 years after a two year pause. Don emailed me his and Dans total catches which you can view below  along with some great pictures.



Quoted from Dons Email:
Thanks so much for a great trip. I won't get too detailed on where we were and such each day.  Overall totals were:
3 muskie to 32"
61 smallmouth-6 master up to 19.5"
321 pike

4 muskie to 32"
71 smallmouth-5 master to 19"
420 pike

Grand total of 880. Mind blowing. 

Pleasure talking with you both in the evening.
Don L

Jack and Steven Starnes, father and son, returned for their 19th year picking up where they left off first day catching 50 Smallmouth. 40 Northern plus 2 nice Muskie. and day was all out for Muskie catching having a great day catching four. 3rd day they caught all the Smallmouth they could catch and all on top water fishing. 4th day was all about Muskie a they found them catching 7 total for the day. Their last few days they caught countless Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and most of the Bass were caught the way they enjoy the most, on surface lures. Both left saying, “See you the same dates in 2023”. 

Father & Son Paul and Tony Capecchi From Inver Grove Hgts and Woodbury, MN consecutive year guests since Tony was 17 years old now 39 returned for the 5th year with Tony's wife Jody and 7 year old Joe. Paul wrote me a very nice email, along with photos, describing their total family experience at Fireside so what better way to hear about this for our Fishing Report readers that straight from Paul so here is his exact letter to us:



Hello Audrey and Alan. 

Thanks again for making our Fireside vacation so wonderful.

Below is my usual summary of our time at Fireside.

Tony, Jodie, Joe (age 7) and Paul Capecchi always love their time at Fireside Lodge,  and with the Canadian border being closed for 2 years, they were especially happy to be back again this year.  Paul was more anxious than usual due to the flooding around International Falls and with the new Covid computer application required at the border.  But we made it through with no problems.  As we approached Fireside we had a fun nature experience as a black bear greeted us in middle of the road.  We stopped the car and the bear reared up on his back two legs and put his nose, mouth and front feet on each of the windows as it slowly walked around the car.  That was a really unique experience.    Upon arrival at the Lodge,  it was great to see Audrey and Alan in person.  We quickly moved into cabin 1 down by the lake and enjoyed it all week.  After a typically delicious dinner we went out fishing on the main lake catching a good number of bass, including a 18 inch master angler Smallmouth by Joe.   

Our 1st full day we all headed out to Muskie Lake and had fun with everyone catching many, many Northern Pike. 

On day 2,  Tony and Paul went to Closs Lake and had a great time on one of their favourite familiar lakes.  Tony caught 2 nice Muskie and 2 nice Pike.  Paul also caught 2 Muskie and a 19.5 inch Smallmouth Bass.  We had a great time on Closs while Jodie and Joe enjoyed their time in the cabin and lodge. 

The rest of the week we all went fishing each day on Muskie Lake with our typically great results.  The strong winds seemed to really trigger the Pike bite to be especially tenacious.  But this year,  we made a concerted effort to not just focus on the amazing fishing,  but to also appreciate every aspect of our Fireside vacation.  Just enjoying nature's beauty,  the companionship of friends and family,  and of course the delicious meals, all took on added value after being away from Fireside during the Covid Pandemic.     

Our last day included watching an Eagle swoop down and pick up a Pike just 15 feet from our boat.  We ended the fishing day with a triple as Jodie, Tony and Paul all caught Pike at the same time.  To be honest though, with the great fishing at Fireside Lodge, that is really not hard to do. 

We said our good-byes and made plans to return again next year.

Paul Capecchi

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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/31 to 9/7 2019

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/31 to 9/7 2019 

Monster Trophy Muskie Fishing by Bob Fisher at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

This week the weather settled into a fall like pattern with daytime highs from 58 to 64 degrees and nights falling as low as 39-degrees. This was a warning that winter weather is only 6-8 weeks away. As for the fishing it was fabulous for Muskie and Northern Pike for not only numbers, but also the big fish were showing up regularly. 

Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jeff Fink at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada

Great Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Ron in Ontario Canada

20-Year guest Ron Vincent from Sherrills Ford, NC was making his second
BIG Northern Pike Fishing by Jeff
appearance in 2019 this time with good friend Jeff Fink from Mooresville, NC. DOA these two caught fish right away with Jeff catching 15+ Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass alone and Ron’s totals were about the same. For Jeff this is his very first Canadian Fishing Adventure and he could not have a better person to show him around Little Vermilion Lake for the first time. 

Remarkable Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Ron

1st Ever Muskie
1st full day they faced severe cold front conditions with very high winds but still
Many BIG Northern Pike Fishing by Ron
caught about a dozen Pike along with some Smallmouth Bass, and Ron landed a Muskie. 2nd day was a super fishing day catching 5 Muskie, with Jeff catching his first and second ever being a 35 in Muskie and a 36-inch Tiger Muskie. Ron caught two Muskie and 1 Tiger Muskie and had one break him off. Ron hooked up 3 Musky on 3 consecutive casts landing two of them. Jeff’s story was after he purchased a lure from my tackle shop he asked if it would catch a Muskie and kiddingly guaranteed it would. Well it not only caught a 36-inch Tiger Muskie but the next cast caught a 34-inch Northern Pike. They also caught several very large Smallmouth Bass in the 17-18 inch range.

My 1st Tiger Muskie Fishing by Jeff at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

Nice Tiger Muskie Fishing by Ron at Fireside Lodge in Canada

3rd day these two targeted Muskie. I guess they have Musky Fever, and did well
Typical BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Ron in Canada
catching two more; having dozens of follows and caught several BIG 17-18-inch Smallmouth Bass. 4th day they did great catching over 25 fish, Ron catching a 38-inch Muskie, both catching a lot of Pike over 30-inches and some Smallmouth Bass in the 16-17.5-inch range. 

Incredible Fishing for BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge by Jeff

5th day was only imaginable by Jeff before this trip, as they caught over 100
Five Muskie Day Fishing by Ron in Canada
Northern Pike and at one point Jeff told Ron he would never say he did not want to catch another Pike period, however for today he had enough of catching Northern Pike. They also caught some Smallmouth Bass and they were dandy fish with Ron landing 3 Trophy Size Smallmouth over 18-inches and Jeff had 2 over 18-inches. 6th and final day they caught lots of fish, nothing giant but a lot of nice size Northern Pike. This finished off a fabulous week of fishing for Ron and Jeff, sending Jeff home with a Canadian Wilderness Fishing Experience a Lifetime.

Super Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada by Jeff

Long time return guests Steve & Debra Johnson from Halltown, MO. were back to chase Little Vermilion Lake BIG Smallmouth Bass. 1st day by noon Steve caught some nice 15-17-inch Smallmouth Bass, and after the noon hour started catching pike landing about a half dozen 30-inches the biggest was 34-inches.

Fireside Lodge Monster Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Steve in Ontario Canada

2nd day had them getting into some Smallmouth bass 14 to 16.5-inches and Steve got a good one measuring 18.5-inches which is a Master Anglers Award Trophy qualifier. 3rd day was a really good day for Steve and Debra catching many Smallmouth Bass 14-17 inches; Steve landed two Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18-18.5-inches and had a special experience when trying to land a 17-18-inch Smallmouth Bass. As he was getting the Bass in position for Debra to net a GIANT Muskie muscled its way in by thrusting the net aside and snatching the Smallmouth Bass. The Muskie left with an explosive turn of its body splashing up water on both Debra and Steve. The fish paraded around with the Smallmouth Bass for a good amount of time before releasing it back to Steve. The fish had several large gashes in its sides and swam off, maybe back into the mouth of the Giant Musky? Steve said it was the largest fresh water fish he had ever seen and said it was at least the size of a 48-inch Mount we have above the entrance to our dinning room.

BIG Barred Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Steve in Ontario Canada

4th day started out rainy until about 1pm then turned nice. The fishing was not as active as the day before however they caught some Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. 5th day Steve and I discussed that the Smallmouth might be in transition from a late summer to an early fall pattern. In just 9 days the water temperatures dropped from 71 to 61.5 degrees so Steve was going to try some different locations. It helped as he had success catching Smallmouth Bass of all sizes however the larger 17-inch plus fish were in more typical early fall locations. 6th day had us into another cold front and this time the winds were from the Northeast. Steve, always searching for Smallmouth Bass, had a good day catching Northern Pike and did land a big 17.5-inch Smallmouth Bass.

Best Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Steve

7th day Debra caught Smallmouth Bass in the 14-16-inch range, and Steve had several larger fishing landing a 17.5-inch Smallmouth Bass and a 35-inch Northern Pike. 8th and final day was a cold, rainy, but calm day and Steve caught one of the largest Smallmouth Bass he has ever caught saying it had a very robust girth. No picture as Debra enjoyed her last day soaking up the wilderness that surrounds you at Fireside Lodge. They left saying the hope to return next year.

Chris with a Beauty Tiger Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

Long Time Return guests Chris Grimes & Bob Fischer from Thurmount & Frederick, MD were back to chase anything that swims. They got started by catching a few fish on their day of arrival. 1st day after some tackle purchases they targeted Muskie each catching one in the Mid 30-inch range, and seeing a ton of follows. They had an unusual experience while fishing a structure as Muskie jumped clear out of the water behind them over 90-100 feet of water, so they casted to this area and Chris hooked up on something. First thinking he snagged up he realized that was impossible in 90 feet of water and the fight was on. He got the Muskie to the boat but it came unhooked just before Bob could get it netted. 

Fantastic 9 Muskie Day Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada by Chris

2nd day was a fantastic day Muskie fishing catching 9 total Musky in the 30-45-inch range with Bob coming up with the fish of the day, landing a HUGE Trophy 45-inch Barred Muskie. 3rd day they caught some Smallmouth Bass 15 to 17-inches and about 12 Northern Pike.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass are GREAT Fishing by Chris at Fireside Lodge in Canada

4th day they had one of those special days fishing catching over 100 fish, more than 80 Northern Pike and 20 Smallmouth Bass. The catch of the day was by Chris landing an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass.

Over 80 Northern Pike in 1 Day Fishing by Bob at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Fishing Creek Accessible Lakes in Canada can Be Challenged by Beavers

5th day was another very good day catching all three species with the highlights being Bob catching a 34.5-inch Northern Pike and Chris caught two more Muskie, biggest was 36.5-inches and he caught two more Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18 and 18.5-inches. What a terrific Muskie week for these guys, Chris catching 12 and Bob 2 but Bob had the Trophy Muskie measuring 45-inches.

Fall BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Chris at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada

6th and final day had them ending with 20 total fish split evenly between Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Both left saying they had a great time and we will definitely see them again.

40-inch Trophy Northern Pike by Steve Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

Pete Fishing for BIG Muskie at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Long time guests Gary Johnson from Midlothian, IL, with sons Pete, Josh and Pete’s father-in-law Steve Trafficanta were back for their second trip in 2019.

BIG FAT Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada by Josh

 1st day one boat caught 8 Northern Pike and saw a few very large follows with
Kevin Big Smallmouth Fishing Guy in Canada
the other boat catching 15 fish mostly Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Pete landed the first Trophy of the trip being an 18-inch Smallmouth Bass, Steve and Pete said the Pike were huge in girth and most were 30-37-inches. 

Muskie Fishing is a BLAST by Steve at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada

2nd day Pete and Steve were searching for Muskie and they found them despite a Cold front from the Northeast having many follows and caught four from 35 to 42-inches, Pete catching the largest one, and two of the Musky jumped completely out of the water. Lure of they day for these two was Bucktails. Gary, Kevin and Josh also had a great day catching 28 fish, mostly larger Northern Pike and Kevin came up with the special catch in their boat being a large Tiger Muskie that jumped clear out of the water during the fight. Best lures were the Head-Banger and Spinner Baits.

Amazing Tiger Muskie Fishing by Kevin at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada

3rd day was another very good day with each of their 2 boats catching 18-20 larger Northern Pike and Steve came up with the prize fish of the day landing a 40-inch Master Anglers Award Trophy Northern Pike.

Steve Fishing Big Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Terrific Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Pete

4th day was a great day having Gary’s boat catching 21 Northern Pike while Pete and Josh went Muskie hunting hooking four and catching two 30-33 inches with plenty of follows.

Fishing The Fall Muskie Bite at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Pete

Multiple Muskie Days Fishing by Steve at Fireside Lodge in Canada

5th and final day was a good day catching mostly Northern Pike in the 26 to 34 inch range. Gary and Josh found a new spot where they raised a very large Muskie banking it for future reference. All had great fun again making family memories at Fireside Lodge.

HUGE 39-inch Northern Pike Fishing by Paul at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Long time return guests Paul Letourneau and Spencer Olson from North Oaks and Minneapolis, MN returned with anticipation of hunting our big trophy Northern Pike.

Many BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Paul

1st day they spent a lot of time on the water catching Northern Pike and while trolling Paul caught a 34-inch Lake Trout.

GREAT BIG Northern Pike Fishing by Spencer at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada

2nd day they had very good action on Northern Pike catching fish 30 to 34-inches.

Fishing BIG Northern Pike are Fun by Paul in Canada

Third day had these two catching 21 Northern Pike with a lot of nice size fish in
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Paul
the 30-inch range. Some of their efforts were using a new method of trolling around open water bait fish having some success in this area, but most fish were caught in their more traditional locations.

Lots of BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Paul

4th day was very similar to the 3rd however they did get into some fast action Smallmouth Bass fishing with Paul catching 5 on almost as many casts. Also, Paul hooked a nice BIG Muskie but it threw his lure in mid-air after making an acrobatic horizontal leap coming completely out of the water. Even though Paul lost the fish he had fun seeing the jumping Muskie and this memory will be with him for a long time to come.

One Big Northern Pike After Another Fishing by Paul in Canada

5th day they had a great day catching Northern Pike, BIG Northern Pike over 30-inches with Spencer catching a 34.5-incher while Paul caught the largest two fish, one was 36-inches and the Biggest of the day was 39-inches with a huge girth.

GREAT Fall Fishing for BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada by Paul

Last day they fished for Muskie with Spencer catching one, and they also caught many Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Both had a great time and before departing Paul was already in the planning process for a spring trip in 2020.

BIG Northern Pike by Heather at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Long time consecutive year guest Mike Uebelherr from Stow, OH came with his wife Heather for her second time and her sister Stephanie from Juneau, Alaska for her first experience fishing at Fireside Lodge. First day out Heather ruled catching Northern Pike out-fishing Mike and Stephanie.

GREAT Family Fun Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Stephanie  

GREAT Northern Pike Catch by Heather Fishing in Ontario Canada

Sisters Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Stephanie

2nd day was a cold rainy day but you would have thought it was the perfect weather day as they were all very positive about their day catching more Pike, Heather still having the hot hand. Stephanie had her second big fish on but lost it after the fish shook her lure off. All caught fish and were full of excitement and chatter in the dinning room. Mike had made some lure purchases from my tackle shop which were working for them.

Mike and Heather Having a Ball Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

3rd and final day, boy three days of fishing goes fast, they had good action on Northern Pike and today it was Heather who had the big fish on getting it close to the boat but again it somehow threw the lure. They all saw the fish saying it had a huge head and seemed very happy just being able to see the fish. All had a fabulous time with Mike having the opportunity to do what he loves, fishing, while Heather and Stephanie had the opportunity to reunite and get some special sister time together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make some of your family memories.

BIG Fall Northern Pike Fishing by Doug at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada
Mary Fishing BIG Northern Pike in Canada

Long time Return guests Doug & Mary Bergman from New Lenox, IL retuned in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Day of arrival they caught 9 Northern Pike and lost a few in just 2.5 hours. 1st day they had a good day catching fish and enjoying the wilderness surroundings, which they enjoy as much as our fishing. 

BIG Smallmouth Bass Smile Fishing by Mary in Canada

2nd day Mary and Doug had a great day catching over 20 Northern Pike up to
Fishing at Fireside Lodge for BIG Northern Pike by Doug
36.5 inches, largest caught being caught by Doug, and he also caught a small Musky. 3rd day they targeted Musky, which is Mary’s favorite fish. After fishing for several hours having Muskie follows they decided to make a change using trolling techniques. Well good thing they did as the Muskie responded and by days end they hooked 6 Muskie and landed 4 having several jump clear out of the water during the fight. Doug had a BIG Muskie up to the boat, getting off just before they had the opportunity to net the fish. 

Muskie Mary Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

5th day was a rainy cold day but they had excellent success fishing for Muskie hooking 6 and landing two with Mary catching the largest being about 35-inches. They also caught some nice Northern Pike. 

Rainy Day Muskie Fishing by Mary in Canada

6th and final day was a great day fishing for and catching bigger Northern Pike
BIG Pike Fishing is Awesome by Mary at Fireside Lodge in Canada
landing a total of 21. Mary had the best days total catching 14 and her fish ran larger. Doug said Mary seems to do better on sunny days and he does better with rain and cloud cover. Both had a fabulous time with Mary saying it was the perfect vacation and anniversary celebration. Thanks for choosing us at Fireside Lodge for making your special memories.

Fabulous Wilderness Fishing Adventure at Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario Canada

Special Note: This Fishing Report concludes our 30th year at Fireside Lodge with our first open fishing season being in 1990. Audrey and I are very grateful to all of our guests over the last 30-years for your support and loyalty in choosing Fireside Lodge for your fishing destination and making the last 30-years possible. In 1990 this was a dream for Audrey and I, and all of you are a big part of making our life dream come true. We want to give you all a “BIG Thank You” for helping us accomplish our life goal at Fireside Lodge. We look so forward to the years ahead of us at Fireside Lodge and hope to see and visit with many of you in 2020 for our 31st year, and introducing new Fireside Lodge guests to our Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure. We have had a lot of early reservation activity and for those of you planning to visit Fireside Lodge in 2020 please email or call in order secure your preferred dates. Wishing you all the best, Audrey & Alan. 

Fireside Lodge Fishing in Northwest Ontario Canada

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Hot Lures: Spinner Bait, Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Bucktail, Head-Banger, Husky
Special Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Jerk, Mepps Spinner, Rattl’n Rap, Sinking Worm, Ned Rig

Catches of The Week: 45-inch Muskie, 42-inch Muskie, 40-and 39-inch Northern Pike Many Smallmouth Bass 18-19-inches, 41 Muskie caught in 6 days with hundreds of follows

Canadian Wilderness Fishing Lodge by Fireside Lodge Docks at Sunset

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report and this is the final Fishing Report for our 2019 season at Fireside Lodge. Please stay tuned for our next weekly fishing report which will start at the end of May 2020. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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