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Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 9/5 to 9/12 2009

Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 9/5 to 9/12 2009

The unusual warm weather continued into this week having temperatures anywhere from 12 to 18 degrees above normal, sunny with very calm winds. A few brief showers popped up towards the end of the week but nothing major.
Tim Stewart and Bryan Neel lll from Rochester, MN returned to Fireside Lodge for their second fishing trip in 2009. First afternoon on day of arrival before supper they caught 8 nice Northern Pike between 25 to 29-inches. During supper we all celebrated Tim’s 44-th Birthday with candles and the traditional b-day song. Now Tim said all he needs on their evening fish is a 44-inch tooth critter. Well, Tim did make contact with two 44-inch or larger Muskie however he could not get either to take his bait and a third, that seemed to be a large Musky trashed at his top-water lure just a few feet from the boat, made a big splash and vanished as quickly as it came. All in all it was a great 44th birthday for Tim. First day was fabulous as they caught many Northern Pike between 25 to 34-inches, Tim catching a 35, 38, and 39.75-inch Northern pike and Bryan landed a HUGE Master Anglers Award 40-inch Northern Pike. In one word “FABULOUS”. Second day was a very active Pike day as they landed many Northern Pike in the 25 to 33-inch range. Third day was very good as they caught a lot of Northern Pike in the 26 to 33-inch range with a few 34 and a few 35-inchers. Fourth day had these two searching for a while, and found fishing in at least 15 feet or better to be the ticket to catching fish on this particular day. When fishing at this depth they started to catch Pike of all sizes including a 36-inch and Tim landed a MONSTER 42-inch Master Angers Award Northern Pike with huge girth. Fifth day they caught plenty of Northern Pike in the 25 to 30-inch range, however the larger fish evaded their every tactic. Sixth day was a different story as they found Pike early and some Big ones, with Bryan catching a 36-incher and Tim caught his second Master Anglers Award Northern Pike in three days landing a beauty 41-inch very fat Pike. They also got into some active Smallmouth Bass fishing at the edge of wind blown reeds using rattle traps. A lot of the Smallies were 15 to 17-inchesSeventh day was unseasonably warm with temperatures reaching 81 degrees, which took the zest out of the fishers giving the advantage to the fish. Bryan and Tim had a slower day but still caught some small to medium size Pike, and managed to fit in a swim to cool off. Eighth day had them catching a lot of Northern Pike most between 26 to 35-inches, and Bryan came up with a BIG 38-incher. Ninth and final day they finished with a bang but on a different note. Concentrating on toothy critters for 8 days they decided to fishing for Smallmouth Bass catching a lot on Rattle Traps. The caught a lot of 15 to 17.5-inch Smallies and landed three Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Tim catching one at 19-inches and Bryan two at 18 and 19-inches. It was a fabulous end to a fabulous fishing week at Fireside lodge, and as departing they said to make sure we have room for them during our opening week in May of 2010.
First timers at Fireside lodge were John and Carrie Wasko from Jersey City, NJ. First day they did great finding Northern Pike quickly catching many in the 25 to 33-inch range and Carries caught the lone Smallmouth measuring 16-inches. Second day was hot for September being 18 degrees above normal highs, and they had a slower day catching some Northern Pike and Carrie had some excitement when a BIG Muskie followed her lure, showed itself to Carrie and John, then waved goodbye with it’s tail. Third day John, Carrie, and I talked about some new fishing spots for them and Carrie wanted to know where the Musky were hiding. After some planning they were off and on their way to enjoy their day fishing. Well the morning discussion must have had an impact as they had a great day catching Northern Pike, Carrie caught her first ever Musky, and John lost a BIG Musky after it took him under the boat. You should have seen the smile on their faces and heard the excitement in their voices while docking their boat. Day four had these two having another very active day catching a lot of Northern Pike and when I asked how many they caught they lost track but Carrie said the best producing lure was a Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon. Fifth day was GREAT day for Carrie and John as they caught 41 Northern Pike, John saying that it was a record day for them. Sixth and final day was a slower day catching fish but they had loads of fun enjoying the wonderful wilderness that surrounded them while fishing, and soaked up their final hours. Both said they hope to return to Fireside Lodge in 2010.

Returning for their seventh consecutive year were Charlie Geinosky from Burbank, IL and father and son Bob and Jon Reinhardt from Orland Park and Aurora, IL. On their day of arrival they started out quickly having fast action catching Northern Pike. First day was good, but more searching was needed, and Bob came up with the BIG fish of the day measuring 35.5-inches, which created a little debate at suppertime about the measurer. Second day was a very good day, with some slow periods between action. They caught some good size Northern Pike in the mid-30-inch range and both Charlie and Jon landed Muskie between 34 and 36-inches. Third day was good Pike action until about noon when things shut down until about 3:00 PM. Then they started catching fish again and Charlie came up with the fish of the day landing a GIANT 40.5-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. This is a must see photo. On their fourth day Charlie picked up where he left off the day before by catching a 36-inch Northern Pike and it was Bob’s day for a BIG fish as he caught a 39-inch Northern Pike with a HUGE girth. Color of the day was pink, and lure of choice was a buck-tail. Fifth day was another great day catching BIG fishing for these three. Jon caught a 35.5-inch Muskie, Charlie caught another 40.5-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike and Bob landed another HUGE 41-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike and a 40-inch Musky. The Musky was a story in itself as Charlie had the follow and the fish went under the boat. Well all three of them found themselves hanging over the side of the boat doing the figure eight. The fish came after all of their lures while doing the figure eight, each time returning under the boat, and after 5 minutes of this circus going on the fish hit Bob’s Blue Fox Spinner. I guess the figure eight works! Sixth and final day they caught a few fish and even though it was not filled with the action and BIG fish the previous five days were, they enjoyed their last day in the great Canadian Wilderness until 2010.

Back at Fireside Lodge for their second trip in 2009 and for their tenth consecutive year were Aaron and Michele Hayes from N Aurora, IL. On the day of arrival before supper the had fast action on Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and Aaron actually landed two nice Smallmouth Bass on the same cast both hooked on the same lure. WOW, That’s action for ya! First day was a good day as they caught 19 total fish being a mix of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, Michele catching a nice 17.5-inch Smallmouth and Aaron landing a beauty 36-inch Musky. Second day they caught about 15-fish mostly Northern Pike. Third day was a portage for Muskie and they ended up have about 22 follows and landed two Muskie and one 17-inch Smallmouth. The also caught three Pike within an hour on Little Vermilion Lake including a nice 36-incher by Aaron. Fourth day was a FABULOUS day as they caught 44 Northern Pike between 28 to 33-inches, and 25 Smallmouth between 14 to 17-inches. Aaron had the hot hand working the X-Rap a certain way producing 37 Pike and 21 Smallies himself. WOW, what a GRRRRREAT day fishing. Fifth day was another great day as they caught 30 Northern Pike, 7 Smallmouth Bass, and a Musky. Aaron caught the Musky and it was a beauty measuring 41-inches and Michele came up with a HUGE 40-inch Master Angers Award Northern Pike. WOW, what a day in the beautiful Canadian Wilderness. Sixth and final day Aaron and Michele caught 23 Northern Pike and 7 Smallmouth Bass with Aaron finishing on a high note landing an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Both were sad to leave and hope to return in 2010.
Joe Denise from Palos Heights, IL and Bob Nelson from Elmwood Park, NJ were returning to Fireside Lodge for their 12th consecutive year. First day fishing Bob started them out right by catching an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass on his very first cast. That got the ball rolling as they experienced a fish feeding frenzy during several times throughout the day catching many Smallmouth Bass in the 14 to 17.5-inch range, and several Northern pike. The highlight of the day was when Bob, as he was reeling in a 14 to 15-inch Smallie had a Musky attack the Bass. It let go and attacked it three different times resulting in Joe taking a great photo of the Muskie with the Smallmouth in it’s mouth right by the boat. Very exciting fish happening for Joe and Bob. Second day was action, action, action, saying that they caught fish everywhere they went, almost all being Northern Pike except for Joe hooking and landing a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth of a lifetime measuring 20-inches with a giant girth. Bob had his second unusual happening in two days as when fighting a Northern Pike it jumped into the boat landing in the back splash well, became unhooked and jumped back in the water in-between their 40HP and 6HP engines. What’s for tomorrow Bob???? These two had fabulous fishing for Smallmouth Bass catching 14 to 17.5-inch Smallies on a variety of lures from surface to jigging techniques and everything in-between. The action stopped after they had lunch, and I advised them to fish through lunch next time. Fourth day was a terrific Smallmouth Bass day for these two as they caught many Smallmouth Bass between 15 and 17.5-inches and Bob landed another Master Angers Award Smallmouth measuring 18.5-inches. They also had a lot of Pike action as Joe lost four Rattlin Raps, his lure of choice for the active Smallmouth, to the toothy critters. Bob used mostly surface lures, the Chug Bug being his favorite for the day. Fifth day was a tremendous Northern Pike day for these two as the caught one Pike after another all day long. They kept moving to different spots and just kept catching fish. At suppertime they could not give me a number because it was too hard to keep an accurate count, but said the action was non-stop. Sixth and final day they ended their trip on a high note having another good day catching Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. However, the biggest catch of the week was the wonderful time spent between two long time friends. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend this special time together.Father and son Roy and Ross Lagerblade from Rock Island, IL and Crestwood, KY were returning to Fireside Lodge for their fourth consecutive year. While fishing a few hours before supper on the day of arrival they caught many Northern Pike to get started off right. First day was a Great day for these two as they caught well over 30 Northern Pike and had lots of other fish activity with follows and lost fish. Second day was off to Cedarbough to fish for Musky. As they were pulling up to the dock Roy told me to ask Ross how the fishing was not him. Well Ross ended up catching two Muskie 28, and 36-inches and a big Northern Pike at 37.5-inches. Third day was another dedicated Musky day. The day was sunny and warm which is not ideal for Musky. They sure found Musky have many follows but no takers. Both still had a fabulous day fishing together and just seeing that many Muskie. Fourth day was a GREAT day catching for these two as they caught well over 35 Northern Pike, and Roy said they would have doubled that number had they counted all the fish that came off near the boat during the fight. They also had two double catches, and Ross got some great photos of a HUGE beaver swimming, and then displaying displeasure with them intruding its home turf. Fifth and final day their plan was to search for BIG fish and Ross was hoping for rain and cloud cover to increase their odds. They caught plenty of fish but the lunkers did not show up, and Ross did get his rain as he was pulling up to the dock at the days end. Better late than never? Both had a fabulous trip making another set of father and son memories, a tradition they started 28 tears ago and hope to continue for many years to come.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Carnival Blue, Red, and White Spinner Bait, Blue Fox Spinner. Yo-Zuri, Suick, Buck-Tail, Bubble Gum Worm, X-Rap, Rattlin Rap, Silver Minnow Spoon, Calico Fox, Mepps Musky Killer

Catches of the Week: 42, two 41,two 40.5, two 40-inch Master Anglers Award Northern pike 39.75-inch Northern Pike, 39.5-inch Northern Pike, 7-38-inch Northern Pike, many 34 to 37-inch Pike, 20inch Smallmouth Bass, two 19-inch Smallmouth, one 18.5-inch Smallmouth, one 18.25-inch Smallmouth, three 18-inch Smallmouth Bass, 35.5, 36, 40, and 41-inch Musky

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Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
Special Note From Alan & Audrey: It is hard to believe it is the end of another fishing season for Audrey and I at Fireside Lodge, and even harder to grasp it concludes our 20th year owing and operating Fireside Lodge. What was once a talked about dream of ours became a reality because of us 20 years ago, but the success of Fireside Lodge during those 20 years is because of you, our guests. After each season ends so does the morning chatter in the dining room planning a fishing day, the sound of the boats leaving the dock, the excitement of the fish stories told in the lodge at the end of the day, and the lights in camp after dark fall as guests rest in anticipation of what tomorrow might bring. We realized after the end of our very first season, as silence comes over the lodge, cabins, and grounds that it is “YOU” our guests that bring life to Fireside Lodge. For some 2009 was their first year fishing at Fireside Lodge and for others it was their second, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and even nineteenth year. For guests with a longer tenure you have seen many changes and improvements over the years of which Audrey tried to capture in the 20 year anniversary DVD she produced. If for some reason you have not received a DVD and would like to receive one we would be glad to mail a copy to you with no costs to you. Just email me and let me know. It would be impossible for me to write about all of the experiences, happenings, special relationships, and memories that we have had over the 20 wonderful years at Fireside Lodge, and for that Audrey and I want to give “Special Thanks” to all of our guests. We also look forward to seeing some of you in 2010 as we begin another season moving towards another 20 years.
Thank you very much for all the memories. Sincerely, Audrey and Alan