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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/6 to 7/12 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/6 to 7/12 2014
Over 40-inch Trophy Northern Pike by Rick Poulin at Fireside Lodge
The weather was finally consistent for more than 3 days this week and the fish started to show up in the summer locations indicating that the early Summer Period for fishing has started.
BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Ron Ramsey
Bob Ramsey from Leavenworth, KS returned with his son Ron from Arden, NC for their 10th year. 1st day they did very well catching many Northern Pike in some of their old haunts. 2nd day while fishing for Musky they caught some nice Northern Pike &
Great Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Bob Ramsey
accomplished their goal of the day as Bob landed a 37” Musky. 3rd day had them again searching for Muskie which they found, however only getting follows & caught a few big pike including a 36”er. 4th day had them facing cold front conditions with high winds & rain but they developed a plan an boy did it work as they caught 20 nice size Northern Pike between 27 to 32-inches. Their plan was to fish the windy side. 5th & final day was terrific as they caught even more Northern Pike between 27 – 33” than the previous day ending their trip with a strong finish. Before departing they reserved the same dates for 2015.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Cailin at Fireside Lodge Canada
Mark McDermotte from Chicago IL, returned for his 7th time with his daughter Cailin for her 3rd trip. 1st day out was phenomenal as they
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Mark at Fireside Lodge Canada
caught over 100 Northern Pike. 2nd day was very fun catching many Smallmouth Bass & Cailin caught several in the 17-17.5” range. 3rd day was a little slower for them however the 4th day was gangbusters as these two caught 73 Northern Pike & were back at the dock by 3PM. They enjoyed their deck & had a short knap before supper. 5th & final day was a more relaxed day as they went to see Twin Falls & enjoyed a beautiful sunny 68F degree-day catching 10 fish all good size. They also caught many memories on their 3rd fishing trip together. Before leaving Mark made his reservations for the same dates in 2015
1st Muskie Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Steve Jensen
Steve, Jensen returned for his 12th year bringing a friend Rick
Rick Creson Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Creson both from Springfield, MO. 1st day they caught 100 Northern Pike with Steve landing all of his fly-fishing as that is the only way Steve fishes. 2nd day
Fly Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada by Steve
these two got into Smallmouth Bass and landed about 35 & Steve had the hot hand with his fly-fishing presentation. Not surprising as the May-Fly hatch was happening in full swing starting today.3rd day was another fast action Northern Pike day with Rick catching 25 & Steve 35 fly-fishing and both caught a BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass over 18”. 4th day was a milestone-making day for Steve as after 11 years of attempting to catch a Musky on a Fly Rod while Fly-Fishing he did. Steve landed a dandy 35-36” Muskie & his smile tells the whole story. Congrats to Steve from all at Fireside Lodge. 5th & final day they finished strong with Steve & Rich catching over 100 Pike. Before departing Steve mad their reservation for 2015.
GREAT Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jordan
1st time guests Ralph Eichholz & Garry Moss from Ozark & Pevely, MO were referred to Fireside Lodge by long time guest Steve Jensen (above). 1st day Ralph caught 6 Pike fly-fishing while Gary landed 18+ with many hook ups & follows. 2nd day they caught a few Smallmouth and enjoyed. 3rd day was a wonderful fishing day as the both caught many Northern Pike & Ralph caught all of his while Fly-Fishing. 5th & final day they had a blast catching over 50 Northern Pike, both of their personal best. Both said they had a fabulous time & hope to return.
1st ever Musky fishing at Fireside Lodge by Sandor in Canada
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Adam Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jordan in Canada
Visiting Fireside Lodge for their 1st time were Sandor Epstein  & his 2 sons Adam & Jordon from Manalapan, NJ. They had a great first day catching many nice Smallmouth Bass & Sandor caught his 1st ever Muskie. It was 35” & was caught on a figure 8 exploding on a spinner bait at boat side. Jordan also had the catch of his life landing a Trophy 18.5” Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day way over exceeded their expectations as they caught easily 50 Northern Pike before suppertime, Sandor said it was just nuts as they doubled and tripled up a few times. 3rd day was another good fishing day as they caught many nice size Smallmouth Bass & had BIG pike 37”, 35”, 34”. 4th & final day they had a super day leaving the dock at 5AM to soak up all the peaceful wilderness atmosphere possible, & in hope of seeing wildlife. Well they did, first hearing a bear clawing at a tree, then having this BIG Black Bear stand on it’s hinds as it tried to sniff their scent. At that point they were glad to be in their boat on the water. They caught 45—50 Northern Pike all being 28-31” and Adam caught a HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18”. They made wonderful father & sons memories while staying with us & Sandor’s departing words were “I’ll Be Back”.
Big Northern Pike Fishing for Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Returning for their 3rd consecutive year were Jerry & Susie Florea from Martinsville, OH. 1st day they caught fish and simply enjoyed being back in the wilderness they have become semi addicted to. I would say a, as quoted in the book “Crazy White Man” the have become “Bushed”.
2nd day was fabulous enjoying a creek ride through a wilderness area and really getting into a bunch of Northern Pike catching 25 +, & missing more than they could count on Buzz Baits. 3rd day was a
Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge is Great by Jerry
great Smallmouth Bass day as they caught over 20 until a BIG Pike took Jerry’s small lure,  & the fight was on. It took Jerry 4-5 years to find this lure on E-Bay & after about 25 minutes the fish took another strong run & broke his ultra light rod. It wasn’t over yet as Jerry was able to still land the fish, with a great cradle assist from Susie, & it was a 37.5” Northern Pike.  For a great catch & great memory. 4th day Susie took a day off of fishing to just relax in our beautiful wilderness atmosphere while Jerry went out & caught about a dozen Northern Pike between 26 to 32”. 5th & final day they said they broke all their records having 5 double ups while catching 53 Northern Pike. Both were very sad to leave however were excited to make their reservation dates for 2015.
Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Bob
Robert & Sharon Milashus from Mercer, WI returned with good
Terrific Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
friends Mike & Peggy Janik from Oak Lawn, IL for their 1st visit. 1st day out was spent catching some Smallies & a few Pike. 2nd day was full of fast action & fun as they caught as many Pike as they wanted plus Bob found the Smallmouth pattern & him & Sharon did very well catching these great fighters. Mike & Peggy had a blast with the Northern Pike, catching one after another. Congrats to Peggy as she caught here very 1st Pike ever + many more. Also, we wished Peggy & Mike a very Happy 26th wedding anniversary, & thanks for spending it vising with us at Fireside Lodge. 3rd day was another terrific day fishing for all as Sharon caught Pike all day while Bob caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass. In 3 days Bob caught many BIG Smallies including 2 at 18”, 2 at 19”, plus a 20”er. Mike & Peggy also did well catching Pike & Smallmouth Bass, Mike’s being all on
Another Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
soft plastics. 4th day was another excellent day for Bob & Sharon as Sharon caught a lot of Pike but Bob fished for Smallmouth & caught more big Smallies including another 18”, a 19.5”, and a 20” monster. 5th & final day was excellent as Bob & Sharon caught 107 Northern Pike with Mike & Peggy catching 40+. All left very pleased with every aspect of their trip & said they will be back.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass are Common at Fireside Lodge Canada by Dave
Rick Poulin Fishing for Large Northern Pike in Canada
Brothers Dave & Steve Anater from Lancaster, PA returned for their 10th trip with father & son Rick & Ricky Poulin also from Lancaster. 1st day the Northern Pike fishing was crazy as Rick & Dave caught 89 & Steve & Ricky catching about 30. 2nd day Rick & Ricky had a memorable fishing event as Ricky hooked into a MONSTER Northern Pike, estimated to be in the 45” range, but when trying to land the fish it got off. Ricky’s dad felt terrible however Ricky responded like a veteran fisher, disappointed but ready to move on & catch another. That good attitude paid off the next day as Ricky again hooked into a huge Trophy Northern Pike but this time father Rich was able to cradle this big 40” Pike. Ricky’ smile says it all. This day was also excellent for Dave & Steve catching 16 bigger Northern Pike all in the 28-34” range and saw a bunch. 4th & final day they had “Great” numbers day as they caught 40-50 Northern in both of their boats. All had a “GREAT” time & made some great memories.
Show me Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Steve Anater
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See Moose While Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Hot Lures: Gold Blue Fox Spinner, Mepps Spinner, Sinking Worm, Tube Jig, Burt Bait, Spinner Bait

Hot Flies: Murdich Minnow

Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 2-20”, 5-19.5” 3-19” 10 18-18.5”, Northern Pike 40”
Friends Making Memories Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/29 to 7/6 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/29 to 7/6 2014
41.5-inch Tiger Musky by Ryan McCollam Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
This weeks weather began with a severe rainy cold front & high winds but after 1.5 days turned it very sunny with perfect pleasant temperatures. More importantly the fishing was great.
HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Larry Gleckler
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Cole Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time guest Lloyd Morton from Lawrence, OH returned with his grandson Coleston for his 1st Canadian Fishing Adventure. 1st day Grandpa came through as they caught many Northern Pike & Cole caught his 1st ever Trophy fish, a Big 18” Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day was tough boating day with high winds & heavy rain, but they did catch some Pike & a few Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was a super day as Cole had the fishing experience of his life catching 60+ Northern Pike with his grandpa. 4th day Cole thought he was dreaming as they caught 60-70 Pike & after dinner the caught 6 Smallies Cole landing another Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.25”. The 5th & 6th days were very similar as they caught between 35-40 Northern Pike each day & 6 Smallmouth on day 5 & 9 on the last day. Lloyd caught two Trophy Smallmouth Bass with his last being a very large 19.5” Bass. These two made wonderful memories together to be remembered for a lifetime.
Trophy Northern Pike Kayak Fishing in Canada by Jack Starnes
BIG Muskie Fishing At Fireside Lodge
BIG Northern Pike are common
Father & son Jack & Steven Starnes returned for their 10th consecutive year. DOA they caught 30 Pike & 20 Smallmouth Bass. 1st day had them catching 20 Smallmouth, 40 Pike, & Jack caught a Musky. 2nd day Steven landed 2 Muskie catching 9 Smallmouth Bass & 50 Northern Pike. 3rd day facing a sever cold front #’s were down but they caught 4 BIG Northern Pike 37-39” & Steven landed a HUGE 42” Muskie. 4th day was a Fabulous Muskie day as Steven caught 3, one being a GIANT 48”, plus they caught about 35 Northern Pike & 20 Smallmouth Bass. 5th day they caught 30 Smallmouth Bass & 40 Northern Pike. 6th & final day had them catching 40 Smallmouth Bass & 25 Northern Pike. Both were sad to leave however they have another trip to look forward to as Jack made their reservation for 2015
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Steven Minson
Dave Minson from Burlington, ON returned with sons Steven &
Fast Action Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Jonathan for their 4th trip & 2nd in 8 months. 1st evening Steven caught the fish of his lifetime landing a BIG Heavy 37” Northern Pike. 1st was “FABULOUS” catching 60+ Northern Pike. 2nd day was very windy with heavy rain, which limited their fishing, but they still caught Pike & Smallmouth. 3rd & final day was severe cold front conditions but they were out almost all day a caught some nice Northern Pike & Smallies. All had a GREAT time and made wonderful memories together.
Best Smallmouth Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Ron Santos
Returning for their 3rd trip were Bob & Ollie Waldeck from Cotter, AR
BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Ollie Waldeck in Canada
bringing a good friend Richard Santos from Pasco, WA for his first experience. 1st day was rainy with high winds but they managed to catch Smallmouth Bass & Ollie caught a Musky. 2nd they did really well catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass & 4 Pike, Rich catching his
Terrific Trophy Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Canada by Bo
1st Pike ever. 3rd day these three caught Northern Pike all day long landing near 40-50 & both Rich & Bob caught trophy Smallmouth Bass 18.5 & 18” respectively. 4th day was and excellent Smallmouth Bass day catching a lot in the 15 to 17” range & they caught 3 Pike. 5th day was unreal as they caught over 100 Northern Pike & 6 nice Smallmouth Bass. 6th & final day Rich caught 35+ Smallies, Ollie 30, & Bob about 15. All stated that on this trip they had the best day of their life fishing for both Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. All had a wonderful fun fishing trip together & made reservations for 2015.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Stan & Bill
BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Steve Pearson Canada
Steven Pearson & Bill Birkby from Columbia, MO returned for their 2nd consecutive year & joining them was good friend Stanley Ingman from Denton, TX. 1st day they did great catching mostly sizable Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day was all about a great day catching Smallmouth Bass and day 3 was all about Northern Pike, catching 40-50 Pike. 4th day was their 1st slower day, but all caught fish. 5th day they had a great time catching many Smallmouth Bass & Stan had the hot hand catching the most & landing a Trophy 19.5” er. 6th & final day they finished with another super day catching over 50 Northern Pike. All left having fabulous fishing trip.
Fabulous Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Christ
Retuning for their 2nd trip was George Meravi from IL & Christ
Trophy 19-inch Smallmouth Bass by George Fishing in Canada
Fosbinder from Elgin, IL 1st day fishing time was limited by a severe rainy cold front, catching some Smallmouth & Pike. 2nd day they could have caught Pike all day long changing, after catching 30-40, to fish for Muskie without success. 3rd day was a Musky day & the Musky did not cooperate. 4th day they were on a Muskie hunt having follows & after sizing down Christ landed a nice 35” Muskie. 5th & final day was another Musky hunt with Christ again having many follows, George had one on & lost it as it broke the waters surface & Christ caught one near 36”. Very exciting way to end their fishing week.
Trophy Top-Water Smallmouth Bass by Linda Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fly-Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time return guests since 1994 are Linda & Mike Lapresi from Tucker GA 1st day despite a sever cold front with cold rain they managed to catching a lot of nice Smallmouth Bass 15-17.5” their way, all on top water, Mike fly fishing with poppers & Linda with a Baby Torpedo. 2nd day was a fabulous Northern Pike day as Linda loves Pike fishing & caught 40+, keeping Mike very busy. 3rd day had them catching 40 Smallmouth by 2PM and another 8 after supper. Mike said that over 50% were 15-18”. 4th day was another terrific day Smallmouth Bass fishing catching again about 40 having a lot of bigger fish 16-18”. 5th & final day was a planned half-day of fishing which they caught 20 Smallmouth on surface Poppers, finishing just in time before the thunderstorms came. They each caught 2 trophy Smallmouth with many just missing & enjoyed all aspects of their trip.
BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Jim
GREAT Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Shane
Pike Fishing is a Blast by Jimmy
Jim McCollam & 2 sons James & Ryan, Jim Haviln & son Jimmy, with Ron Tucker & his son Shane all from Orland Hills, IL were back for their 5th time. Day 1 Ryan & his dad Jim set the pace for BIG fish as Jim landed two large Northern Pike 1 at 37.5” & the other 39” & Ryan after switching from large Muskie baits to a simple #4 in-line spinner hooked & landed a huge 41.5” Tiger Musky. 2nd day Jim & sons James & Ryan were Musky fishing with Jim landing 1, Ryan saw 1 hit his lure, but by seeing it set the hook too soon & pulled it out of the fishes mouth. They also had a lot of follows, some BIG, & Ryan caught a 17.5” Smallie. Ron, Shane, Jim, & Jimmy Northern Pike fished & hade the fishing day of their lives as they landed over 150 Pike. 3rd day all got into catching Northern Pike like they never did before & as a group caught 191, WOW what a day! 4th & final day they caught many Smallmouth Bass & finished in the evening landing several 30” plus Pike.
BIG Smallmouth Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Jim Havlin  
Family Fishing for Northern Pike ay Fireside Lodge Canada
1st time three generations guests Don Sr, Don, &, 6 year old grandson / nephew, Joseph Bizzaro from Meford & Stoneham, MA were here to make fishing memories together. 1st day ever fishing on Little Vermilion Lake & they did “FABULOUS” catching 36
1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Northern Pike & 2 Smallmouth Bass. Joey caught 6 by himself. 2nd day was even better as Joey caught over 20 Northern Pike with all three catching 87. 3rd & final day started with fast action on Northern Pike landing over 25 by 12:00 noon however T-Storms drove them in. All had a wonderful stay and made many family memories together.

Musky Fishing is Great at Fireside Lodge Canada by Brent Gleckler
Father & sons Larry, Bryan, & Brent  Gleckler from Griggsville, & Springfield, IL & Webster Groves, MO were here for their 1st time. 1st day before breakfast they caught 3 Pike in less than an hour. 1st day they did very well catching many Smallmouth Bass with Brian doing well on the bigger Smallmouth on a #13 Jointed Rapala, 2nd day was the best fish catching day of their lives as they caught over 70 Northern Pike & also had many get off & follows. 3rd & final day was a great Smallmouth day & Brian had the hot hand catching many 15-17.5” bass, but Brent caught the biggest landing a Trophy 19.5-inch Smallmouth. They also enjoyed a fabulous shore lunch by Twin Falls. All left having a great time & making wonderful memories.
Many BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge by Brian Gleckler
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Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Jim McCollam
Hot Lures: X-Rap, Blue Fox Spinner, Dardevle Spoon, Tiny Torpedo, Pop-R, Sinking Worm,

Hot Flies: Popper

Catches of The Week: Muskie 48”, 42,5”, Tiger Musky 41.5”, Pike, 39, 37.5,37”, Smallmouth Bass 25 18-19.5”.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/28 to 7/2 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/28 to 7/2 2014
Huge Northern Pike Fishing by Zack Klimes in Canada
This week the weather started out pleasant however ended with yet another severe rainy cold front lasting 1.5 days. All of our guests were very positive which made the fishing good & the catching even better.
GIANT Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jordan in Canada  
Father & Sons Fishing At Fireside Lodge Ontario Canada

Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Cameron Klimes in Canada
The Klimes family Group returned for year 3 headed by Brian & his boys Zack, Tyler, & Jordan from Willow Brook, IL, his brother Kenny & son Cameron from St Louis, MO area, brother Kerry & son Kody from Phoenix, AZ and Geno & Eddie from Orland Park, IL.
Fly Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing
1st day was fabulous as each of their 4 boats caught 25-35 Northern Pike & Jordan, Cameron, & Kenny all caught Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18”. Other Smallies were caught between 16-17.5”. 
Rainy Day Fishing with Dad in Canada
Fly-Fishing For Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Fast Action Northern Pike Fishing
2nd day Brian & his boys did well catching a lot of BIG Smallmouth Bass with Brian, Tyler, & Jordan landing Trophy Smallmouth Bass, Jordan catching two. Zack came very close just landing a 17.75” Smallie missing by a ¼” & caught a BIG 36” Pike. Kenny & Cameron also did very well as Cameron also caught an 18+” Smallmouth. Eddie also landed a BIG Smallmouth at 17.5”. 3rd day was very exciting as they faced some big waves with rain, but all did the best they could for conditions catching nice Smallies 16-17.5” some Pike & Geno got his trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18”. 4th day was very cold, 50F with rain but despite the challenging weather Brian & his boys stayed out all day and even fished after supper. As you can see they were having a BLAST & all caught some good quality fish & Jordan came up with anther Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18”. 
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Tyler at Fireside Lodge
5th & final day all did very well with each boat landing 25-35 Northern Pike, plus Kenny & Cameron got into a bunch of Smallmouth Bass before dinner. Kerry & Kody has a blast with Kody landing some Pike while fly-fishing & Zack also caught a BIG Pike with heavy girth. At dinner time I found Jordan & Tyler studying the lake map in lodge as Uncle Kenny told them the general area were he & Cameron caught their bass. So they developed a plan based on the structure in the area and went out with their Dad & brother Zack to see if they could find the area. Well they did & did they ever catch Smallmouth Bass with Tyler landing a 19” Trophy & Jordan another trophy Bass at 18.5”. Kenny said that I gave up his spot, however I did not even know where he fished that day until Jordan & Tyler told me, so it was the boys who figured out Uncle Ken’s secret Bass spot. All hand a wonderful time making family memories together & already made their reservations 2015.
Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Brian Klimes
BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Vince Danko from Wirtz, VA returned for his 3rd trip bringing for the first time his nephew Frank form Pine Brook, NJ. 1st day they caught 4 nice Pike, some Smallmouth Bass & a Muskie. 2nd day brought fast action & fun catching Pike in the 27-32” range having a ton of Pike following their lures. Vince also came up with an 18.5” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day they had many BIG tooth critter follows but were only able to convert 6-7. 4th day was very active catching well over 35 Northern Pike & their 5th day was even better landing well over 50 most 28-32”. 6th & final day was a god day, but found the fish less agreeable, catching some pike & having a lot of BIG follows. Both had a blast & hope to return.
Musky Fishing by Ken Klimes at Fireside Lodge Canada
Al Fishhabber & Rob Delamatre from Northwood & Sandusky, OH returned for their 11th year. 1st day they warmed up by catching
Fantastic Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Zack in Canada
some northern pike, & seeing some nice follows. 2nd day was fabulous as they caught 90-100 Northern Pike, WOW what a “GREAT” day. 3rd day Muskie were on the menu & Rob landed 1 & they had many Big follows. 4th day they had another great day catching Pike & Rob broke out his fly rod catching at least a dozen fly- fishing & landed well over 60 together. 5th day was cool, rainy, & windy but they took in in & caught many Pike 28-30”. 6th & final day a very nasty cold front came in bringing them in early but not before catching a few more Pike. Both had fun as normal with their parting words being we will see you next year.
Great Pike Fishing by Tyler at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Giuseppe, Johnny, & Leo Cauzo from Montreal & Pointe Claire,

Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Quebec were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. 1st day ever on our waters they caught 30+ Pike. 2nd day they caught a mix of Smallmouth & Northern Pike. The third & final day they did the best catching over 50 Northern Pike with a lot being it the 28-30” range. Leo & Johnny said that for a time period the fish were feeding so aggressively that they were jumping out of the water all around them chasing baitfish. Both had a wonderful trip and made wonderful fishing memories with their 89y-ear old father. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to do so.
Terrific Pike Fishing by Jordan at Fireside Lodge Canada
Returning for his 3rd consecutive year was Jeff Chisholm from Toronto with is sons Brian & Matt from Toronto, ON & Rowley, MA & good friend Ron Gills from Markam, ON. All fly fishers. 1st day was great as they caught over 50 Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing. 2nd day was very good catching Smallmouth Bass a few Pike with Jeff losing the biggest Trophy Smallmouth Bass he has ever seen because a line to line knot came loose. 3rd & final day was very good as they caught plenty of Smallmouth while soaking up the wilderness before departing for the big city. **

Trophy Northern Pike Fishing by Becky in Canada
Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Cal Hulst from Holland, MI returned with his daughter Rebecca from Chicago, IL for her 1st experience. 1st day they did great catching Pike and Smallmouth Bass & Becky came up with the BIG fish of the day in camp landing a HUGE 40” Trophy Northern Pike. Her father paid the price as when removing the hook the pike clamped down on his finger, which required a little basic first aid before supper. 2nd day Cal & Becky were
Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Cal Hulst at Fireside Lodge
ready to go face a severe cold front with rain. They stuck it out most of the day catching bot Pike & Smallmouth Bass. 3rd & final day they started out Musky fishing with Cal having a few HUGE follows but no takers.  After the noon hour they fished for Northern Pike catching so many Becky said it was like fishing in a barrel. They caught over 40 Pike and ended the evening with a beautiful sunset while catching a few nice Smallies. Relaxation was had by both & priceless memories were made by father & daughter.

Lot of BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
20-inch Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Adam at Fireside Lodge
Terry Willis returned wit his son Lyle & Willy Morrow from Erwin, TN & Adam Miller from Kingsport, TN, Mark Cheatham & Stacey Noblett from Dardanelle, AR. All had a good day with Mark & Stacey catching 21 Smallmouth Bass, Willy caught 14 Smallmouth his 1st Pike ever & 1st Muskie ever while Adam fly fished all day catching some Samllies & had Pike follows. Terry & Lyle
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Willy in Canada
caught 58 Northern Pike, missed as many as they caught, & Lyle caught 35 fly fishing. 2nd day Adam & Willy had a fabulous day catching some Big Smallmouth, Adam landing a 20” Trophy fly-fishing, along with 50 Northern Pike & Adam landed 20 Fly Fishing. 3rd day Stacey & Mark caught 45+ Pike & Terry caught 35 himself, with Adam & Willy Landing 20. 4th & final was a weather challenge as the wind blew hard with heavy rain. Mark & Stacey persevered as they caught over 25 Smallmouth Bass on windy points with spinner baits. All left having a terrific time & hope to return.
Super Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Terry Willis in Canada
Grandfather Bill Thielking from Lake Pleasant, NY returned with his son Eric & Grandson Nathan from Ostrander, OH. 1st day Nathan really had a special day as he hooked a HUGE Northern Pike that broke off, caught a BIG Smallie and caught his first ever Musky. A great photo of Bill holding Nathan’s Musky. 
Musky Fishing with Grandpa at Fireside Lodge Canada
2nd day was terrific fishing for Northern Pike catching at least 35 and losing as many. This was a memorable fishing day for this 3 generations trio. 3rd & final day they were off to catch a big Muskie or Pike. Well the Musky evaded them on this day however Nathan told me they did catch Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass, however the most important catch of this trip was the memories made between three generations.

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike in Canada
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Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Spoons, Sinking Worms, Tubes, Mepps Spinners, Original Floating Rapala

Hot Flies: Streamer, Clouser Minnow, Poppers

Catches of The Week: Northern Pike 40”, Smallmouth Bass 20” Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing, 21 Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Family Fishing Memories at Fireside Lodge in Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan