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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/9 to 6/16 2012

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/9 to 6/16 2012
  Huge 46-inch Trophy Musky fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
 Well, for all the worries about the water levels, the rain this week really clinched the fact that we will have high water for a while, having rained most of the week and very heavy at times. I don’t think you can start a forest fire if you tried.
  Trophy 48-inch Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Giant Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
 Very good friends & long time Fireside Lodge guests Joe Denise from Palos Heights, Il and Bob Nelson from Elmwood Park, NJ were back to hunt down Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. On DOA they caught 16 Smallmouth Bass while fishing for 2 hours before supper. GREAT Start!! First day Joe had the hot hand as they caught lots of Smallmouth Bass. Joe teased Bob as he struggled a little the first day getting the kinks out, but tables turned day 2 as b Bob was on top of his game of surface fishing, and had Joe repeatedly going into his tackle box in an attempt to catch up. 3rd day was a draw as they were in sync, both catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass along with a few Pike, while discovering a new fishing spot. 4th & 5th days were slower for them in their search for Smallmouth Bass, but they still caught enough fish to keep them interested along with gaining some great stories of fishing in & around wood. Last day they got back in sync catching plenty of Smallmouth Bass all day long. This was a sad day being their last, but left having caught lots of nice fish, great conversation, and another set of lasting memories between best friends & fishing buddies.
  Ladies Fishing Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada
Fly Fishing Big Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge
 Mike & Linda Lapresi from Tucker, GA returned for their 16th time fishing at Fireside Lodge. 1st Day had Mike out at dawn catching 9 15-17” Smallmouth Bass fly-fishing before breakfast. Linda & Mike had a very good day up until noon catching many big Smallies, then very strong winds blew up making it difficult keeping location & presentation of lures/flies. 2nd day was even better despite rain on and off all day long. They caught a lot of big Smallmouth, all on surface baits, which is their favorite presentation. Third day was another fabulous day catching 36 Smallmouth 15-17.5” their way, on surface lures/flies, all before supper. 4th day had them with 30+ Smallies, while discovering a new spot. Today your casts had to be accurate as they were fishing very close to shore structure & between the pencil reeds. 5th day the weather turned around favoring surface fishing and Linda & Mike took advantage having one of there better days landing 35-40 bigger Smallmouth & Linda caught a Trophy Master Anglers Award 18.5” brut. Way to go Linda. Both left having a FABULOUS stay & we were sad to see them go.
Over 40-inch Tiger Muskie caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Another Trophy Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
  FABULOUS Northern Pike Fishing Canada at Fireside Lodge
 Walt Lacasse from Minnetonka, MN returned with his spring crew of Jim Jones-McKinney, TX, Terry Ahrens-Plymouth, MN, John Hietala-Northfield, MN, Bruce & Richard Laybourne Milford, OH & Allen, TX, and Dick Oksanen-Mabank, TX. First day was terrific fishing with Walt & Dick having a BIG fish day. They caught 24 Northern Pike over 30”, including a 36”, 37”, and Walt landed a 40” Tiger Musky. Dick also had a HUGE Muskie on which came completely out of the water doing the tail walk while throwing his lure right back at him. This group had lots of smiles & laughter at their supper table. 2nd day all caught fish as brother Rich & Bruce catching many Smallmouth and Bruce landing a trophy 18.5”er. Dick had the biggest Pike of the day with a beauty 39” very fat Pike. 3rd day had Bruce and Rich doing the best catching Smallmouth all day. 4th and final day was fabulous as the group caught well over 100 Northern Pike and John came up with a very special catch landing a 48-inch. 35lb GAINT Trophy Northern Pike. WOW!!! What a fabulous catch. Before leaving Walt signed the group up for 2013, & I am sure the planning is already happening.
42-inch Muskie caugt fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Many BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
 Dan & Nathan Mosier from Lincoln, NE returned for his 13th time as Dan has brought 4 of his children over those years. First night Dan caught a 37” Northern & a big Smallie. 1st day they did great catching 20 Smallmouth Bass & 15 Pike, with Nathan landing a Trophy 18” Master Anglers Award Bass and Dan caught a Huge 37” Northern Pike. 2nd day was 15 Smallies & 15 Pike. Nathan, at 17, made a life long memory with his father as he landed a Giant 42” Muskie, his first fish of this size class. This was a very exciting moment for Dan & Nathan, who was rewarded for his persistence & patience. He also caught it on his favorite lure, which he has bought at least one from me every year since he was 9. 3rd day was a little slower relatively. 4th day was gangbusters as they landed 124 Northern Pike, even though they were driven in early by threatening weather. 5th day started with high winds which spoiled 2/3rds of a day, but the last third was spent catching Northern Pike and Nathan caught another BIG fish landing a 36” Northern Pike. WOW, what a great BIG FISH trip this was for Nathan. Both left nearly having tears in their eyes, but smiles came with the mention of their return in 2013.
GIANT Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Bill Aulenbach-Barberton, OH, Mike Lewis-Akron, OH with Father & son Bill & Kyle Rasbach from Ft Meyers, FL returned for their 9th consecutive year. 1st day this group had a very good day with Bill R & Kyle catching about 35 nice Smallmouth Bass, & Mike & Bill A had success with the toothy critters. 2nd day had them catching 47 Smallmouth Bass as a group with Bill R having the hot hand & Bill A caught a BIG 36” Northern Pike. 3rd day was a super Smallmouth day as the group landed 71. 4th day was a Musky day for Bill A & Kyle without much results, but Mike & Biil R tore the Smallies up catching 54, most BIG fish, with all but 2 fly-fishing, & Bill R caught a HUGE 19” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. WOW!!! 5th day was spent half day of wind rest and the other catching Smallmouth with Kyle and father Bill R catching 20 in just a few hours. On another day they caught so many Northern Pike it was ridiculous. Bill R & son Kyle caught over 100, all fly-fishing, and Bill A & Mike lost count in their boat. Last day had them with a memorable finish as both boats caught over 30 Smallmouth Bass. Even after 7 full days of fishing it was still hard for them to leave, however before doing so they made reservations for the same dates in 2013.


BIG Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
Terrific Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Canada at Fireside Lodge
   For the 7tth consecutive year Jerry Amer & Bill Calhoon from Columbus, OH showed up all smiles & ready to fish. DOA these two caught about 24 Smallmouth Bass & 10 Northern Pike. At first they mentioned it was a slow start and then realized that they might be somewhat spoiled. 1st full day they caught over 55 Smallmouth fly-fishing. 2nd day was terrific, catching over 50 Northern Pike, over 30 Smallmouth all 17-18” and landed 6 Trophy Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass with 90% fly-fishing. 3rd day was slow chasing Muskie, so they switched to Smallmouth Bass on Little Vermilion Lake landing many fish 14-17-inches. 4th & final day was a fast & furious finish as they said they caught Smallmouth after Smallmouth to the point they could hardly make their fly casts work. Lot of Big fish caught & many more fishing memories made between two long time friends / fishing buddies. They made their reservations for 2013 before departing, and once again let the planning begin.
Tremendous Fishing For Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada

  Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge
 Grade School friends Don Landbo & Dan Szkola from S Elgin & Sugar Grove, IL returned for their 9th year. 1st day was a portage catching 31 Northern Pike and 6 Walleye 20-23”. 2nd day had them catching 69 Northern Pike and missing a bunch. 3rd day was surface all day long. Even though their numbers were down they still caught 65, plus missed at least as many or more. As Don said in the dinning room top-water action can be addictive, seeing these toothy critter come out of no where to slam you lure. 4 day had these two focusing on Smallmouth with surface baits doing very well catching 60 with many strikes & blow-ups & Dan got an 18.5” Trophy. 5th day was doing it their way, catching 110 Northern Pike mostly surface fishing. The great thing about fishing on the surface every explosion & strike is just as good as hooking & landing a fish. 6th & final day was their best in numbers landing 107 Pike, 1 Muskie, & 5 Smallmouth with Don catching a Master Anglers Award Smallies at 18”. Great Trip for Great friends & fishing buddies, & upon departure made reservations for the same dates next year.
Terrific Fishing for Muskie at Fireside Lodge Canada

First time guests Paul Wilson from Fargo, ND father and son Bill & Andy Wilson from Excelsior, MN & Mike Rowan from Lowell, MA were holding up their 12-year tradition of fishing together. 1st day was a discovery day doing well catch some Smallmouth Bass and Pike, with Paul loosing a trophy Northern Pike. 2nd day beat all expectations as the boated over 160 Northern Pike. WOW! what fast learners. 3rd day was a slow down from the second but that was inevitable. They were fishing for bigger fish having some great follows, & 1 was a monster estimated at 47-48”. Super fishing for this group on their 4th and final day as they caught well over 200 Northern Pike. Mike retired a lure on our lure collection wall as he caught so many fish on it he said it would be a criminal act to bring it back to Boston with him. All had such a fabulous time they made their reservations for the same dates in 2013, & we are thrilled to have them back.
Large Northern Pike are a BLAST to catch Fishing Canada

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Great Walleye caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge

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Hot Lures: Torpedo, Buzz Bait, Spoon, Pop-R, Spit’n Image, Clack-n Rap, Blue Fox Spinner,

Flies: Popper, Deceiver

Catches of The Week: Northern Pike 48”, 39.5”, Muskie 46”, 42”, 40”, Tiger Muskie 40”, Smallmouth Bass 15 – 18to18.5”
  Fishing Friends Tackle Shop at Fireside Lodge

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 5/26 to 6/9 2012

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 5/26 to 6/9 2012
Ladies Muskie Trophy Fishing in Canada
 Weather this week was terrific having highs in the high 70’s, sunny, & calm every day except Friday when we received a half-day of rain. The major Smallmouth spawn happened between June 1st-4th making it 10-14 days early.
First Trophy Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Big Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada
Muskie Surprise While Pike Fishing in Canada
Returning for their second year were Nick Christner, Resit Unal, and brothers Mike and Matt Chytka from Barhamsville / Yorktown, VA and Raleigh, NC. First day offered up some nice Northern Pike catches  with Nick catching the biggest, & loosing a near 40”er. We also enjoyed celebrating Nick’s birthday in the dinning room.  Second day Nick and Matt got into a bunch of nice Smallmouth Bass. All caught some nice Northern Pike & Resit was the perch master of the day. Third day had Nick and Matt catching a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, & both landing their first Muskie. Resit and Mike caught Pike & Resit got the perch award. Fourth day, the coldest with a high of 45 degrees and snow, was Mike and Resit’s turn to each catch a Muskie, & Resit did it in a BIG way landing a HUGE 42-inch Musky. The pictures and expressions say it all. Last day was their best weather day finally seeing the sun and temps got up to 59. This day was spent catching a mix of Pike & Smallmouth as they enjoyed their final day soaking up the wilderness that surrounded them. All had a GREAT trip & said they will be back next year.
Large Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Ladies fishing for Trophy Northern Pike in Canada
Terrific BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
 Long time guests Larry and Scott Seibenthal from Creve Coeur, IL returned with their better half, Diane and Candy for the third time as couples. First day Candy set the “BIG FISH” bar as she landed a BIG FAT beauty of a Northern Pike measuring 37”. All caught fish with Larry landing a fat 34” Pike & Scott a 35” fat Tiger Muskie. GREAT Start!!! Second day was great despite heavy rain and temperatures only reaching 45 degrees, catching 18 Northern Pike, three Muskie and Scott landed a huge 39.5” Musky. Third day came with cold temps & snow and the fishing was slow, however a very heavy 40” Tiger Musky landed by Larry made the day much warmer and dryer. Fourth day it was Diane’s day even though she did not feel that way until her last cast of the day. After struggling catching fish, Diane was about to call it a day. With a little encouragement from Larry and a move in location Diane hooked and landed her biggest fish ever. It was a BIG 40” Musky. Great going for Diane sticking with it all day. Last few days were enjoyable as the weather turned around being sunny with temps in the 60’s. They all enjoyed catching fishing and taking some fabulous photographs which is Diane’s specialty. All left wanting to stay another week with hopes of returning soon.
Tiger Musky Lakes in Canada Trophy Fishing
 Long time guests Jim Nelson from Oak Brook, IL and Ken Beta from Fox Lake, IL were very glad to be back and continuing the 40+ years tradition of fishing in the great Canadian Wilderness. Hoping the bass are going to be in their spawning ritual they went out with great anticipation on their first day. It wasn’t gangbusters however they did catch 15 nice Smallmouth along with several Pike. The next two days they caught 25 each day with Ken landing 2 Trophy Master Anglers award Smallmouth at 18 & 18.5”, and Jim got close many times at 17.5” to 17.75”. The fourth and fifth days they caught plenty of Smallmouth Bass, some Northern Pike and Jim had a blast trying a technique he never attempted before, fishing a sinking worm ‘WACKY’ style. Gerald (below) was doing great catching Smallmouth this way and encouraged Jim to try the method. Well, when Jim decided to fish the wacky worm he caught 6 Smallmouth in a row. I guess that’s enough to convince anyone. The highlight was when fishing for Smallmouth Bass with a #3 spinner & 6lb test line Ken hooked a Monster fish. The battle was on, and after a few close calls, Ken landed the HUGE 40” Tiger Musky. It was so heavy they believed it to be 22-24lbs. You could see the excitement in their eyes and hear it in their voices as they recaptured the moment in the dinning room. The last few days were spent catching many more nice Smallmouth Bass, with a lot in the 16 – 17.5” range, some Pike, and Ken landed his third Musky of the trip. Both left having a wonderful time and hope to return in 2013.
First Muskie ever fishing in Canada
 Father & Son Gerald & Zack Adams arrived, who are also long time return guests of Fireside Lodge from Shawnee, OK. The were thrilled to be back to chase their favorite fish, Smallmouth Bass, in the wonderful wilderness setting Fireside Lodge is situated. 1st day out 28 were landed, and Zack caught a Master Anglers Trophy measuring right at 18”. But Gerald had the numbers, 19, with his tops at 17.75”. From here the fishing just exploded for Gerald & Zack as they had super Smallmouth Bass fishing catching 50, 64, 61, and 57 on consecutive days. Among these were a lot of bigger fish, 15-17.75” plus, Zack caught 5 Trophy Smallmouth between 18-18.5-inches and Gerald landed two at 18 & 18.25-inches. For Gerald & Zack the fishing is a big part of their trip however so is the wilderness connection and the wonderful serenity they find when visiting Fireside Lodge. We had many terrific conversations and noticeably missed them the first night they were absent. Both made another set of special memories between father & son and hope to return again soon.
Fabulous Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada
Super Fun Northern Pike fishing in Canada
 Visiting with us at Fireside Lodge for their first time was Ken Koresch from Downers Grove, IL and good friend Tony Zupkas from Witchita Falls, TX. DOA within just two hours these two caught 6 BIG Smallies with Tony’s first being an 18.5” Master Anglers Smallmouth. 1st full day they caught 34 landing 6 Trophies & Tony had 5 with the largest being 19”. Second day they had a super day with a total of 39. Most of these fish are bigger fish ranging between 15 to 18 inches. Third day had these two landing another 34 before supper and a half dozen after, with Tony catching another 18.5” Trophy Smallie. Fourth & fifth day the weather changed and we had thunderstorms rolling in and out all day long along with a cold front and rain the next day, so it was decided it would be good to fish for Northern Pike. During these two days they did very well catching many Northern Pike and the bonus was Tony caught two Musky at 38 and 42-inches while fishing for Pike. Both left having a wonderful time with hopes of returning with there other 4 fishing buddies.
Trophy Sunset Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Canada
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Hot Lures: Yo-Zuri, X-Rap, Countdown Rapala, Sinking Worm fished Wacky Style, Blue Fox Spinner, Pop-R, Topedo,

Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 19” & over 20 between 18-18.75”. Northern Pike 39”, 38”, 37”. Muskie 42.5”, two-42”,40”, 39.5” 38”, Tiger Muskie, 40”,39”,35”

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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Fireside Lodge Opening of the 2012 Season Fishing Report 5/19 to 5/26

Fireside Lodge Opening of the 2012 Season
Fishing Report 5/19 to 5/26
Trophy 44-inch Muskie Lodge Fishing in Canada

Early Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lodge
Opening of the 2012-fishing season was very weather friendly having good weather to get all of our work done to receive our first guests. Audrey and I were very excited to begin our 23rd year at Fireside Lodge and were very happy to see our longest consecutive year Fireside Lodge guest, and good friend, Frank Hazzard from Irving, TX who was the first to arrive to kick off our opening day. Frank stays with us for the better half of two weeks and as usual had some very special fishing. A Few highlights while fishing during his time was having a 90 Smallmouth Bass day, another catching 40, and several catching 20-30. On a few of those days Master Anglers Award Smallmouth were caught and a special BIG fish day was when Frank and a fishing buddy landed 8 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass in one day. That’s GREAT Smallmouth Bass fishing. He also had his fair share of Northern Pike and Muskie catches with the biggest Muskie being 34” and Pike at 38, and a Master Anglers Award Northern Pike a 41-inches. Frank, being the nice man he is invited Don & Greg Foley (below) to join him fishing. During that day they caught 16 Northern Pike, 27 Smallmouth Bass, and a Muskie. All had a FABULOUS day fishing together with Don & Greg being successful at a few techniques they had never tried before. Frank also enjoyed lots of good conversation and a traditions up-words tournament with Beverly and Steve, Audrey’s parents. Leaving was difficult for Frank as he is a man that is truly “BUSHED”* by the beautiful Canadian Wilderness we are situated in at Fireside Lodge.
The Meaning of BUSHED as described in the book “Crazy White Man” as a Canadian addresses a summer resident of Sioux Lookout from New York.
“And you’re going back north again?” I Asked.
“ Where else is there to go? There’s no country like it. Once the north gets into you, you won’t be satisfied anywhere else. You say this is your third winter, huh? He squinted an eye at me and slowly nodded his head. “Pretty soon now,” he said, “it’ll get to you. You’ll get to be a sourdough and get ‘bushed’ like the rest of us.”
Monster Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lodge in Canada

  Big Muskie Fishing Fireside Lodge in Canada
Tim Stewart and Bryan Neel from Rochester, MN were next to arrive right on time at their 12:00 noon check-in with all smiles, and like clockwork were on the water fishing within 90-minutes. They got started by catching Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and some Lake Trout. First two days were spent catching many Northern. and a few incidental Late Trout and Smallmouth Bass. Third day was FABULOUS as they caught a lot of Pike, Tim caught a GIANT 36” Lake Trout, and while fishing for Northern Pike Bryan landed a 38, 41, and a 44-inch Muskie within 90 minutes. WOW, what a day to remember. The week continued on with them catching many Northern Pike in the 30 to 38-inch range and some nice Lakers while fishing for Pike, along with many Smallmouth Bass. Upon leaving Bryan said this would go down as a very special fishing trip having landed three big Muskie in one day.
HUGE Pre Spawn Smallmouth Bass Fishing Canada

  Post Spawn Fishing for BIG Northern Pike in Canada
Father and son Don & Greg Foley from Pasadena & Crownsville, MD returned for their 2nd consecutive year. Always on the water starting, by fishing before breakfast all the way until dark, they enjoy every minute of their stay with us at Fireside Lodge, including the dinning room experience. First two days were spent catching Northern Pike, a few Lake Trout and a Muskie. Third day was very active catching many Northern Pike, and Greg tied into and landed a HUGE Lake Trout in the 38” range. On their fourth and final day Frank (above) invited them to fish with him. They accepted and had a fabulous time. They caught 27 Smallmouth Bass, 16 Northern Pike and a Muskie. That was only part of the catch as they also learned more of Little Vermilion Lake, & some new fishing techniques they never tried before. One was using a Slug-O. After Frank landed a few using this technique Greg and Don jumped right in and had a lot of fun catching some fish and building confidence in a new method & presentation. This day was a great finish to another FABULOUS fishing trip, making another set of memories between father a son. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make some of your special family memories.
Lake Trout Fishing in Canada at Fireside Lodge

GIANT Spring Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time return guests of Fireside Lodge Tom Ferguson, Dennis Carstensen, Neil MacKinnon and his son Neil all from Rossford and Perrsyburg, OH were excited to be back. Hear for a short 3 days of fishing they ran into some lousy weather. First day was cold front conditions, however they did catch some nice Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Second day was cool and rainy but the Pike were agreeable along with landing a few Big Lake Trout. Third and final day had a second cold front moving through with strong Northeast winds and cold rain. To say the least they were back at the dock by 11:30AM. The fishing was actually good but the cold temperatures, rain, & windy conditions made them wave the white flag. Before their retreat they caught some bigger Northern Pike and Lake Trout. According to Neil Sr the fishing was good in the morning. All had a great trip despite the weather and hope to return.

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Three Muskie Fishing Day at Fireside Lodge Canada




Hot Lures: Twister Tails, Tube Jigs, Blue Fox Spinner, Slug-O, Spoons, Spinner Baits, Minnow Stick Baits, Red-Eye,

Catches of The Week: 44”41”Musky, 41” Northern Pike, 38”36” Lake Trout, 19” Smallmouth Bass
Fabulous Spring Fishing Smallmouth Bass in Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan