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Fly Fishing Excerpts from Fireside Lodges 2008 Fishing Reports

From Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 5/31 to 6/7 2008

At Fireside Lodge for their first time was Dan and Tim Garry, Dave Caldwell, Rich Knapper, Rod Dennison, John Molnar, Jim Drainer, Roland Reed from Willoughby, Mt Gilead, Cayahoga Fall, Hudson, Kirtland, Geneva, and Madison, Ohio and Dan Smierciak from Gainesville, FL. After arriving the head organizer, Dan, had expressed that their group has been to several fishing lodges on a search mission for a lodge to come back to year after year. Here for a short three days they got right to fishing. Most were either fly fishers or starting to fly fish for their first time. Results ended up great for this group as Dan ended up with 24 Northern Pike fly fishing, landing a big brute measuring 38 inches, 2 Smallmouth Bass and two Moose Antlers. The moose antlers Dan went diving for in the frigid waters. Brother Tim was right behind Dan with 20 Northern Pike and one Muskie, John had 18 Northern Pike and one Smallmouth Bass, Roland caught 8 Northern Pike including a 36 incher and 4 Smallmouth Bass, and Dan Smierciak was the real story as he was just learning to Fly fish on his first day, and he managed to catch a total of 10 Northern Pike while fly fishing. All had a fantastic time at Fireside Lodge and before departing Dan and Tim left a deposit for the groups return trip in 2009. Mission accomplished.

From Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/14 to 6/21 2008

Fore the fourth consecutive year Jerry Amer, Bill and Adam Calhoon, and Glenn Babka from Columbus, Ohio were at Fireside Lodge to enjoy our premium Smallmouth Bass fishery. Here for four days, these four made the most of their fishing time. First day father and son Bill and Adam caught well over 50 Smallmouth Bass and 50% were fly-fishing. The next day as a group they caught 90-100 Northern Pike along with some Smallmouth, and 3 Master Anglers Award Smallies measuring 2 at 18-inches and one GIANT 19-incher all on flies. 60% of the Northern Pike were on the fly rod. WOW!!!!! The third day they caught the heck out of Smallmouth Bass, Jerry caught 33, Adam 25, Bill and Glen combined for over 50, all fly fishing. The last day was the most remarkable as Jerry and Bill caught 20-plus Smallmouth Bass and 20-plus Northern Pike, Jerry catching 6 and Bill 1 Maser Anglers Award Smallies between 18-20-inches. Bill also caught a Muskie fly-fishing. Glen and Adam caught 25 Smallmouth and 11 Northern Pike landing 3 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth between 18 to 18.75 inches. Fabulous day fly-fishing, and an outstanding four-day fishing trip. After looking at the photos I encourage you to look at some of the bronze beauties on our website below on our Current Photo 2008 page. The photos should be posted in about 10 days. They reserved their dates for 2009 before leaving, and I am sure were planning tactics and flies on there return trip home.

From Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/28 to 7/5 2008

Long time guest of Fireside Lodge Michael and Linda Lapresi from Tucker, GA were back to enjoy our Canadian Wilderness Fishing. These two had a TERRIFIC fishing trip as they not only caught a bunch of fish, 30-40 a day during their 5 day trip, but they also enjoyed the atmosphere and wilderness we have at Fireside Lodge. Very first day they caught over 40 Smallmouth, all big, and each caught a Master Angler Award Smallmouth. This was done on all top water, with Mike catching all his fly-fishing with a Popper and Linda using a Torpedo. This set the pace for the rest of their stay. One day after having such fabulous surface action on Big Smallmouth Mike turned to me and said that the fishing was so good that it seemed illegal. One day they decided to Pike fish and they caught many, and Linda said at supper it was her best Northern Pike fishing ever. Both left landing Master Anglers Award Smallmouth all at 18-inches and Mike caught three on the fly rod, all 18-inches. GREAT FUN, GREAT FISHING, and most of all a wonderful getaway for Mike and Linda. A final quote from Mike was “Alan & Audrey…Linda and I had a fantastic time last week…the fly fishing for smallmouth was tremendous and more than I had hoped for…”

From Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 7/5 to 7/7/12 2008

Returning for their fifth year were Steve Jensen from Springfield, MO and Jon Harrison from Georgetown, TX. One of their goals this trip was to catch more Pike Fly Fishing. Well, they got it done on the first day as the landed 35 and missed others. Second day they had a hot bite on Smallmouth until about noon when a cold front with rain came in a shut things down. The third day they went back to Northern Pike fishing, and again caught a lot of Pike on the fly and Steve caught something never thought possible on a Fly Rod. Steve actually hooked a clam. Knowing that Clams live on the bottom and do not react fast this is a fishing feat that only the best Fly Fishers can accomplish. Fourth day these two were determined to catch a Musky while fly fishing, however this great predator eluded there fly presentation, however they did catch a good number of Smallmouth while trying. Their fifth and final day before noon, when a severe storm and cold from hit, they caught a lot of Smallmouth to end a great Fly Fishing week. Jon and Steve enjoy it all, the sport of fly fishing, fly tying, the wilderness and wildlife, and the camaraderie and conversation amongst two friends, and other Fireside Lodge guests. Both had a FABULOUS trip and reserved dates for 2009 before leaving.

From Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 7/5 to 7/7/12 2008

Returning for their sixth time was Mike and Dee Hummel from Urbandale, IA. These two had another fabulous stay at Fireside Lodge. Mike got the ball rolling on the evening of arrival as he caught two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth while Fly Fishing, measuring 18 and 18.5-inches. They did well every day catching Smallmouth Bass. Mike caught all of his while Fly Fishing and Dee caught a few this way but most of her fish were caught using jigging techniques. Well, her techniques got her more than she bargained for, as she hooked and landed a HUGE 39.5-inch very heavy Northern Pike with no leader, 6lb test line, and a hair jig. WOW! What a catch by Dee. You have to look at this photo on our website below. Both had a great time enjoying the surroundings, the dinning room atmosphere at supper time, and the wildlife that flourishes in our area. They had such a great time they reserved their dates for next year before departing.

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