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Fireside Lodge 2013 Season Opening Fishing Report

 Fireside Lodge 2013 Opening

Trophy Northern Pike Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Opening was a bit more of a challenge this year. Winter and lake ice seemed to hang on forever as we found ourselves trying to save our docks two days before opening day instead of preparing for guests arriving. Four of us spent 10 hours defecting ice from the front of our docks, creating an ice jam against shore so the ice would not crush our docks. When all was said and done we saved them and got the details done to open and prepare for our first Fireside lodge guests of 2013.
Close but we made it with about 5 minutes to spare!!!!!!!

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
First guest of our 2013 fishing season was again Frank Hazzard from Arlington, TX. This is Frank’s 23rd consecutive year at Fireside Lodge and it shows in his lake knowledge and ability to find fish in just about any condition. He is also very kind to share his knowledge with others, rd place. Frank has a passionate feeling for Canada’s North, which shows through every minute he is here, and especially when he departs. We hope to see Frank in 2014 for his 24th consecutive year.
and even takes some other guests with him to help them catch fish and learn the lake. Some examples of daily catches in his boat are, 3 people 152 Smallmouth Bass most between 15 to 17.5” & 1 Lake Trout, 2 people 93 Smallmouth Bass, 6 Lake Trout, 1 Whitefish, 2 people 83 Smallmouth Bass, 1 Muskie 38”, 1 Northern Pike 38.5”, & 3 Whitefish. Along with all the great fishing Frank had another wonderful Canadian Wilderness experience, enjoying the wildlife and natural surroundings, good conversation with other guests, and playing up-words with Beverly & Steve (Audrey’s Parents) every evening coming in his usual 3

BIG Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
Trophy Lake Trout Fishing in Canada
Cold Water Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Canada
Fishing buddies Bryan Neel III and Tim Stewart from Rochester, MN returned for their 11th consecutive year and 16th visit with us at Fireside Lodge. These two prefer to catch long fish spending most of their time trolling or casting for
Pre Spawn Trophy Smallmouth Bass fishing at Canada Lodges
Northern Pike. They did very well catching many Pike in the 28 to 36-inch range and both caught 38-39 inchers. They also had some incidental catches of Lake Trout and both landed several monsters measuring 32-34inches. With the ice just leaving the lake and the water being so cold the Lake Trout are in the shallows spread out throughout the whole lake, so when fishing for Northern Pike you will catch Lakers without trying. They also caught their fair share of Smallmouth Bass each landing 2 Master Anglers award Smallmouth measuring between 18-19 inches with Bryan landing the 19-inch Monster. Both had such a fabulous time that before leaving they were talking about returning for our final week of fishing. Hope to see then again this year.

Terrific Post Spawn Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Father & Son Greg & Don Foley from Pasadena & Crownsville, MD were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their 3rd consecutive year. First day on the water these two teamed up wit Frank Hazzard to catch 152 Smallmouth Bass between 15 to 17.5-inches. The next two days Greg & Don caught
Lake Trout Fishing in Canada at Lodges
30+ Northern Pike and 20+ Pike having many other Pike either get off or strike short. They landed a lot of Northern Pike 32 to 36-inches with a few between 37-38-inches, and Greg caught a 42-inch Master Anglers Award Trophy. Forth day had them landing 20 Pike, most over 30”, 12 Smallmouth Bass 16-17” & a 19” Whitefish. Last day they fished with Frank (BIG TEX) Hazzard catching 103 Smallmouth Bass 16-17.5” with Don landing two trophy Smallmouth at 18 & 18.75-inches, 6 Lake Trout and 1 Whitefish. Two of the Lakers were GIANT at 33 and 34-iches. All had a “FABULOUS” day and Don & Greg had a terrific finish to their fishing trip. Their final words were “We Will See You Next Year”.
Terrific Post Spawn Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Father & Son August/Augi & Wayne 
Agostini from Northvale, NJ & Mooresville, NC returned for their second trip with us at Fireside Lodge and joining them was Augi’s close friend Tom Rubino from Hasbrouck Hgts, NJ. These three had a “Great” Northern Pike fishing trip. In four days they caught 102 Northern Pike with most measuring over 30”, and all caught 34-36 inch Northern Pike. Augi and Wayne both landed big 37-inch Pike, and Augi caught a Master Anglers Award Trophy measuring 40-inches. When Augi arrived he said he was going to catch a Trophy Northern Pike and he did not waste any time catching it on the first day fishing. All had a fabulous time and plan on returning

Trophy Muskie Fishing in Canada Lodges

Terrific Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Mike Uebelherr from Stow, OH was back for his 11th fishing trip at Fireside Lodge in 8-years. He did very well catching many Northern Pike throughout his 5-day stay with us. Most were in the 28 to 36-inch range plus he accidentally hooked into a huge 40” Muskie. He said it was in just several feet of water near an over hanging tree. He saw the swirl before the fish hit, and then the fight was on. Mike managed to get a picture even though he was by himself, which is very difficult to do. Before leaving Mike told us he had a great trip and plans on returning a second time later in the summer.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see some GREAT Fish Photos. For Fabulous Fishing Video, Wildlife Events, and Current Happenings go to our Social Sites Below.
Many BIG Spring Northern Pike Fishing Canada
Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Finess Sinking Worm, Black Hair Jig, Spinner Bait, Floating & Sinking Rapala

Fabulous Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Catches of The Week: 42-inch Northern Pike, 40-inch Northern Pike, 19.5", 19", 18.75", 18.5", and 18.25" Smallmouth Bass 5 Lake Trout between 33-35-inches.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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