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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2014

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/7 to 6/14 2014
Big Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge by Rick Gabehart
Weather was cooler than normal and the biggest variable to the fishers was a severe cold front with very heavy rain & high winds.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Tony Majcher
Long time guest Tony Majcher from Hawthorne Woods, Il returned for his 1st trip with us in 2014. 1st day on the water he found the Smallmouth Bass very aggressive on surface presentations but at 11:00 AM they shut down. 2nd day Tony did well catching
37" Northern Pike Fishing by Tony Majcher
Smallmouth Bass on the surface using a Chug Bug. Nothing better than watching a surface lure in anticipation of that surface strike from a Smallie. He caught a Trophy measuring 18” and a HUGE 37” Northern Pike plus managed to get a good picture of each even though he was by himself. Third day was a good Northern Pike day having very good action on a #10 X-Rap & Tony had the destroyed lure in his hand to prove it. On the 4th and final day Tony had a fabulous finish hooking 24 Smallmouth Bass and landing 17, most 15-17.5” with one being an 18.5” Trophy. Great finish to a wonderful trip & we look forward to Tony returning this August with his Grandson.
Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Gerald Adams
Guest since 1994 Gerald Adams from Shawnee, OK was back with his son Zack to chase Smallmouth Bass. First day was spent figuring out a pattern while catching a dozen Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day was
Terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Zack Adams
better as they caught 20. 3rd day Gerald had fast action catching 3 Trophy Smallmouth within an hour including a 18, 18.25, and a 19”er. 3rd day was about the same. The 4th day Gerald was on fire as he caught 9 big Smallmouth in about 75 minutes including several 17-17.5”, an 18”, 18.5” and 19”. Last day they finished strong catching 47 Smallmouth Bass with all but 2 being 15-17.5”. As much as these two enjoy their fishing they equally enjoy the story telling & conversation in the lodge and the wonderful one on one father and son time together. Even after almost 20 years they can’t get enough of this time spent together & with others. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make some of your memorable moments together.
Amazing Northern Pike Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Father & Son Terry & Jeff Milberger from Shawnee, KS were fishing with us for their 1st time. Had a great first day ever on Little Vermilion Lake catching a good number of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. 2nd day was a fabulous day as they caught plenty of fish and enjoyed a shore lunch cooked over an open fire at Twin Falls. You could tell by the smiles on their faces that Terry & Jeff had a special day together. 3rd and final day, (3-days goes by fast!), they finished catching a mix of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass and expressed how much fun they had a suppertime. Both made wonderful father & son memories, which I have said many times is the biggest catch of all. Thanks for spending this special time together at Fireside Lodge.

Fantastic Northern Pike fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time guests Ken Beta & Jim Nelson from Fox Lake and Oak Brook, IL were back to have great fun fishing in the Canadian Wilderness, a tradition of theirs for the last 45 years. 1st day the Smallies were slow as the colder water was still delaying their spawning activity, however the did catch a few along with some Northern Pike and Ken lucked into a HUGE 38.5” Lake Trout with an enormous girth. Unfortunately both forgot to bring a camera. Second day they did much better with the Smallmouth Bass but still sighted more than they caught. 3rd day had them catching a mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike, and they said the bass were still not aggressive but starting to show signs of spawning, which the water has not warmed enough to set off this yearly event. 4th day had them having a great Smallmouth Bass day catching 27 good size Smallies, and a few Northern Pike. Their 5th day was a wash as they faced 43F with very heavy rain & high winds all day. They enjoyed their last day by playing cribbage and gin rummy. It has been very nice to have these two as guests for so many years & hope to see them again.
Lot of Large Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge
1st Muskie Fishing by Glen Marks
2nd year return guest Glen Marks brought a good friend and work partner Rick Gabehart for his first Canadian Fishing Adventure, both from Middletown, CA. 1st day out they caught many Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike and after strategizing by the map Rick was planning there second day. They caught more Pike and Smallies and Glen hit a milestone landing his first ever Muskie. Congrats to Glenn for patience and perseverance. 3rd day was a good Northern Pike day and had Rick catching his personal best at 34”. 4th day was a great day as they caught BIG Northern Pike 32 to 37 inches, Rick landing the 37”er & Glen landed 1-32” Lake Trout. 5th day cold front conditions dropping temperatures to 43F by mid day along with heavy rain & wind kept these two avid anglers off the water. Last day was a terrific fishing adventure. These two ended up catching 120 Northern Pike and 1 Smallmouth Bass. I think they were fishing for Pike?? Both Glen & Rick said they never experienced a day of fishing that was even comparable, Rick’s parting words as he walked out of the lodge door was “This was the best fishing experience I have ever had”. That says it all.
GIANT Trophy Lake Trout by Mark Miller
The Woodhams family, Terry & Larry from Blackhawk & Irvine, CA and Bill from Mattawan, MI were fishing for their first time at Fireside Lodge. 1st day out was exploring and they caught several Smallmouth & Northern Pike plus 3 Lake Trout in the same areas as the Pike and Smallies. That shows that the water is still cold. Second day they again caught some nice Smallmouth Bass & Pike with Terry having a massive strike that took his entire Daredevle Husky Jr
Super Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
along with a 9” leader. He said the fish hit like something he never felt before. Needless to say they bought a few more Husky Jr spoons. 3rd day Larry accomplished a fishing feat by landing his first ever Muskie measuring a husky 36”, and Larry would end up catching 3 Musky by the end of their trip. 4th day they enjoyed seeing one of our great landmarks, Twin Falls, and caught Smallmouth and Northern Pike & Larry caught two more Muskie on a magic lure I sold him. 5th day was a card game all day long as a cold front with high winds & heavy rain kept all of the water. 6th & final day was a great day of fishing & making more memories, and in their parting words all said we would see them again.
1 of Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge
BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by David Glenn
Dave Glenn with Mark Miller from Shell Knob, MO were back for the 2nd time bringing his two grandsons Justin & Josh Bradley from St Peters, MO & Norman, OK. First day all caught Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike with Mark having the catch of the day landing a big 34” Lake Trout. 2nd day   Dave & Mark had a great 20
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Smallmouth Bass day. 3rd day all had a BIG Smallmouth Day catching 90+ as a group with Josh landing two Trophy 18” Smallmouth along with many 17-17.5”ers landed by all. 4th day was mostly a rain out as we got a severe cold front with heavy rain and winds all day along with temperatures dropping to 43F by 2:00 PM. The catch of the day was had by Josh as he cleaned up at the all day poker game. 5th & final day Glenn & Mark made up for it by catching over 45 nice Smallmouth Bass. Justin & Josh also had a 35-40 Smallmouth Day. Amongst all 4 they ended up landing 24 Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18-19.5”. Glenn said it was a GREAT fishing trip.
Family Fun Fishing for Northern Pike in Canada
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Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Mepps #3 spinner, Blue Fox Spinner
Huge Lake Trout Fishing in Canada by Glen Marks
#3&4, Rapala, Spoon

Catches of The Week: 31 Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18-19.5”, 38.5” Lake Trout, 37.5” Northern Pike

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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