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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/16 to 7/30 2016

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/16 to 7/30 2016
HUGE Trophy 20-inch Smallmouth Bass Fishing Jim McDonough
This week started out on the cool side but by mid week heated up, one day reaching over 90 F. Even though the temperatures varied the fishing stayed consistently good.
Fishing for BIG Northern Pike by Ron Ramsey
Father & son Bob & Ron Ramsey from Leavenworth, KS & Asheville, NC returned for their 12th consecutive year. Discovery is great & rewarding as when investigating some new rock structure location they caught some quality Northern Pike in the 33-34 inch range. 
Terrific Fishing for Large Pike by Bob Ramsey
2nd day they did the same fishing new open water structures catching fish on just about every structure all being 30-inch plus fish. After talking about more of these rock structure locations they again did well following this pattern catching a lot of good size Pike. 3rd day was a portage lake for Muskie getting more follows than they ever saw, but got rained out after a half day by T-Storms. 
Muskie Fishing is GREAT by Ron
4th & 5th days they stuck with their established pattern & caught a lot of bigger Northern Pike & went home with the biggest catch of all, another set of memories between father & son.
Giant Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jim McDonough
Brothers Mike & Jim McDonough from Pinetop, AZ & Rescue, CA
5 Trophy Smallmouth Bass in one day by Jim
returned for their 4th time. 1st day they caught over 20 Northern Pike up to 31-inches. 2nd day they caught so many Pike they lost count, Mike caught a very fat 34-inch Muskie plus Jim caught 4 Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18.5 to 20-inches. 3rd day was a portage for Muskie fishing doing well having follows with each catching a Muskie plus Jim landed a 38-inch Northern Pike. A side story was when Jim was trying to land a Muskie that got off after the fish jumped two nearby adult loons swarmed and attacked his Muskie thinking it was a threat to their baby loon. 
Great BIG Clear Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge
This is the first Muskie deemed lost by a loon attack at Fireside Lodge. The final 2 days they did well catching a lot of Northern Pike most between 27 to 32-inches. Both enjoyed their stay making memories between brothers.
Big Northern Pike are Common Fishing at Fireside Lodge by George
Tom Miller Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge
Tom Miller with Son-In-Law George Carney returned for the 10th year wasting no time catching Northern Pike with George setting the bar landing a 34” thick fish. 1st day they caught a lot of Northern Pike with Tom having the hot hand. 2nd day was amazing catching 60-70 Northern Pike before suppertime. 3rd day was another great day catching about 50+ Pike, but the fish bigger & heavier. 4th day was very warm, 88F & humid so their day was cut very short. 5th & 6th days they did well catching some larger Northern Pike and some Smallmouth. Both had another great visit making father & son-in-law memories.
Many BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Kurt Haines from Avon, IN returned very happy to be back with Kim Wade for her first time. 1st day Kim caught her 1st ever Pike & they caught 20+ fish. 2nd day was a fun day catching as many pike as the 1st. 3rd day was a portage lake day having some big follows from Muskie & Kurt landed 1 Muskie. 4th day they did well catching 20 Northern Pike & their 5th & final day they caught well over 40 Northern Pike. Both had a great time and hope to return in future years.
Smallmouth Bass are BIG Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Claire

1st time Guests Robert & Clair Griesinger with Larry & Marybeth
    Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Bob
McClure from Signal Mountain, TN were very happy to arrive. 1st day they found good success catching many Northern Pike. Next day was great Northern Pike fishing with both boats catching 20-25 nice size Northern Pike & Bob caught a lunker 19.5” Smallmouth Bass. 3rd
Mary Beth Fishing for BIG Fireside Lodge Northern Pike
day was outstanding Larry saying that Mary Beth and him were catching so many Northern Pike he lost count after 35 with Bob & Claire doing equally as well. 4th day was great fishing but slower catching, however they had a fabulous shore lunch by Twin Falls & Mary Beth finally out fished Larry. 5th day they caught plenty of fish but the windy conditions did play a factor. In fact Larry was quoted as saying that he was tired of catching so many Northern Pike. All left having a wonderful stay and plan on returning one day soon.
Plentiful Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Larry

Returning for their 5th consecutive year were Jerry & Susie Florea
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Jerry Florea
from Martinsville, OH. 1st day they got right to Muskie fishing with great success having plenty of follows & landing two Muskie. Jerry caught a 27” & Susie caught a BIG 39” Muskie which was her 1st. That same evening Jerry went out by himself & hooked a MONSTER Muskie on 8lb test line fishing a Jitter Bug for bass. After a 30-minute fight Jerry was able to manage landing this fish that fully filled our 48-inch cradle. After some care the fish released fine awaiting another angler encounter. During their other 4 days they caught fish, mostly northern Pike, one day catching close to 40 and Jerry caught a HUGE Master Angles Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring at 19-inches. They left having a great time and already reserved their dates for 2017.
Super Fishing Smallmouth Bass by Jerry Lester
Back for his 3rd visit was Jerald Lester with his wife DJ and friends
BIG Northern Pike Fishing by DJ at Fireside Lodge
Lee & Mary Webster, from Waconia & Maple Grove, MN, for their 1st Fireside Lodge experience. 1st day they had some nice Northern Pike action for several hours. 2nd day all had fun catching 0ver 20 Northern Pike and both Jerry & Lee caught Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. 

Fabulous Fun Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge by Mary
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Lee Fishing at Fireside Lodge

3rd and final day was loads of fun catching a mix of Northern Pike of a variety of sizes and from the looks on their pictures they were having a blast fishing together. All left having a great time saying the will return.
Trophy 20.5-inch Smallmouth Bass Fly-Fishing by Mike at Fireside Lodge
Mike & LeAnn Sebade from Wyoming were visiting us for the first time. Mike is a Fly Fisher and he or LeAnn have never fished in Canada before. DOA they found fish quickly having follows and Mike switching to poppers caught a few big Smallmouth Bass plus missed several others. 1st day they did great with Lee Ann catching her 1st ever Muskie, & Mike doing very well catching Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass fly-fishing. 
GREAT Fly-Fishing for BIG Northern Pike by Mike
3rd day was excellent catching many Pike & Smallmouth & Mike said they caught many Big Smallmouth Bass. 4th day was FABULOUS catching over 40 Smallmouth Bass 16-18” LeAnn catching 19” & Mike a 20.5” Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Both left saying they had a terrific visit and would love to return in the near future.
Back To Where We all Started Fishing Grandpa Paul with Joey
Father and Son Tony Fishing with Joe at Fireside Lodge
Family Fishing At Fireside Lodge by Jody, Tony, and Joey
Three Generations Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Father & son Paul & Tony Capecchi from Inver Grove Hgts & Woodbury, MN  were back for their 2nd time this year making their 16th trip bringing for the 1st time Tony’s wife Jody & there 2-year old son Joseph. 1st day was wonderful with Paul & Tony fishing in the morning & then all went to Twin Falls & had a great shore lunch. This was a fun event with Jody & Joe discovering Twin Falls for their first time on a picture perfect day. Also, Joe took his first boat ride and experienced the catching of a Northern
Just out For a Family Boat Ride at Fireside Lodge Jody , Joe
Pike. Their 2nd day was focused on Muskie fishing in the morning having follows with Paul catching 1 & on the 3rd & final morning they caught a lot of Northern Pike. Both days as a family they enjoyed our Fireside Lodge surroundings and each day had a swim. All had a wonderful family experience making memories for years to come.
Family Photo by Twin Falls at Fireside Lodge
Super Fishing Outdoor Vacation at Fireside Lodge by The Capecchi Family
Father & sons Dan, Mike, Patrick, & Don Cahalan from Rockwell, Urbandale, Adel, & West Des Moines, IA were visiting us for their 1st time. This was a special trip as Dan had made a trip to Canada many years ago and had always wanted to come back. His sons decided to make it happen so they could share the experience of fishing in the Canadian Wilderness together. The group did well catching Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass during their 3 days and were very impressed with the wilderness atmosphere. All had a great time and made some wonderful family memories.
Great Time Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Paul Capecchi
Father / Grandfather John Murphy from Bloomfield, MI and Brian with his sons Quinn & Jack from Darien, CT returned to Fireside Lodge for their 4th time for their traditional family fishing trip started years ago with John & Brian. 1st day they did great catching 30 Northern Pike. Their 2nd and final 3rd days were just as good or better catching many Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Every evening Brian & his dad would fish until sundown enjoying good conversation along with a good cigar. All left with another set of memories between 3 generations.
Fly-Fishing for Tiger Muskie at Fireside Lodge by Mike Sebade

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing is a Blast at Fireside Lodge
Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Spinner Bait, Mini D, Sinking Worm

Hot Flies: Popper, Wooly Bugger

Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 20.5”, 20”, 19.5”, 3-19”, 6-18.5”, 2-18”, Northern Pike 39”, Muskie 39” Plus one that filled a 48” Cradle
Traditional Photo with Audrey and Fireside Lodge Satff by Tom Miller and George Carney

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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