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Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 8/29 to 9/5 2009

Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 8/29 to 9/5 2009
Hello From Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada
Weather this week in one word was absolutely “GORGEOUS”.
Ernie, Marilynn, and son Rick Ernest from St Charles, MO were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day on the water they had a great fishing and catching day landing many Northern Pike with numbers somewhere in the 50-plus range. Ernie, after Rick hooked the first Pike of the day, ignored his son Rick as he was fighting the fish so he would lose it, which he did. Well, Ernie’s trick backfired as Rick hooked up on six more in a row. Second and third days they
concentrated on Smallmouth Bass and they all caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass each day, most in the 14 to 16.5-inch range. Rick also caught a 30-inch Musky, and Marilynn had a fabulous time catching Smallmouth in the beautiful weather I personally arranged for her. Fourth and final day was another gorgeous day, which they spent Northern Pike fishing and did fantastic. They caught Northern Pike, non-stop, all day long, and Marilynn topped Ernie and Mark as she caught most of the bigger Pike. All had a great time as they enjoyed a nearly perfect four days all being sunny and in the low 70’s.
Harry and Susan Vilsack from Pittsburgh, PA, Brother-In-Law Larry Schiffenhaus from Essex Fells, NJ, and Larry’s grandson Brenden Gilson from Montclair, NJ were returning to Fireside Lodge for the seventh consecutive year. First day on the water they caught some fish and spent some family time at Twin Falls enjoying this natural wonder. They were able to spot some wildlife including a Bald Eagles Nest. Second day they had a very active day catching many Northern Pike, and Brenden caught his very first Northern Pike ever along with many others. All caught so many Pike that Susan at suppertime told me that they were “Piked Out”. With that the decision was to fish for Smallmouth Bass on their third day. After a slower morning they all enjoyed cooking and eating a shore lunch of walleye, potatoes, and beans cooked on a rock point overlooking the lake. After lunch the fishing picked right up as they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, and also had a good number of follows from the toothy critters. Fourth day was a banner day for all as they caught many Northern Pike all day long between 25 to 33-inches, and Susan had the catch of the day, and probably all of their lives, as she hooked and landing a huge 48-inch Clear Muskie. There was a slight mishap when trying to lift the fish up, however Larry’s quick response with his camera from the other boat enabled them to have a photo of Susan’s Master Anglers Musky catch. Harry said it was their best day ever. Fifth and final day brought more the same for Harry and Susan as Harry caught a lot of Northern Pike, all on the same lure, which Harry purchased for everyone in the morning. It was Larry’s turn today for a HUGE fish as he caught a MONSTER Master Anglers Award Tiger Musky measuring 45-inches. WOW, What a catch, but with this group it’s not just the fishing and catching of fish. It’s the whole experience of the wilderness, enjoying family time together at suppertime, doing puzzles, having great conversation on their deck every evening, and just being together as a family, and we are thrilled they choose Fireside Lodge as one of their family memory making vacation destinations.
Bob Babcock and Jane Waldron from Midland, MI were fishing at Fireside Lodge for the 11th consecutive year. First day was very productive catching some good size Northern Pike and Bob landed a 34-inch Pike with a 40-inchers body, being very fat and round. They had a lot of follows and Bob lost four nice fish as they were running trough the weeds. Second day had these two catching a lot of Northern Pike and Jane caught a 34-inch Pike, and had two very large fish get off during the battle. The focal point on their third day was on Musky fishing and did they ever find fish, having countless follows. Jane decided to try jigging for these fussy feeders and she ended up landing and very heavy 35-inch Musky and caught a Master Anglers Award, wide body 18-inch Smallmouth Bass. Fourth day was a very good day for Northern Pike 25 to 32-inches, and Jane caught the fish of the day landing a massive 45-inch Tiger Musky on a surface lure. WOW, what a ‘Terrific” catch and a fabulous must see photo. This put Jane in the position to accomplish a fishing feat never attained at Fireside Lodge during our 20-year tenure. That is to catch a Master Anglers Award fish in all three categories of Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Musky. Jane only had one day on the water left, however all it would take is one cast. Fifth and final day no records were broken but they had a great day catching Northern Pike of all sizes, and Jane did catch the biggest fish of the day being 34-inch Pike. They enjoyed their last Canadian Wilderness moments on and off the water, and also made reservations for the same week in 2010.

Father and son Joe and Troy Nowiczewski from The Woodlands and Spring, TX returned to Fireside Lodge for the second visit. Fabulous first day with plenty of Northern Pike action as they caught over 30 Pike, Joe landing at least 20, and Troy being a strictly fly fisher, caught 10 on streamers and poppers and missed that many on the surface. Second day was fabulous as they caught Northern Pike, Joe caught his first Musky, and Troy had some great fly-fishing landing several Smallmouth Bass 17 to 17.5-inches and landed a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 18-inches. Third day was all Joe as he seemed to catch most of the Northern Pike including one HUGE 35-incher plus he had a GIANT Musky on until a clump of weeds got between him and the fish, and the lure popped loose as the Muskie ran through the weeds, O’ Well That’s Fishing. Fourth day Joe and Troy had a GREAT day catching Northern Pike up to 30-inches, and Troy caught six on his fly rod. Fifth and final day they were in search of the Big fish and found some good size fish with Joe landing a 32 and 33-inch heavy Pike, and Troy got into some Smallmouth 16.5 to 17.5-inches. The Monster eluded them this trip just as it does many anglers, which keeps us all coming back to try again. Joe and Troy had a wonderful father and son re-connect fishing vacation, and hope to return again in the near future. Thanks for making your special memories together at Fireside Lodge.

Fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time were Tim and Theresa Moran from Schaumburg, IL They had great success on their first day fishing as they caught some very nice Northern Pike and many Smallmouth Bass, and each had smiles ear to ear in the dinning room as they were telling me of their days experiences. Second day they decided to do our “Jungle Cruise Ride” which is a long ride through a creek to access two other lakes. Just the beauty of the creek was worth the trip for these two. They had a fabulous day catching countless Northern Pike, and Theresa caught a very large Smallmouth Bass measuring almost 18-inches. Both had fabulous fun on the 75-degree nearly perfect day, and the smiles on their faces while telling their adventures of the day told the whole story, without having to say a thing. Third and final day had Tim and Theresa fishing the upper arm of Little Vermilion Lake so they could lunch at, and enjoy one of the natural wonders we have to offer, Twin Falls. They had a wonderful time seeing and photographing Twin Falls, on this beautiful day, and afterwards got into a lot of fish. Tim said for a little over an hour things were fast a furious, Theresa said they caught a smorgasborg, meaning they caught Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Tim caught his first ever Musky. Not bad for first timers fishing at Fireside Lodge. When returning they decided not to eat in the dinning room and finish their last evening sitting at the end of our dock to watch the beautiful sunset. So we packed their meals to go so they could enjoy the beautiful show over the western horizon, with the Loons call in the background, that we have the good fortune to see and hear every night at Fireside Lodge.
Tim and Theresa left all smiles hoping to return in 2010 or in the very near future.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Musky Maribou #5, Thompson Spoon, Blue Fox Spinner, Spinner Bait, X-Rap, Jay Mac Jig, Silver Minnow Spoon, Tsunami Popper,

Flies of the Week: Black and Orange Streamer, Popper with Hackle

Catches of the Week: 48-inch Clear Musky, two 45-inch Tiger Musky, two 18-inch Smallmouth Bass, 42-inch Northern Pike 40-inch Northern Pike. 39.75-inch Northern Pike, two 38-inch Northern Pike many Pike between 34 to 37-inches

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Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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