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Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 8/22 to 8/29 2009

Fireside Lodge Fishing News/Photo Report 8/22 to 8/29 2009

Hello From Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada.
This week started on Saturday and Sunday with gorgeous weather and highs between 70-75 degrees, sunny, with just a slight breeze. The weather stayed nice temperature wise and we missed a huge storm threatening to dump almost two inches of rain on us, and only received some showers towards the end of the week

Matt Holesinger from Roscoe, IL returned to Fireside Lodge with his parents Donald and Audrey from Fulton, IL for their third consecutive year to target our fabulous Smallmouth Bass fishing. Day of arrival while fishing for four hours before super they caught over 30 Smallmouth Bass, and Don had a blast landing a 32.5 in fat Northern Pike on his light weight Smallmouth rig. Fantastic start for these three. First full day fishing these three portaged and caught 35 to 40 Smallmouth Bass all between 15 to 17.5-inches. Second day was even better as they again caught about 35 Smallmouth Bass, but they caught some bigger fish with Audrey landing one 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth and Don caught two dandy 19-inch Master Anglers Award Smallies. They also caught a lot between 16 to 17.5-inches. Third day was not as active as the first two but they still caught 30 fish, 15 Smallmouth Bass and 15 Northern Pike, before suppertime, and Don caught two more Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18.5 and 18-inches. Fourth and final day was gangbusters as they caught over 65 Smallmouth Bass landing a lot of BIG Smallies in the 16 to 17.5-inch range, and Audrey caught an 18.5 and a GIANT 19-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. It was a fabulous finish to a wonderful family fishing trip loaded with memories that will last their lifetime, and thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to enjoy a family fishing vacation.

Davie and Jeff Norkiewicz from Tinley Park, and Plainfield, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for their ninth time. First and second day they had great days catching Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth. The pike were very active on their second day catching a lot of them on surface lures, and Dave landed a 34-inch Muskie and two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18.5 and 19-inches.. After seeing a swirl on the surface Dave cast a lure to the area, hitting it dead on, and as soon as the lure hit the water the 19-inch Smallie slammed it. Dave repeated the same act on two consecutive days catching a Pike the second time. Third day had these two fighting strong winds Muskie fishing to no avail, but it was not for lack of effort, They did catch some Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass later in the day when the winds calmed. Fourth day was all Muskie fishing and mostly Musky catching as they had numerous Muskie follows landing three, a 34-icnh by Dave and a 35 and 36-incher by Jeff. All were classic barred Musky with heavy girth. Dave also caught a fat 34-inch Northern Pike and a BIG 17.5-inch Smallmouth that was just about as wide as it was long. Great day Musky fishing for these two brothers. Fifth day was fabulous as they landed over 50 Northern Pike, making contact with over 100, and Jeff said the action was non-stop all day long, saying he had never experienced anything like it before. Sixth and final day was looking for BIG fish, and today the fish were moving as they had a lot of follows, caught some medium size fish, and Jeff landed a very large 37-inch Tiger Muskie. Great way to finish another memorable fishing trip between brothers.

Ed Burns from College Station, TX and Todd Smith from McKinney, Tx were back fishing at Fireside Lodge having come every year for the last 10 years. First day fishing these two did well catching Northern Pike. Second day they set out after breakfast to catch Smallmouth Bass and they did catch some good Smallies, but also got into some toothy critters with Ed loosing a MONSTER Pike right at boat-side. Third day they caught a lot of Northern Pike 28 to 33-inches, and also got into a lot of BIG Smallmouth Bass 16 to 17.5-inches, with both catching Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Ed’s was 18.5-inches and Todd caught three between 18 and 19-inches. Fourth and final day they caught some Northern Pike in the 28 to 33-inch range and again caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, most being 15 to 17-inches. Todd fished after supper by himself catching 4 more Pike and 4 Smallmouth Bass. Both had a great four day stay at Fireside Lodge and hope to return.

Returning to Fireside Lodge for his tenth time was Paul Letourneau from North Oaks, MN with good friend Spencer Olson for his third consecutive year fishing at Fireside Lodge. On the day of arrival after supper these two got right to it by catching 7 Northern Pike and Spencer lost a monster after it surfaced, took a strong run and the hook just popped lose. Frustrating but very fun to have the opportunity to catch a BIG fish. Second day they were met with severe weather conditions, having a cold front with high winds and more than a half inch of rain. They still managed to catch a dozen Northern Pike. Second day turned around being a beautiful day in the upper 60’s, sunny and a nice breeze. They spent most of their day chasing Musky getting some BIG follows and also catching a few Northern Pike up to 31-inches. Third day was a portage day, and they had fabulous weather and fabulous fishing as they caught 36 Northern Pike. As Spencer said the portage, being the only boat on the lake, and the amazing beauty of the surroundings were just as special as catching the 36 Northern Pike. They also saw a Cow Moose swimming across the lake and as they approached it the Moose tried to get up a rocky steep bank so they backed off and then they heard a calf on the other side calling for the Cow Moose. Fabulous experience for Paul and Spencer, while having a great day catching Northern Pike. Fourth day they were off to another lake to discover new water and ending up having a GREAT fishing day catching 53 total fish, 15 Walleye between 20 and 23 inches and 38 Northern Pike. Fifth and final day was also great as they caught 30 to 35 Northern Pike. Both had a great trip and hope to return in 2010.

George Marshall from Sparta, TN returned to Fireside Lodge for his 10 fishing trip in 11 years bringing good friend Leon Myers from Prince Frederick, MD for his first “Canadian Wilderness Fishing Experience”. First day was a great day as they caught 30 to 35 Northern Pike up to 30-inches and some nice Smallmouth, with Leon landing the biggest just under 18-inches. George said he thought Leon was trying to stretch the bass to qualify for a Master Anglers Award fish. George was kidding of course??? Second day was a fabulous day for these two as they caught Northern Pike and Smallmouth and made contact with Muskie. In fact Leon had a huge Muskie engulf his lure right by the boat, and Leon set the hook so hard that it pulled the fishes head out of the water the Musky simply spit his lure back at him. George caught one 34-inch Musky and lost four Muskie or Pike. BIG Pike were caught at 38-inches, and George landed a MONSTER 42-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. Third day these two did great catching many good size Smallmouth Bass and landed one nice Musky. Fourth day was a portage lake for Muskie and Smallmouth. They had a great day catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass and landing one Musky. Fifth and final day was a tremendous finish catching more Northern Pike thought possible by 5:00PM. After catching many Pike and their number started to accumulate they decided to call it a day at 100 Northern Pike caught or at 5:00 PM, which ever came first. Well they caught their 100-th Pike at a few minutes before five making for a near perfect ending to a fabulous fishing trip, full of memories made between two very good friends. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to enjoy your special and valuable vacation time.

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Hot Lures of The Week: X-Rap, Mepps, Live Leeches, Rattle Trap, Rattlin Rap, Top Raider, Buck-Tail, Bert Baits, Jointed Rapala, Musky Killer,

Catches of the Week: 5-19-inch, 10-18.5-inch, 2-18inch Smallmouth Bass, 38 and 42-inch Northern Pike, 37-inch Tiger Musky, 7 Musky between 34 to 39-inches

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Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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