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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/10 to 8/17 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/10 to 8/17 2013

HUGE 46-inch Trophy Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
This week started out cooler than normal but ended up 15 degrees above normal. The Smallmouth Bass stayed strong however we did see a drop of in Pike as it warmed up.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Tom McGlade
BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Brad Buetler in Canada
Return Guest Scott Beutler with his two sons Brad & Sam from Barrington, IL brought good friends Tom McGlade with his two sons Jim & Jeff from Palatine, IL. 1 st day was terrific fishing as a group catching over 74 Northern Pike fishing Little Vermilion Lake. It was split evenly catching 35 & 39 per boat. 2nd day was another great numbers day as the Beutler clan caught over 30 Northern Pike up to 28” and the McGlade father & sons combo caught 34 fish, an even mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike with the fish of the day being an 18.5” Trophy Smallmouth Bass caught by Tom. 3rd & final day, (boy 3 days go by fast), they had a great day catching 46 fish, it being a good mix of Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass, plus two 27” Musky. I can’t express how much fun these two fathers & their sons had making some wonderful memories to be cherished for years to come.

19" Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Gerald Adams fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Zack Adams fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time guests since 1992 father Gerald Adams & son Zack from Shawnee & Ada, OK. returned to fish Smallmouth Bass. 1st day out was a good starter as Gerald alone caught 12 Smallmouth Bass including a 17.5”er & a Master Anglers Trophy at 18”. 2nd-day after some further discussion about locations & depth they went out & caught 21 Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was a great day as they caught 34 nice Smallmouth Bass including Zack catching an 18” Trophy & Gerald a 19” Trophy. Zack said it was the 1st time he ever caught more Smallmouth than his dad, however Gerald still caught the largest Smallmouth of the day. 4th day they vowed to search for some new bass locations we had discussed the day before. Well by lunchtime they caught 20 nice Smallmouth Bass while discovering 3-4 new locations, & ended the day with 31 Smallmouth Bass up to 17.5”. 5th & final day was absolutely fabulous weather and even better fishing as they caught 30 Smallmouth Bass. However the biggest catch for both Gerald & Zack was another set of father & son memories made while fishing in the beautiful Canadian Wilderness.

38.5" Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Smallmouth Bass Trophy Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by John Zukas
Brothers Bob & John Zukas from Baltimore, MD were back for their 2nd consecutive year. DOA they did not waste any time with John catching a Trophy 18.5” Smallmouth Bass plus a 17.5”er & they caught a bunch of Northern Pike. 1st day they did well catching mostly Northern Pike. 2nd day was “FANTASTIC” as they caught over 70 Northern Pike & over 20 Smallmouth Bass on Little Vermilion Lake with John landing another Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18.5”. 3rd day these two caught 22 fish mostly Northern Pike with Bob catching a 35”& 34”, and John a 34.5” and an 18.5” trophy Smallmouth Bass. 4th day was again another good day as they caught Northern Pike up to 34” & Smallmouth Bass up to 17.5”, caught by Bob who just can’t seem to break that 18” threshold. 5th & final day was a short one as they came in a noon to pack but they still had a great day catching 26 fish, mostly Northern Pike. John caught a 34” & Bob had a 38.5” Northern Pike and a Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.75” finally breaking that 18” goal. Both had a fabulous stay and hope to return.
BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Bob Zukas

Father & son Dan & Blake Balaja from Manhattan, IL, Adam Heinrich from Bolingbrook, IL, & Steve Duncan from Channahon, IL were experiencing Fireside Lodge fishing for there 1st time.  1st day they caught a lot of Northern Pike and Brad seemed to have the magic touch, as everything he used seemed to work. 2nd day after discussing locations to catch bigger fish they went out & caught some bigger Northern Pike up to 33”. 3rd day they adventured through a creek, broke up a beaver dam and caught close to 40 Northern Pike in about 6 hours. 4th day Steve & Adam caught 21 fish, most being Northern Pike. 5th day was an amazing day as the caught bigger Northern Pike. Adam caught a big 36” Pike, & Dan caught a fish of any fishers lifetime landing a “GIANT” Trophy Northern Pike measuring 46-inches. WOW, what a great catch & congrats to Dan.  Last day they fished for & caught some nice Smallmouth Bass, & all left having a great week.

Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by George Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing is a BLAST at Fireside Lodge in Csnada
1st Muskie by Paul Koelling Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Paul & Jonah Koelling from Ankeny, IA Rodney Cameron from Ogden, IL, Tim Koller & George Ringler from Champaign, IL, Charles Arbuckle from Dewey, IL Cooper Young from Wichita Falls, TX & Roger Rinkenberger from Centerville, TX were first time guests except for George who was fishing with us once before. 1 st day they did well with both George & Jonah catching a big Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, Charles & Roger after a slower morning had a good afternoon catching Northern Pike, & Jonah tore up the Smallmouth Bass using sinking worms. He caught both numbers & good size Smallies. 2nd day sinking worm master of the group Jonah again had the hot hand catching many Smallmouth Bass, & George did well again as he landed another Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18”.  Needless to say others in the group were buying sinking worms from me at our tackle shop. 3 rd day Cooper & Jonah were the leaders catching 33 Smallmouth Bass & Cooper nailed an 18” Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth by perfectly dropping a Tube in a dark hole between rocks. 4th day had Tim & George catching BIG Smallmouth Bass both landing a 17”er & Tim caught a Monster 19” Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Charles & Jonah caught 20+ Northern Pike, while Cooper & Roger caught 26 Smallmouth Bass, & Rodney & Paul had a huge day catching 72 fish, including 61 Smallmouth Bass, 5 Northern Pike and Paul caught his 1st ever Tiger Musky. 5th day Jonah & Paul caught 31 Northern Pike & Rodney & Charles caught many Smallmouth Bass 14-18” with Charles landing a Trophy 18” Smallmouth Bass. 6th & final day all caught a mix of fish & could not believe how fast their week of fishing flew by. Jonah said it never seems to go by that fast at work.

HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Tim Koller at Fireside Lodge Canada
First time guests Jim & Kathy Cron from Roanoke, IN were here to target Smallmouth Bass. 1st day Jim seemed to have the hot hand catching Smallmouth Bass with his ticket to success being the sinking worm rigged wacky style. 2nd day was very good for Kathy as she caught her first Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18”. Congrats to Kathy on her great catch. 3rd day was terrific weather and even better smallmouth fishing, especially in the morning & late afternoon when they caught a bunch up to 16-inches.  4th day these two had one of he best days they ever had catching over 30 Smallmouth Bass with a lot over 15”, and Kathy caught the largest at 17.5”. All were caught on sinking worms as they visited my tackle shop that evening to fill their usual order. 5th & final day was slightly windy but they still did well catching some good size Smallmouth Bass. Both left have a wonderful trip and hope to return.
Trophy Fishing Smallmouth is Great at Fireside Lodge Canada by John Ziegler

John & Monica Ziegler from Union VA were back for their 5th consecutive year.  1st day was very good as they caught 18 Smallmouth Bass up to 17.5”, & 2 Northern Pike. Story of the day was as John was fighting a 15” Smallmouth Bass a HUGE Northern Pike took a couple of unsuccessful swipes at the Bass. After supper in the evening they caught 6 Northern Pike to top their day off. 2nd day was fun trying to keep the pike off their lines while fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Not a bad problem to have. Monica had the Smallmouth Bass of the day landing a hefty 17.5”er.  She also had a big Pike take her under the boat & break her off, & John lost a HUGE Smallmouth Bass in the weeds. 3rd day was a portage for Smallmouth Bass & they hit it BIG catching BIG Smallmouth, Monica landing a HUGE 19”er and John an 18” Smallie, They also caught several 17, 16, & 15-inch Smallmouth Bass. 4th day they did catch a bunch of Smallmouth Bass with John landing another Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.5”. Their final two days were full of action from both Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass & with Monica catching another Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18” on their last day. Both had a great time hope to return in 2014.
19" Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Monica Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
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1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Mepps Spinner, Tube Jig, Blue Fox Spinner, Husky Jerk, Floating Rapala

Catches of The Week: 46” Northern Pike, 19.5” Smallmouth Bass, Many 19-18” Smallmouth Bass

1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Bob Zukas
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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