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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/13 to 6/20 2015

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/13 to 6/20 2015
Trophy 42-inch Northern Pike by Sarah Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Besides 1 windy day the weather this week was pleasant staying on the cool side in the morning but warming up nicely by noon. The fish were biting and BIG fish really showed up this week.
Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge by Ted
Robert Payseur & Jan Anderson from West Des Moines, IA were here for there 1st time. 1st day they got familiar and caught some nice
GREAT Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jan
Smallmouth Bass. After a little discussion about a different section of the lake they went exploring their 2nd day doing fabulous getting into a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, catching over 40 & a lot were over 17” most being over 16” and they also had a few trophy size over 18”. 3rd day they caught some fish but it was a tough windy day for all. 4th day was another very good day Smallmouth fishing catching many more 15-17”er plus Ted caught 2 more trophies at 18” and a HUGE  19”er. 5th & final day was spent catching a mix of Northern Pike & Smallmouth, landing a few more trophies. They ended up for their 5 days with Jan catching a total of 6 Smallmouth at 18” & Ted had 8 18”ers and one Monster at 19.5”. They left having great fun and considering a return in early September.
38-inch Northern Pike by Dick Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Returning for his 4th time from Gatlinburg, TN was Dick Klose bringing his brother Pete from Morristown for his 1st trip. DOA they found fish quickly & Dick landed a nice 34”er. Next day they struggled however after discussing technique with the You-Zuri & X-Rap lures they purchased from me they were very excited about their results from that evening. Dick, after applying this technique, caught 4 Pike in 4 casts, 2 more in 6 more casts and lost one. Next day they were both successful again and by the end of the day it was 16 to 4, Dick being ahead of Pete. 3rd day had them catching more Pike with the same technique & Dick caught his biggest, a huge 38”er. 4th day was very windy which made them give up after just a few hours but that evening they caught some nice Pike. Last day they finished with more Northern Pike, applying their new fishing technique, & had some huge follows. Both had a great trip & hope to return.

Granddaughter Ollie with Grandpa Albert Pike Fishing
The Almy Family of Albert, Teri, daughters Jennifer Sullivan & Sarah
Katie Nortehrn Pike Fishing with Family at Fireside Lodge
Miller & granddaughters Katie & Ollie from Orleans, East Lansing, & Alto, MI were visiting Fireside Lodge for their 1st time. This family was full of vim & vigor on arrival & on their first day enjoyed learning some of the lake & caught some fish. After some tackle purchases & a lake review they went out
Ollie Fishing Northern Pike is Great Family Fun
& caught a bunch of Northern Pike, on their new lures, & Sarah had a HUGE Pike or Muskie up to the boat but the fish got off. This group seemed to energize the whole dinning room as they were always having fun, laughing, and were 110% positive. Well this all seemed to work for this wonderful family as on their 3rd & final day they went out & caught many Northern Pike all catching some before lunch. The afternoon brought more Pike & a few Smallmouth
Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Teri Fishing at Fireside Lodge
& Teri caught an 18” Trophy. The Big story was when Sarah hooked into another Monster fish & ended up landing a 42” Trophy Northern Pike with GIANT girth. All were involved with the landing of this fish especially Katie & Ollie who were a team in helping land this fish of a lifetime for their mother using the cradle we provide. All left having a wonderful family vacation making lasting memories together & a lifetime of story telling. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge for this important family event.

Long time Guests Ken Beta from Fox Lake, IL returned with his wife Sandi & friends Scott & Nancy Dubois from Pleasant Prairie, WI for their 1st time. 1st day on the water Sandi showed all how it was done catching most of the fish plus a trophy 18.5” Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day it was so windy they waved the white flag by early afternoon. 3rd day they caught a mix of Smallmouth Bass & Pike with Ken coming up with a Trophy 18” Smallmouth. 4th day was a great day as they caught many nice Northern Pike, a few Whitefish and Scott landed his 1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 19.5”, plus all had loads of fun & laughter. 5th & final day they had fabulous fun with both Pike & Bass, Ken landing another 18”er. Nancy also had good success on her new lure, a Yo-Zuri suspending crank. All left having had a blast & hope to return.
Trophy Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Walt
For the 17th year Walt LaCasse from Waysata, MN was back with his
GIANT 43-inch Trophy Northern Pike 
annual June group Dick Oksana & Jim Jones from Mabank & McKinney, TX, John Hietala & Terry Ahrens from Northfield & Plymouth, MN plus Bruce Layborne from Cincinnati, OH. DOA Walt, John, & Terry got into some BIG Northern Pike with Walt catching a 38” & John caught a Trophy 40” Northern Pike on a yellow twister tail. GREAT START!!! 1st day they caught a bunch of nice Pike with Walt landing a 35” plus a HUGE Trophy measuring 43”. Next day 
Two Trophy Northern Pike for Walt Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Trophy Northern Pike Fishing by Terry at Fireside Lodge
was unreal as Walt landed another Trophy Pike at 41”, however Terry had the story of the day. Dick had a hook accident so when Jim took Dick to the hospital to get his finger attended to Terry went fishing alone. He hooked into a GIANT Northern Pike & the fight was on. Scott & Nancy (above) were near by and went to assist & Terry ended up landing a 42” Trophy Northern Pike by himself. 3rd day was another amazing Big fish day with Jim catching a 43” Northern Pike, an 18” Smallmouth Bass & John also caught an 18” Smallie. Now both John & Jim, if the catch a Trophy Muskie, could accomplish the trifecta in Master Anglers Catches during one stay, which would be a 1st. 4th & final day one boat searched for BIG fish & Jim had a 40”+ on which he lost at the boat and the other boat caught well over 100 Pike. All left having had a great time.
Trophy Northern Pike caught by John Fishing at Fireside Lodge 

HUGE Tiger Muskie by Jerry Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Jerry Amer & Bill Calhoon from Columbus, OH returned for their 14th year in a row. 1st day they did great catching many Smallmouth
GREAT BIG Northern Pike by Bill Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Bass Fly-Fishing with poppers. 2nd day was amazing fishing catching 25 big Northern Pike and 22 Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was all about Muskie. After a slow morning their patience & persistence paid off as they started to get follows and by the end of the day landed 6 Muskie, largest being 39.5”. Great Musky day in any fish log. They also managed to catch about 10 Smallmouth that day. 4th & final day was FABULOUS as the caught about 50 Pike and 26 Smallmouth, Bill landing 4 Trophies and Jerry got 1. Both left having a great trip a reserved their dates for 2016.

1st Muskie Ever Fishing with My Dad at Fireside Lodge by Sarah
Dan Mosier from Lincoln Nebraska returned for his 18th consecutive year with his daughter Sarah for her 2nd trip. DOA & 1st day they
My 1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge
caught fish right away with Sarah catching a 35” Northern Pike & a her 1st ever Muskie catching a 34”er + many bass. 2nd day was all Pike landing over 20 fish 28-33” plus a few Smallmouth. 3rd day was a super day catching well over 100 Northern Pike & also caught some Smallmouth Bass. On their last two days they did well fishing between rainstorms catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. Sarah had 2 firsts on this trip catching her 1st Muskie ever and catching her 1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18”. Both left making special father & daughter memories that will last a lifetime.
Father & Daughter Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Dan
John Murphy from Bloomfield, MI returned for his 3rd trip with his son & Grandsons Bryan, Quinn, & Jake from Darien, CT. 1st day they did great catching over 50 Northern Pike. Second day they had fun portaging for Smallmouth. 3rd & final day they finished with a bang catching, as quoted by Brian, a Gazillion Northern Pike. Quinn & Jake had loads of fun fishing & playing cards with their dad & grandpa, and all made three generations memories to last a lifetime.
Super Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

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Hot Lures: Red-Eye Spoon, Torpedo, Mepps & Blue Fox Spinner, Sinking Worms, Shad Rap, X-Rap, Yo-Zuri, Red-Eye Spoon

Hot Flies: Yellow Popper

Catches of The Week: Northern Pike Two at 43”, 42.5”, 42”, 41”, 40” & several 38-39.5”, Tiger Muskie 39.5”, 34 Trophy Smallmouth Bass 18-19.5”

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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