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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/6 to 6/13 2015

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/6 to 6/13 2015
42-inch Muskie Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Robert Thomas
This week started with sunshine but turned giving us 3 days of cloudy and scattered rain. After that system moved we had 3 days of sunshine and nearly perfect temperatures. Fishing in one word was “FABULOUS”.
Very Large Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Alan
Alan & Jon Wohlman from Northbrook & Glenview, IL, guests since
GIANT 20-inch Trophy Smallmouth Bass
1997, were excited to be back. 1st 2 days were fabulous fishing for Smallmouth Bass as they landed 50+ each day all on surface lures many being big fish in the 17 to 19” category. They stated that they had never had such great surface fishing for Smallmouth Bass. Their 3rd day was just as good as the 1st two, however they topped them by Jon landing a GIANT 20” Trophy Smallmouth Bass & Alan caught a
Terrific Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing
HUGE Trophy Northern Pike measuring every bit of 45”. With 3 more days left they said if it ended today it would not matter. 4the day they caught a bunch of Smallmouth off of drop off areas. The last two day were not as active but still productive on the surface, plus they each landed two Muskie, 4-total, between 30 to 35”. They unhooked each one in the water to provide for an immediate release. Both left having a wonderful fishing trip and parting words were “See Ya Next Year”.
Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Consecutive year return guests since 2002 Tom Nayder, Orland PK, IL, & Leah Bezin, Berwyn, IL, returned for another fishing adventure. DOA this brother/sister combo caught 7 fish before supper. 1st day was fabulous catching 17 BIG Smallmouth fly-fishing, Leah landing 4 Trophy size, 18-18.5”, & Tom had 2-18”ers. 2nd day was more of
Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing
the same with Tom catching 2 very large Trophy Smallmouth both at the 19.5” mark, but Leah also caught 3 large Pike and a 34” Muskie. WOW these two are on fire. 3rd day was a little slower but they still caught some nice fish. 4th day Tom was onto the BIG Smallmouth again landing two more Trophy size over 18” as him & Leah caught a bunch of average size fish. 5th & final day was good catching a mix of Smallmouth & Pike, Tom had a Trophy at 19” and lost a GIANT Smallmouth saying it was much bigger than his two 19.5”ers. Both were sad to leave but happy for their visit.
44-inch Trophy Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jim
Long time guests Jim O’Toole, Elmwood Park, IL son Brian, Mountain
Great BIG Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Brian
Home, ID, Mike Korbit, Downers Grove, IL, Thomas Styx, Orland Park, IL, & Joe Rukas Cape Coral, FL were hear to enjoy fishing with family & friends. DOA they caught their favorite fish right away, Northern Pike. All caught fish & were all smiles at suppertime as they celebrated Jim’s birthday. Tom brought Jim a lure having me pick it out suggesting a new
Super Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Mike
Yo-Zuri lure I carry. After some careful instruction on how to present this lure Jim, on the very same evening, caught some dandy Northern Pike with his new lure including a 44” Trophy, & minutes after tied into another, which broke off taking his lure. Needles to say all in the group bought one the next morning. 2nd day all had lots of fun catching a mix of Pike & Smallmouth. 3rd day was a little more work but the 4PM rush hour feeding did not let them down getting into a bunch of northern pike again. 4th & final day was a “GREAT DAY” quoted from Jim, as they caught a mixed bag of fish with Jim producing with the Yo-Zuri. All caught plenty of fish & made many memories.
Big Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Bob
Robert & Stephen Sample from Charlestown & Jasper, IN were hear
3-Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Steve
for their first visit. These two took a day to get acclimated but when they got onto fish Steve caught his first ever Trophy Smallmouth Bass. They also caught some other nice size Bass. 2nd day was even better catching more Smallmouth Bass & Steve caught another big Trophy Smallmouth. 3rd day was another fun time Smallmouth Bass fishing. 4th & final day Bob did well with numbers & a 34” Pike, but Steve again came up with another trophy Smallmouth Bass over 18”. I told Steve he is an example of the saying “Go Big or Go Home”. They did go home with some sadness but with hope of returning.
Trophy Smallmouth Bass ay Bob Fishing at Fireside Lodge
Jeff & Kathy Bernel from LaPorte, IN were thrilled to be back for their 3rd trip with us. These two are true appreciators of being on the water and love the wilderness our area has to offer. They are used to being on Lake Michigan so our waters are like heaven on earth to them. During the three days they had one off day mostly because of the wind. They each caught a mix of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike all three days & on the second day they got into a bunch of perch. Jeff said if they wanted to they caught have kept catching them all day long. They had a “FABULOUS” stay & hope to return again.
Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Tim
Fathers & sons, David & Ryan Stanage & Danny & Vince Shoptaw from Hot Springs & Little Rock, AR and Brownsville, TX were excited be at Fireside Lodge for their 1st time. Well every day during their 4-day stay they had a blast catching al lot of Smallmouth Bass, most being caught on the surface using the Tiny Torpedo. In fact their was a rush on these at the tackle shop that evening as they tried to re-supply & others in the dinning room picked up on their success with this lure. Dave had some very kind words for Audrey & I expressing how special him & his group were treated during their stay. Dave left saying he will definitely be back.
Superb Fly Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge by Robert
A Fly-Fishing group from the Richmond, VA area returned with us for
Art with a Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing
their 3rd consecutive year. Members are Robert Thomas, Art Girard, Larry Baron, Dick Chapman, Alan Janousek, Phil Johnson, Tim Kinkead, & Rich Owens. 1st day was fabulous with all catching many Smallmouth Bass between 15-18” & several members caught Trophy Smallies 18-19.5”. Robert came up with the catch of the day landing a 34” & 42.5” BIG clear Muskie while
Best Smallmouth Fishing Ever
using Phil’s White Ghost Fly. 2nd day was very good as all 4 boats caught 25-30 Smallmouth again catching several trophies up to 19.5” along with some nice Pike. 3rd day was not easy but all boats caught 20-25 Smallmouth with a few more trophies, along with some Pike. Tim & Rich had a fabulous Northern Pike day lading 40 by noon & adding to that number by 8 over 30” Pike. 4th day Tim & Rich had another great day catching many Smallmouth, the others did well but worked for their catch, & Dick had the fish tale of the day as
Super Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass
when attempting to land a 16”+Smallmouth a HUGE Muskie decided it was his fish. After a big commotion Dick caught the Smallmouth minus some scales & skin. 5th day Robert & Phil caught over 100 Smallmouth Bass most over 15” and a lot in the 17 to 19.5” class. Phil said to me that it was by far the best Smallmouth Bass fishing he had ever experienced. Al & Art went out & caught a bunch of Northern Pike up to 32”, & the Tim / Rich combo had another fabulous day catching as quoted by Rich “We caught a Pile of Smallmouth”. 6th & final day was very windy, however this group still did good for conditions with 2 of the 4 boats catching 25+ Smallmouth. All left having had a blast & hope to return in 2016.
GREAT Trophy Smallmouth Fly-Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Alan
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Trip Advisor
Fly Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge is Great by Phil
Hot Lures: Yo-Zuri, Tiny Torpedo, Tail Flipper, Flat Fish, In-Line Sipper

Hot Flies: Murdich & Clouser Minnow, Kraft’s Crawdad, Half & Half, Umpqua Swim Frog, Mr Bob’s & Walts Popper, Sneaky Pete, Phil’s White Ghost
Fly Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge is Great by Phil
Catches of The Week: 45” & 44” Northern Pike, 42.5” Muskie Fly-Fishing, 39 Trophy Smallmouth Bass 26 caught Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing is Fabulous at Fireside Lodge in Ontario Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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