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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/5 to 6/12 2010

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/5 to 6/12 2010
Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada. Our fourth week brought below normal temperatures with a few sunny days and a few having showers. With this came a several cool fronts. The Smallmouth were finished with their spawning ritual, and started feeding aggressively near rock points & reefs.
Long time return guests Larry and LJ Pysk from Onalaska and LaCrosse, WI, Ken Beta from Fox Lake, IL and Jim Nelson from Oak Brook, IL were back to continue their traditional fishing trip which originated back in the 1960’s. Experience helps as these fellows caught 82 Smallmouth Bass and 2 Muskie on there first day out. WOW! What an exceptional 1st day. Their second day had them catching over 60 Smallmouth, several Northern Pike and Larry caught an 18.5” trophy Smallmouth. These guys were on a roll as the third day had them catching 48 Smallmouth Bass & 7 Pike, and the fourth day the group caught 70 Smallmouth Bass, 9 Northern Pike and 1 Muskie, Jim catching the biggest Pike at 38-inches. Fifth day had Jim losing a GIANT Pike which let go of his lure as he was fighting it, Ken caught 17 Smallmouth on the surface, and Larry & LJ had a great day catching good size Smallmouth & Pike, Larry landing a monster trophy 19-inch Smallmouth. Last day as saved for best/biggest as Ken landed two Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth at 18 & 18.25-inches, Larry caught another at 18.75-inches, and Larry hooked and landed a GIANT Trophy Northern Pike at 43-inches. All left with another set of terrific memories between family and friends.Return guests since 1995 Jack and Dorie Hires from Valporasio, IN were back to enjoy the wonderful wilderness and fishing we have to offer. First day Jack had a great day catching 22 Smallmouth Bass and 8 Northern Pike. Dorie rarely fishes but enjoys just being in the boat with Jack and enjoying the wilderness and wildlife. Second day had Jack catching 8 Smallmouth Bass and 4 Northern Pike. Third day was a rest day for Jack and Dorie as the weather was rainy, windy and cool and both needed to recharge their batteries. Next day was a fabulous day for fly fishing a Jack took advantage of it as he had lots of Smallmouth action on a small nymph, and landed 13 nice Smallmouth up to 16-inches. Fifth day was 6 Smallmouth and 4 Northern Pike for Jack. The sixth and final day they finished strong. While fishing for Northern Pike they had great action and caught big fish landing 16 Pike, Dorie caught 4, and Jack caught the Trophy Northern Pike he was looking for landing a HUGE 42-inch Pike. Congrats to Jack and Dorie for their patience and perseverance. Jack and Dorie left with hugs & kisses bringing with them yet another set of wonderful memories made together.
Mike Uebelherr from Stow, OH returned to Fireside lodge for his third consecutive year and his first of two in 2010. With him was his daughter Kate from Flagstaff, AZ for her first Fireside Lodge fishing experience. Boy did these two have a great time catching up for 4 days up as father and daughter while chasing toothy critters. For a few of their four days they were in and out of the rain and had a few days of sunshine. Mike and Kate averaged 10 to 12 Pike a day and caught some dandies. Kate caught her biggest ever, a very impressive 34-incher and Mike caught several 34-36-inch Pike both having numerous follows. The fishing was fun and enjoyed by both, but the time spent together, talking, telling stories, laughing, and making memories together as father and daughter was the best and biggest catch for Kate and Mike. Thanks for spending this special time together at Fireside Lodge.After visiting our website and reading my weekly fishing reports for 5 years Steve Pyryt From Pinconning, MI son Stan from Avoca, Mi, Son-in-Law Cam Ackerman from Marysville, MI and good friend Rich Samuelson from Croswell, MI were here to experience what they have been reading about for the last 5 years. Day of arrival they caught 9 Northern Pike and the first full day of fishing 17 Pike were caught and they had well over 50 follows with a lot being very large fish. Second day was a bang up day as they caught 67 Smallmouth Bass, 10 Northern Pike, & father and son combined for 3 Master Anglers Smallmouth, Stan’s measuring 18.5” and Steve had a 18.5 and GIANT 20.5-inch Smallie. Third day had these guys on an adventure to a portage lake to catch Walleye. All fishing in one boat and after some searching they had a great time catching 20 good size Walleye all measuring 20 to 23 inches, having 5 doubles and also caught about 10 Pike. They were all full of excitement & laughs when telling their stories at supper. Fourth day was slower, but for Stan it was his best Trophy Smallmouth day as he landed a GIANT 20
-incher. Fifth day was terrific as they caught 203 Smallmouth Bass, a lot in the 15 to 17-inch range & both Steve and Rich caught Master Anglers Smallmouth measuring 18-inches. Cam and Stan had the hot boat catching 123 total. Last day was good Pike fishing and Rich caught a Trophy Northern Pike measuring 41-inches. All left as they came, with smiles and laughter and expressed the enjoyment they had and memories they made together at Fireside Lodge.

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Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Heddon Torpedo, Mepps Spinner, Countdown Rapala, Husky Jerk, X-Rap

Catches of The Week: Northern Pike at, 43, 42, 41, & 39 –inches, Smallmouth Bass at 20.5, 20, 19, 18.75, 18.75, 18.25, 18, 18, 18, 18 inches

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
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