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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/3 to 7/10 2010

Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/3 to 7/10 2010
Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario, Canada. The week started out with a big rain system bringing thunderstorms on Saturday, which dumped 2.5 inches of heavy rain on us. This prevented most fishing for that day but on the positive side gave us plenty of water to keep the lake levels up for a while.
David & Kathie Drake from West Terre Haute, IN were back fishing at Fireside Lodge. DOA they wasted no time as they caught many Smallmouth and a few nice 30-inch plus Pike. First full day of fishing they did great landing over 40 Northern Pike. Second day was a rain out as we had thunderstorms all day which dumped 2.5-inches of rain. Third day had these two catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass with Kathie landing the two biggest fish at 17.5 and 18-inch Master Anglers Smallmouth, plus a 33-inch Northern Pike. Fourth day was another great day fishing & catching as they caught 15 each, of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. The fifth and final day was a little slower but still caught over a dozen Smallmouth Bass, and Kathie did it again hooking & landing a big 35-inch Muskie. Both had a great time enjoying the atmosphere, wildlife, and conversation with others, and went home with another set of Canadian fishing memories.

Mike Janicki from Union, KY returned to Fireside Lodge this time with his uncle Vince Danko from Wirtz, VA. First day on the water was good for 9 nice Northern Pike 28 to 33-inches and about 15 Smallmouth Bass. Second day was severe t-storms & a total rain out. All week long these two had a ball catching nice size Northern Pike consistently and both caught Muskie, Vince’s being at 29-inches and Mike landed a nice fat 35-inch Muskie. Both came with smiles and left with smiles thoroughly enjoying their stay at Fireside Lodge and making family memories together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to do so.
Carl Adams and Jody Fraser from Muskegon, MI were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day ever fishing on Little Vermilion Lake System was fabulous as they caught 41 Northern Pike. What a GREAT start. Second day besides catching some Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass Carl caught a dandy 37” Musky, which was his first. Third day was a few Smallmouth and Pike, but the fourth day they were on fire again landing about 55 Northern Pike, having a lot of action and several double catches. Their 5th and final day had them landing some bigger fish and it seemed to be Jody’s day as she caught a 17-inch Smallmouth and finished with her last cast and last fish landing a big fat 36-inch Pike. Great finish to a great fishing trip. Both told Audrey and I that their stay with us was their best Canadian Fishing experience ever, and they hope to return in the very near future.

Mike and Dee Hummel from Urbandale, IA were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for there 9th time. DOA, despite the heavy rains, 2.5”, they got out and caught some Pike and Smallmouth with Mike landing four nice Smallmouth fly-fishing. First full day was mostly Smallmouth Bass as Mike did best fly fishing with poppers and Dee caught a nice Northern Pike. Second day had them into a bunch of Northern Pike catching close to 30 and Mike caught 6 good size Smallmouth fly-fishing. Third day had them catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass, Dee using jigging techniques and Mike’s were all on the fly rod. Their fourth day was a slower day, however the 5th and final day was very active catching all the Northern Pike they could want with Dee having the hot hand. Besides the fishing both had a wonderful stay enjoying the wilderness and company of some guests they have gotten to know over the years. Before departing they made their 2011 reservations
for the same dates.

Mike Uebelheer and Heather from Stow, OH returned to Fireside Lodge as a couple for their second year in as many, and for Mike it was his second trip this year and fourth in three years. This couple had a ball for their four-day stay with us catching Northern Pike every day and enjoying the wilderness setting we have at Fireside Lodge. They caught Pike up to the mid-30” category and a lot up to 30-inches. While fishing they enjoyed seeing Bald Eagles, Deer, Great Blue Heron, various waterfowl, Loons, and a Moose, which was Heathers goal. By suggestion they took a ride on the road going south after suppertime and sure enough a Moose was at the edge of the bush and gave them a photo opportunity. With fish caught and seeing Heathers Moose their trip was complete and both left having a fabulous stay with us at Fireside Lodge and already discussing their next visit.Old school buddies Mark Warren from Escondido, CA Bill Hedge from Louisville, KY and Eric Teske from Cincinnati, OH were fishing at Fireside Lodge for the first time. Mark was nice enough to send me a letter of their results and experience at Fireside Lodge so below I have copy and pasted his email. They enjoyed their stay and made another set of memories between good friends. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to do so.
Alan and Audrey,
Thanks again to you and your staff for the fine hospitality shown us on our first (and too short) visit to the Fireside Lodge!
As mentioned, Eric Teske (Cincinnati, OH), Bill Hedge (Louisville, KY) and I (Escondido, CA) have been meeting up for fishing adventures across the country since we all graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1981.
While we didn’t keep close track of all the exact number of fish we caught and released over the three days, all in all, it was a great success! I estimate we boated at least (50) Smallmouth and (20) Northern Pike; all out of Little Vermillion Lake and most using #5 Blue Fox spinners or live Leeches. (Next time we will venture into the adjoining waters.)
I personally focused on catching a Musky on our third and final day, Monday, July 5th, but was only able to SEE three fish and hook none. I had one roll over on a Suick and two follows on a Perch X-Rap, so I did get my Musky adrenaline fix. Until next time! Mark Warren
The Frantz Clan of brothers Steve, Jeff, & John from Greer, SC, Southbury, CT and Grass Valley, CA with sons Mike from Milford, CT and Nick from Mathews, NC, were back for their 4th fishing trip to Fireside Lodge. Two words best describe this family group, which are Fun and Laughter. This group did very well catching Big Northern Pike throughout their five days landing a lot of Pike over 30 inches up to 37-inches. They also did well catching Smallmouth Bass with Jeff excelling in this category landing two Master Anglers Award Smallies both measuring 18-inches. In the Musky area Steve & Jeff caught a 30”, John a 31”, Steve a 30 and 37-incher, and Nick came up with the BIG Daddy of all hooking and Landing a Monster 46-inch Tiger Muskie. Yes, Tiger Muskie!! This fish had a huge girth and is in the top of its size class for a Tiger. WOW, what a great catch for Nick. Besides all the great fishing and catching this group had I always admire their ability to constantly have fun and laugh together, and when all is said a done the biggest catch this group had this week was the family memories which will be with them for the rest of their living years.
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Hot Lures: Polish Pike, Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Husky Jerk, Mepps Spinners, Black Fury, Live Leeches, Tube Jigs,

Hot Flies: Poppers, Wooly Bugger, Streamers,

Catches of The Week: 46-inch Tiger Muskie, Master anglers Smallmouth between 18.5 and 18-inches, 11 Musky caught between 30 to 46-inches, Countless Pike caught between 30 to 37-inches.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan
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