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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/22 to 6/29 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/22 to 6/29 2013

Ladies Fishing Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
After starting out the first few days with very nice weather we kept getting T-Storms come in and out for the last half of the week. However this only affected the time on the water not the fishing success.

Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Great Muskie Fishing
Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Angie & Brent Bostic from Hurricane, WV returned for their 5th time. Experience pays off as their first day was great catching 48 Northern Pike & 3 Smallmouth Bass at 2 were trophy bass. Next 2 days they caught 21 & 36 Smallmouth Bass with two being 18”, and the rest were all 16.5 to 17.5”. Their 4th day was their best day Smallmouth Bass fishing when it comes to quality. They caught 35 th day was a portage over to Closs Lake & they caught 17 Big Smallmouth, including 5 Master Anglers Award Trophy Bass. Next day had them catching 30 Smallmouth Bass between 15 to 17.5 inches & the 7th day they caught 63 Smallmouth Bass including 18 Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18” to 19” and only 10 under 17”. WOW, what a “FABULOUS” day fishing for Smallmouth Bass. 8th day had them catching 27 Smallmouth Bass & another 5 Master Anglers Award Trophies. Their 9th day had them catching 53. In all they caught 316 Smallmouth Bass with 47 being Trophy size between 18-19.5”, 75 Pike & 1 Muskie. That is one fabulous fishing trip and hope to see these two for their 6th time.
Smallmouth with only three being 15-16.5” & all the rest were 17” or larger. 10 Qualified for trophy size ranging from 18 to 19”. 5

My 1st Trophy Smallmouth
Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Straight from a Guests, Kevin Marks, email:
Our group this year was the largest ever in terms of numbers.  The 14 of us (Kevin Marks, Hebron, KY; Mike Strohl, Indian Trail, NC; Mike Muir, Knoxville, TN; Jay Lind, Matthews, NC;
Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Andrew Hurdman, Chester, NJ; Tom Hurdman, Jacksonville, FL; Jim & Dylan Graham, Morningview, KY; Wayne, Rodney & Tyler Osborne, Ryland Heights, KY, Scott Carson, Dry Ridge, KY; Tom O’Neill Raymond,NH and Bob Bove, Cincinnati, OH) had an outstanding time.  We managed to land a few fish in the 3 and ½ days at the lodge, totaling approximately 2,400 pike, smallies and muskies.  You didn’t mis-read that!  Some highlights include Jim Graham boating ten Master Angler smallmouth bass from 18 to 20.5 inches.  Mike Muir and Mike Strohl both added another three Master Anglers smallies each.  All six were 19 inches.  Tom Hurdman caught his first musky this year, boating a 38-inch fish.  Tom O’Neill, a first-time fisherman landed 60 fish on the last day of our trip, bringing his personal weekend total to 167 pike and smallmouths.  The trip ended with a treat from Mother Nature, when we all got to see some moose along the side of the Trans Canadian Highway, including a spring born baby who could still stand beneath her mother. 
Thanks again for sharing Fireside Lodge with us.  We will be back before you know it, in search of more fish, bigger fish, and some great quality time with friends and family.

Biggest Personal Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Many Northern Pike Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Brothers Mike & Jim McDonough from Pinetop, AZ and Rescue, CA returned for their 2nd time fishing at Fireside Lodge. Mike & Jim’s goal when they st day they had a fabulous day catching a lot of Northern Pike up to the 32” range and Mike caught his using a Pike imitation lure. 2nd & 3rd days had these two looking for Muskie, hitting the jackpot on day three, as after having a lot of action hooked up on 4 and landed 3 Muskie.  All were good size Musky in the 30-38” area and one was 42-45-inches but they never got a accurate measurement as when Jim picked the fish up out of the net it gave such a hard head shake that Jim just let it go into the water as to avoid damaging the fish or his hand.  4th day was tough as very high winds made it difficult to fish anywhere however on their 5th final day they did well catching Northern Pike and both brothers went home catching their biggest Pike ever. Upon departure they said they will see us again in 2015.
arrived is to catch a BIG fish. DOA before supper Mike caught a 36” Pike to start off the trip, his personal best. 1

1st Muskie Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Return guests Jeff Chisholm & Alan Plaxton brought some friends this year Bud McLean & David Galloway all from the Greater Toronto Area & were here to strictly fly-fish for Smallmouth Bass. st ever Muskie. 2nd day had Alan & Bud catching over 30 Smallmouth while the team of Jeff & David caught 25+. They all said most of the bass were big, 15-17”. On their 3rd and final day they faced high winds, which is a challenge for any fisher let alone a fly-fisher. They still managed about 12-15 Smallmouth per boat and were very satisfied. Alan & Bud have travelled many places throughout the world to fly fish and paid us a very high compliment saying that Fireside Lodge ranked among the top places to fly-fish that they have ever visited. They thought the travel to Fireside was comparatively easy,
DOA they went out and caught 6-7 nice Smallmouth bass each. Next day was great as Jeff & David caught over 30 very large Smallmouth Bass, some pushing over 5lbs plus & 15 pike while Alan & Bud caught 16 BIG Smallmouth, several Northern Pike, & Alan caught his 1
fishing is great, and the accommodations & service excellent and beyond expectations. They left planning dates for 2014.

Walleye fishing at Fireside Lodge by Leon Robbins in Canada
Smallmouth Bass Trophy Fishing at Fireside Lodge is Awesome
Long time guest Leon Robbins & nephew Troy Reed from Yadkinville & Winston-Salem, NC were back to enjoy the great fishing we have at Fireside Lodge. These two had and absolute ball catching fish and conversing with other guests. 1st day they had 10 Smallmouth Bass (SB) & 61 Northern Pike (NP), 2nd day 12SB 28NP, 3rd day 14SB, 4th day 1SB 11NP, 1 Lake Trout 31” & 7 th and final day they finished strong catching 75 Northern Pike & 1 Smallmouth Bass.  Despite the fact that they were driven off the lake two different days because of T-Storms, they caught 225 fish in 5 days between the two of them, and no one had more fun doing so than Leon & Troy. They made new a few new Fireside Lodge friends and were planning for next year before the end of their last day.
Walleye 20-23” and this was even after a T-storm delay between 12 noon and 4:30PM. On their 5

Ladies Trophy Fishing Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada
Double BIG Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Bob & Ollie Waldeck from Cotter, AR were back for their 2nd year in a row ready to continue the process of learning more of our lake system. 1st day these two caught a lot of Northern Pike nd day. 3rd day had them catching 17 fish while losing 5, nearly all being Smallmouth Bass. They were hoping the Smallmouth would start feeding aggressively on the rocks, which is typical about a week after spawning. This started to happen on their 4th day as they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass on rock structures with Crayfish crank baits. 4th day was also great as they caught 26 nice Smallmouth Bass along with a few Northern Pike. 5th day was all about catching Northern Pike & did they ever landing 35+ & Bob said they lost nearly as many. 6th final day was another record day for these two as they caught 36 Smallmouth Bass between 14-17”, which is their personal best ever. Very strong finish and they ended their trip by making reservations for 2014.
with a few Smallmouth, Ollie catching a BIG 36” Northern Pike on their 2

Trophy 41.5" Tiger Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Trophy Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Tom Sweet
Thomas Seitz, Ray Baldwin, & father son Mark & Tom Sweet from Ohio were here for their first st timers as on DOA they got into Northern Pike with Tom landing a fat 38”er, Mark caught a huge 41.5” Tiger Muskie & Ray caught a 17.5” Smallmouth Bass. 1st full day was full of action & as a group they caught well over 100 Northern Pike. WOW, what a terrific first two days. 2nd day had them catching a lot of medium to smaller Pike. 3rd day they went Musky Hunting & did well in most Muskie fishers opinion as they hooked 4 landed 1 and Tom again caught a BIG fat Pike at 36”. Next day we all spent some time discussing location & presentations for mid size to larger Pike and it paid off as they caught lot of Northern Pike 28 to 34” using suspending stick baits that run 5-7feet. The key was working the lure to act as a dying fish.  5th & Final day was a bit of a rain out as after getting chased off the lake twice by T-Storms they gave it up, as they had no dry clothes left. All left having a terrific fishing trip and hope to return.
time. These four had a FABULOUS start for 1

Great Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth
Huge Northern Pike Fishing

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Hot Lures: Glidin’ Rap, X-Rap, Husky Jerk, Blue Fox Spinner, Sinking Worm, Pike Stick Bait, Spinner

Hot Flies: Poppers, Various Steamers, Wooly Buggers

1st Muskie Fishing
Catches of The Week: 316 Smallmouth Bass including 47 Trophy Bass 18-19.6” by 2 people in 10 days, 41.5” Tiger Muskie, 40” Northern Pike

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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