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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/29 to 7/6 2013

 Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 6/29 to 7/6 2013

Fishing BIG Tiger Muskie at Fireside Lodge Canada
Talk about GREAT weather and how about the Fishing! It was GRRRRREAT!

Ladies Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Wanda

Great Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Jerry
Jerry & Wanda Miller from Erwin, TN returned to Fireside Lodge for Jerry’s 18th year. Thrilled to be here to enjoy the surroundings & lakeside cabin they were also here to catch Smallmouth Bass & they got right to it catching 15 the 1st day and 25+ on both the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th days, which was all top-water fishing for Jerry while Wanda stuck with a leech, & most were between 15 to 17.5”.  5th Day was super as they caught 35-40 Smallmouth Bass all between 14-17.5”. The next two days were 40+ Smallmouth Days with most being large fish & Jerry caught two Master Angler Award Smallmouth Bass between 18-18.75” & Wanda caught three trophy Smallmouth Bass, two at 18” & one huge 19” beauty. Besides the fishing these two quit and are back at their cabin every day by 3-3:30 in the afternoon, enjoy a little rest & then spend the rest of the evening either on their cabin deck or on our new on the water lakeside deck. They both had a thoroughly enjoyable stay and left with some great memories and are already looking forward to their visit in 2014.

Ladies Rule Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Great Muskie Fish at Fireside Lodge Canada by Marilyn Foos
Joe & Marilynn Foos from Alpharetta, GA returned for their 5th consecutive year.  1st day they went out and just hammered the Northern Pike, catching so many Joe said that they could have caught all they wanted & it was just a matter of how long they wanted to fish.  After catching so many Pike they decided to focus on Smallmouth Bass the rest of the week and did very well catching 30 + Smallmouth on several days & the rest fell somewhere between 20-30 Smallies. They did catch some Pike fishing for Bass & a very exciting event happened when Marilynn tied into a big Musky on Bass tackle. The fish gave her a great fight but Marilynn stuck with it even after stumbling on the boat seat actually ending up sitting on the boat floor. She was able to keep her rod up and kept reeling still applying tension & managing to land this Muskie.  Joe held it for her as they took a nice fish photo of a great fishing memory together. They also enjoyed the wilderness & a few lake swims. They had a wonderful trip & reserved their dates for 2014 before departing.

Double Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing Fireside Lodge Canada
Long time guests Jack & Steven Starnes from Wise & Duffield, VA were back for their 9th traditional father & son trip. They did very well catching anywhere from 30 to over 100 Smallmouth Bass every day & the Northern Pike fishing was also great. On a few days they managed to land 40 to 50 Pike and a few other days 20-30 toothy critters. The one special day that stood out was one of the lower fish numbers day. On this memorable fishing day they were musky fishing all day and ended up hooking up on 11 Muskie and Landing 9 all between 30-41-inches. WOW!!!!!, that’s a phenomenal Muskie fishing day which any Musky fisher would be thrilled to experience of a lifetime. Both left having a super trip and reserved their dates for 2014.

Family Fishing for Northern Pike in Canada
Ladies Fly-Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Lodges Canada
First Time guests Glen & Amy Marks from Middletown, CA  & Glen’s sister Claudia Kanne from Durango, CO. were here to discover & take in the total experience as they have never been fishing in Ontario before. 1 st day they did well catching fish and learning. Big feat was Claudia catching a very large Smallmouth Bass Fly-Fishing. Next day was fabulous as they caught over 35 Northern Pike & lost nearly as many. 3rd day was a special event day as in an attempt to have Amy catch some Smallmouth Bass Glen rigged up a lite weight rod with 6lb line, a bobber & an imitation leech.  Well food is food to a fish so a Northern Pike decided to eat Amy’s leech & the fight was on. After the fish went under the boat several times, flopped out of the net & almost got hung in the motor, Amy was able to land this very large 36” Pike. Mike & Jennie (below) came over to assist & took a great photo of all three with Amy’s Pike. Day 4 had Claudia in the lime lite, as she was able to land a 38” Northern Pike on a #4 weight fly rod on a leech pattern fly. WOW!! What a great accomplishment. 5th day they again did well catching close to 30 Pike and on the final day in Glen’s quest to catch a Musky Amy & Claudia decided to guide Glen around since he was doing this for them the last 5 days. Goal for the day was a Muskie for Glen. After several hard strikes & 1 big fish lost do to his line breaking, Glen hooked into a large fish casting Salmo Pike lure into a rocky point with a good drop off. After a very good fight Glen landed a Trophy fish but not a Muskie. It was a HUGE 40” Lake Trout. Fabulous way to end a memorable family fishing trip.

Ladies Fishing Large Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada
Mike Heinl and Jennie Carso from Pittsburgh, PA were here to fish enticed by our weekly fishing reports & fishing video. These two were like old pros catching 35 fish the 1st day, 30SB & 5NP.  Second day was over 20 SB & NP but also saw some big toothy critters follow their lures. 3rd day was another over 20 fish day but it started with a special event in the early morning for Mike as he viewed a Bull Moose come down to the lake & swing across a narrows. That’s a catch Mike was not expecting. 4th day started much the same way but in a different bay & Mike again was able to have the good fortune of seeing a Moose. It stayed around for a long while Mike looked again in awe at such a spectacular sight. He took some video and enjoyed the moment. This was also a great fishing day as they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike winding up with close to 35 fish.  5th day was dedicated to Muskie fishing for over 12 hours. Mike said they had a very good day hooking several, seeing 30-40 fish, many very large, and landing one. Now they know where some big Musky live. Final day they finished very strong landing over 60
Northern Pike Fishing at is best at Fireside Lodge Canada
Northern Pike, and losing half that many. They left very excited about the fishing & learning experience, also having met some wonderful people. Mike said he intends on visiting us for two weeks in 2014.

First time visitors of Fireside Lodge were father & son Rex & Dick Stentz from Powell, OH & West Chester, PA. These two were focused on Big Muskie & Northern Pike with a preference for Musky. They started out of the gate quickly catching several nice Northern Pike, Dick caught a 17.5” Smallmouth Bass & Rex had the catch of the day with a BIG 41.5-inch Tiger Musky, setting the Musky bar pretty high. Over the next 3 days they could not break the 41.5” Muskie but had a lot of fun trying. They had fun exploring the news waters, discussing fish location, lure type, presentation, & fishing techniques with other guests at suppertime. They caught some nice Northern Pike during the rest of their stay & most of all made another memorable set of father and son fishing memories together. Thanks for choosing us to do so.

Ladies Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Helen Knowles
1st Muskie by Steve Mason Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Steve Mason from Burlington, ON is the organizer of the Brewers group who has been taking an annual fishing trip together for many years. Also from Ontario were Helen from Fergus, Joel from Toronto, Travis Audet from St Louis, MO, Roy Zancanella  & John Algya from Golden, CO, and Eric Warner from Houston, TX with his two sons Ian also from Houston and Aidan from Greeley, CO. Great fishing is what this group had for their 1st day ever on Little Vermilion Lake System. Steve & Travis led the pack catching 41 Northern Pike, Eric, Adan, & Ian caught over 20, with Helen & Joel landing 10 fish, however Helen caught the Big fish of the day, a 35” Pike, and both her & Joel had two big fish bite them off. 2nd day had Helen & Joel catching 43 with 8 doubles & Steve & John caught 34 Northern Pike. 3rd day was a hunt for BIG fish targeting Muskie with great results as Steve caught his 1st ever Musky at 38.5”; with Helen right behind catching a 38” Tiger Musky & a 35.5” barred Muskie. 4th day was the groups traditional contest day with the results being Travis getting the most fish award with 23 Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass, Ian caught the biggest Smallmouth Bass, Joel & Adan tied for the biggest Northern Pike at 33” & Joel got the BIG Muskie prize landing a beauty measuring 40”. Also, Adan while trolling for BIG Musky caught a huge 34” Lake Trout, which is a great, catch even though it did not qualify for a prize. All left having a fabulous time & are already trying to coordinate dates for their 2014 fishing trip.

BIG Northern Pike Fishing in Canada is a Blast by Helen Knowles
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Smallmouth Bass Trophy Fishing by Wanda Miller in Canada at Fireside Lodge
Hot Lures: Torpedo, Pop-R, Chug-Bug, Blue Fox Spinner, Pointer Minnow, X-Rap, Sinking Worm, Live Leeches, and Gulp Alive

Hot Flies: Streamers, Leech Pattern

Catches of The Week: 19.5” Smallmouth Bass many 18-19.25”, 40” Muskie, 41.5” Tiger Musky, 40” Lake Trout, 40.5” Northern Pike

Wildlife Viewing Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada
Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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